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Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme June 15th 2011

It was an early morning with a long bus ride to Cappadocia, and we all were feeling it. (All but Taylee, who was a smart cookie for going to bed early.) We all ate breakfast in silence for the most part, and then hopped on the bus. It was the first of 2 long bus rides for us, the second one being the ride from Cappadocia to Istanbul. We didn’t stop much on the way since we had to make good time; we did stop for lunch at one point but we all weren’t hungry so a few of us decided to go exploring in this cave that was right next to the restaurant. It was a very Turkish experience. The cave was almost entirely horizontal and had a giant pool at the end of it, ... read more
About to dig into Etli Ekmek
Brett posing in the Cave
Hmmm, this is what is holding the step up!

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos June 14th 2011

It was our last day at the Tree houses in Olympos and I made the most of it by doing nothing all day! I just hung out in the lounges, read, and played backgammon (I can’t get enough!) It was a nice change of pace, I mean don’t get me wrong it’s amazing to see lots of old things and to have new experiences, but having a day just to relax and peace out was well worth it. Marcus went with Hasan to a nearby beach, and Taylee and Brett went Scuba diving that morning, so Bex, Fatih and I just enjoyed ourselves. I got to talk to one of Faith’s friends, Emre, on the phone who is also a tour guide for Fez Travel, and he was a few days behind us in Kusadasi with ... read more
The beach Marcus went to
Marcus and Fatih
Marcus about to get killled by Fatih in arm wrestling

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos June 13th 2011

I got up early since I didn’t sleep well and the bed was not very comfy. I like getting up early since it is very peaceful and I enjoy the time to myself. Kadir’s is such an interesting place, with random chickens and peacocks (who were in full display) running around, and fires in the middle of the dance floor of the bar, I felt like I was really someplace different. I was just playing on my computer and sitting on one of the loungers when Marcus woke up and it was perfect timing since breakfast was just getting started! Sadly there still wasn’t any yogurt, but it was a good Turkish breakfast overall. We had to eat and be ready at 9 since we all we had decided to go sea kayaking today! Dora had ... read more
All of us on the tiny beach we kayaked too
Climb Monkey . .I mean Marcus . .Climb!
Marcus and Dora scaling the rock wall

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Olympos June 12th 2011

This morning we got up and started our drive to Olympos, a backwoods town in the valley of the mountains. On the way there we stopped outside of Kas to go swimming. I thought it was odd that we were stopping randomly in the middle of our drive to go swimming, until I saw exactly where it was. Before it was announced that this particular area was where we were swimming I was already drooling over the water. As we drove along the coast we could look down and see the water as it clashed against the rocks below, but at one point there was a nice beach and the water was a beautiful deep blue, but right where it hit the beach it was an amazing light blue. It is very difficult to describe; we ... read more
Lunch in Kas
Fresh Orange Juice
Marcus and I at Kas

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye June 11th 2011

Finally a Day for relaxing! We didn’t have anything planned for the day so we just did what we felt like doing. Which turned out to be exploring the town of Fethiye and then swimming in the Mediterranean sea afterwards. Hasan was very nice and drove us into town (he had to get the heater in the bus fixed because it kept on blowing out hot air and we couldn’t turn it off, so he drove us in before taking the bus to the shop). We then lazily wandered around the town, I wanted to buy a dress but nothing was striking my fancy. Steph is obsessed with the “happy pants” (they are Turkish pants that are baggy and tapered at your ankles, but the actual crotch of the pants hangs down very low, and the ... read more
The lounging areas
Marcus made it!
View from the common area of the Hotel

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye June 10th 2011

We drove to Fethiye and on the way we stopped at Turkey’s second largest canyon, Saklikent Gorge. We get to the Gorge and we had a few options of what we could do. I decided to opt out of tubing down the freezing cold rapids that come from the mountain and instead we (Dora, Fatih, and Hasan who also didn’t go) lounged in a shaded lounge right on the river and drank cay. There was also a little mini waterfall right behind me, I felt like a queen! (I stuck my toes in the water and it was freezing! I am glad I made the decision I did!) Not long after we were sitting down, the others who were tubing floated past us, they were in for a treat as there is a mud bath at ... read more
Fatih and Hasan
Dora, Me, and Josh

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Koycegiz June 9th 2011

We woke up early so we could get to our next destination, Koycegiz, early since we had a day cruise booked to a beach island. It was only about an hour and a half drive to there, so we all were excited not to spend too much time on the bus for once! We got to the hotel, hopped out of the bus, and walked over to the boat and hopped on. The boat was a nice size with lots of seats and tables, and there weren’t too many people on the boat which was nice! We set sail immediately after boarding and all of us settled in. As we were driving along the views of the mountains were just incredible and the water was so blue! Fatih sat down next to me and started reading ... read more
Fatih and Josh on the front of the boat
Sitting on the front of the boat
Swimming off the back of the boat

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Pamukkale June 8th 2011

I woke up and said happy birthday to myself, I am now a quarter century old! (One foot in the grave as I say) I was really excited since we were visiting Pamukkale today and we would get to “paddle” in the thermal pools there, I had heard that you couldn’t swim in them so I didn’t bring my swimmers, but wore something I could get wet in if need be. ¬Yesterday on the bus Taylee asked how old I was and I told her that I would be 25 the next day, so they were all excited for my birthday as well! I got on Facebook and was so happy to see that I already had birthday wishes, even though with the time differenc it was almost 1 am in the States, it made my ... read more
The calcium pools
Calcium coverd hills
Josh Bex and I

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Ephesus June 7th 2011

Got up this morning and it was just too early since we had been up late the night before. I had offered the use of my shower to the other girl traveling alone, Bex, since her shower had zero water pressure and mine is like a waterfall, so we made arrangements for her to come by in the morning and have a proper shower. We then all met at breakfast, and let me tell you it was sub-par to the Apricot Hotel, I wanted to cry when I got my bowl and was already for my yogurt, and to my horror, there wasn’t any yogurt, it was soo sad. After breakfast we headed to Ephesus! We had a specialist tour guide, Sky (that is what her name means in English, I have no clue how to ... read more
Funny pictures
Me, Bex, and Steph
Ancient toilets

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi June 6th 2011

I got up and finished packing my stuff up that had magically exploded out of my backpack that night, then went down for the free Turkish breakfast (not quite as good at the Apricot Hotels, but it still covered the basics : tomatoes, olives, cheese, cucumber, yogurt, rose hip jam, tea, etc) then it was on the road again! We stopped at Troy which my Dad said would be a complete waste of time since it’s just a bunch of stones and you have to use your imagination. I actually found it kind of interesting with there being 9 Troy’s since they had to rebuild after disasters. At one point we were all standing and looking at a couple walls that were labeled with which one was from which Troy and there was a PVC ... read more
Troy reconstruction
PVC was invented! Troy 6
Ancient cup holder in Pergamum

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