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Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt July 9th 2011

This morning I woke up to a girl slamming her locker in my room, but I was kind of glad because it got me up early so I could tackle the day ahead of me (my time traveling is sadly now coming to a close). I went down to have a relaxing breakfast which also happened to be free; I ate slowly and was looking over my map of Frankfurt to get a plan of attack for the day when lo and behold Aussie Nathan sits down and joins me for breakfast. He had to eat quick in order to meet a tour he was planning on catching up with (thank goodness, I am glad he didn’t ask me if he could join me since he aids in me getting so lost!) After he left I ... read more
They take their soccer seriously
Mini soccer

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt July 8th 2011

I had gotten the worst sleep ever! People were coming in and out all night, there was road work outside, and it was so hot the windows are open, and it was just overall so noisy. I finally did get a bit of sleep and I was so tired in the morning that I didn’t hear my alarm go off. I woke up to some girl poking me holding my iPod as the alarm is going off, oops! Sorry! (I was totally “that person” this morning.) Luckily, had gotten all my stuff together the night before so all I had to do was wash my face and brush my teeth then pack my toiletries bag and I was done (because I didn’t want to be “that person” . . . oh well, the best laid plans ... read more
The messiest dorm room I have ever stayed in
Frankfurt at night
Frankfurt Skyline

I got up early since I was making a day trip to the small town outside of Prague called Kutna Hora; it was just over an hour by train to get there. My roommates had been out partying the night before and didn’t get in until almost 4 am, so I was really trying hard not to wake anyone since I knew they weren’t going anywhere for a while. Luckily I think I managed to get out of my room without making too much noise (a little hard since I was on the top bunk). While walking to the train station (about a 10 min walk from the hostel) I was minding my own business when I passed a man and woman walking together towards me. As I passed them the guy said something really angrily ... read more
The church itself
Inside - the bone chandeleir
Massive head trauma

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 6th 2011

I woke up and went up for breakfast and was talking to these 5 English guys who had just gotten in on the night train about their travels when a familiar voice comes up to me and says hi. I looked up and it was Sara! She went to Budapest for a short stay and now she is in Prague for a day and a half! She told me a few stories about how the Hungarians were down right mean to her; I knew they weren’t the kindest folk and wouldn’t really lend you a helping hand but if you just steered clear of them you were fine, but the stories she told of the Hungarian people blatantly discriminating against her was sad to see. (I am experiencing some of these things with the Czech people). ... read more
Part of the main clock tower
From the bridge
The church inside the Castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 4th 2011

Happy 4th of July!!! I hope there are a lot of BBQ's being fired up, sparklers being lit, and fireworks going off, I miss it! (not too many Czechs celebrating it here) Anywho - onward and upward! I got up and remembered that the hostel offers a free breakfast! (silver lining) I like free breakfasts at hostels since it’s a great way to meet people (everyone’s gotta eat). I meet two American girls who are going out later to explore the night life of Prague and I asked if I could join in and they seemed happy for me to tag along. I did some laundry first thing after breakfast since it would have time to dry because I am supposed to be here for a few days (we shall see about that since so far ... read more
Inside the town square
Black Music!
The "Oldies" Dance floor

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town July 3rd 2011

I was woken up very early by a couple getting ready to check out. In the hostel world it is known courtesy that if you have to leave early you need get your stuff ready the night before! You are usually sharing a room with 7 other people and it’s just common courtesy. (Elyane says she is going to make noiseless zippers) After they left I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up, got ready, and ate some breakfast before I was supposed to meet the girls because we were getting some coffee together before we all went our separate ways. We all met up and I decided to bring my pack along since the coffee shop wasn’t too far away from the train station and I had the earliest train, with it leaving ... read more
Rainy train ride
The giant Harry Potter Poster on the walk to the hostel
One of the halls of my hostel

Europe » Austria » Lower Austria » Spitz an der Donau July 1st 2011

I was feeling very motivated so I got up early and went for a run at 7:00. I was hoping to be back before anyone else was up so that I could jump in the shower. The room I am in has an ensuite, which is nice since you don’t need to leave your room to take a shower, but it also means that in an 8 bed dorm there are 7 other people that need to use it at any given time, and mornings are the most precious. I ran around the city, usually cities are just waking up at this time, but since Vienna has city wide quiet hours from 10 pm until 8am it’s a city that goes to bed early. I got back and I was 5 minutes too late, the bathroom ... read more
Getting directions from the info guy
The beautiful town of Spitz

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna June 30th 2011

It was rise and shine early this morning as I was so excited to watch the Lipizzaner stallions “Morning Exercises to Traditional Viennese Music” (so proper!). After getting ready and eating a quick breakfast I started walking toward the city center, I soon realized that nothing was looking familiar (I had just done this the day before) so I looked at the map, and sure enough I had turned the wrong way out of the hostel. The metro takes you right outside of the ticket office for the Spanish Riding School, so I just took that instead (but I do like walking so much better, you get to take everything in, but when strapped for time it’s very helpful). I walked back up in the right direction to the metro stop, bought my ticket, and arrived ... read more
Schooling the horses
Working the horses
Giving the horses to the grooms

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna June 29th 2011

I woke up at my usual 6:30 time, but didn’t want to get up just yet (my train wasn’t until 11:10), so I laid in bed until 8:00 when I got up and finished getting ready to leave. I wanted to use up most of my Hungarian Forint change so I pooled what I had together and it came to 440 Forint. I went to the market to see what I could get for breakfast and a light snack on the train and I was spot on as the grocer told me it would be 402 Forint (well 400 since they don’t have pennies and either round up or down depending), so I have 40 Forint to keep for souvenirs! (It’s approximately 1000 Forint to $5). I went into the common room and said goodbye to ... read more
Just for you Dad
I found the ticket office!

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest June 28th 2011

I decided today would be a sleep in day since it had been a bit of a late night before. I finally got myself together (no free breakfast at the loft :-( and went to the Great Market Hall which was a 2 minute walk from the Hostel. You walk in and it is just fruit and veggie overload, yay! (It’s basically vendor after vendor in a big, spacious building). I walked around deciding what I wanted when I came upon a crepe and langos vendor. Langos is a traditional Hungarian fast food and I was told I should have one before I left. (note to self, should have had the crepe). A langos is basically fried dough, that’s then covered in sour cream and cheese (sounds soooo healthy). I had ham and tomatoes added ... read more
In Heaven
All that is Evil
Dan and Emma

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