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17th October 2011

Your Father and I were very happy you were home!! Going was the right thing for you to do, but it did not mean I wasn't worried the whole time you were traveling alone. I worried that you would be found dead in the ditch. We love you too much to ever face that tragedy!!!
17th October 2011

Welcome home
Although the mustard caused you anxiety - it sure is good - thanks again! See you Saturday! You can do a blog about the Mudder. :-)
16th October 2011

I am not entirely sure, but its just outside of Kassel, I could be spelling it wrong since I never saw it actually written out, just talked about. Sorry I can't be of more help!
From Blog: Kassel
11th October 2011

Is Hannover Spitz a part of Hannover or Kassel
Hi, I happened to come across blog yesterday when google let me to your page for the words: 'giving away clothes in Kassel'. If you don't mind me asking, could you please clarify where this HannoverSpitz place is. Is it a part of Hannover or closer to Kassel but has 'Hannover' in the name. I'm living in Kassel for a while and haven't encountered this seemingly beautiful place yet. I feel it's worth a visit. Please let me know. It would be of great help. Cheers!
From Blog: Kassel
25th July 2011

It was 40 YTL for the experience, and 1 YTL for a minute of olive oil massage
25th July 2011

price of Hamam?
do you remember what this visit to the hamam cost?
14th July 2011

I had no idea that the bone church was there before getting to Kunta Hora, I just kind of stumbled upon it. Dad sure does! Thanks for reading, miss our time in Turkey together!
From Blog: Kutna Hora
14th July 2011

I was thinking bone china
I was reading your blog on my cell so the photos get a bit scruntched. Anyway, I see the picture of the bone chandeleir and I'm thinking bone as in bone china. Later on I read about how it is actual human bones. Did you know this place existed before visiting? Still very cool. If Dad ever does another haunted house, he has some work cut out for him.
From Blog: Kutna Hora
7th July 2011

Very True!
Haha, you are ever so right Tiffany!! Thats why I adore you! :) See you soon!
7th July 2011

friends from a far
I am sure you and Emma can become close friends even if you don't live near each other. I mean, I haven't lived near you for like 3 years and I still adore you! This is what skype was invented for!
7th July 2011

I love that you got to see Picasso! They had the traveling Picasso exhibit come to Richmond and it was really wonderful. We got to see so many different paintings it was like culture overload. We even bought a reproduction for our anniversary gift. I would love to see a real Monet though..
29th June 2011

On it goes
As far as your, visit to Turkey is concerned “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” - Dr. Seuss
From Blog: Zagreb, Croatia
28th June 2011

Well now you know...
what makes Turkey such a special place.
26th June 2011

Catching the fish
I do remember that! I also remember trying my hand at netting them, but I just couldn't catch one, I was devastated that I couldn't do it! They are yummy :)
25th June 2011

Blessed Marcus
I laughed and laughed and laughed when I saw the picture with the blessed Marcus comment. Do you remember once while traveling when we lived there we stopped at a restaurant that had a concert pool full of live fish. We pointed out the fish we wanted to eat and the guy netted them and cooked them. They were trout and served with the heads on. Every fish I ever ate in Turkey had its head on it when it came to the table. Love you tons, Mom
25th June 2011

Glad you like them!
I am so happy to hear you are enjoying my blogs! I had gotten a little bit behind in writing them but I am almost all caught up, stay tuned for more! Love B
25th June 2011

Wonderful Blog
Barrett, I nearly called your mom last night to see if you were all right. I had not received your blog for awhile and I was beginning to get concerned. Marshall and I have loved following you on your dream trip. Everyone is so jealous! I was thrilled that Marcus was able to join you and share all the excitement. How your mother has been able to restrain herself and not fly over to see you is beyond me! Looking forward to seeing you when you return to the States. In the meanwhile, keep the blogs coming!! Stay safe and always remember how much you are loved, Aunt Martha
22nd June 2011

Once again - great blog
Great run down - thanks!
13th June 2011

Istanbul -Bosporus River cruise
Loved to have been along on your day trip and partied till the wee hours. Sounds like a day to remember always.
From Blog: Taking Our Time
11th June 2011

Enjoyed hearing about the pools
Sounds like your guide was nice too. Happy Travels.
From Blog: Pamukkale
11th June 2011

Great blog
You really have to use your imagination at the Temple of Artemis. Earthquakes hit that place several times and most of it is up the hill and embedded in the walls of St John's church. Looks like you made the best use of your time with the wine and rugs.
From Blog: Ephesus
11th June 2011

Your Blogs
As usual your blogs are so interesting. So happy you learned about carpets. When we were there the young girls did the silk knotting because their fingers were small enough to make the knots. It sounds like they get a bit more money and have more freedom of work designs then 30 years ago.
From Blog: Ephesus
10th June 2011

Loving your blogs
We're sailing on the Chesapeake Bay but I'm reading your blog every day and loving it. Nina
8th June 2011

That was a fun day. Started out a little foggy but that burned off and it was beautiful. You had the special yogurt with powdered sugar on the ferry and later an ice cream. We could see schools of fish in the water at Anadolu Kavagi - it was that clean and clear.
From Blog: Taking Our Time
3rd June 2011

I love the pictures! Too bad you didn't have a Mary Baldwin sticker on you ;)
From Blog: Sensory Overload

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