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July 20th 2011
Published: October 16th 2011
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The Whole Trip!

Start to Finish!

Welcomed Home!Welcomed Home!Welcomed Home!

At the Richmond Airport
We woke up and made our way to the train station which was super close, I was happy to be in Frankfurt the night before my flight was leaving since it left more room for error, because things can and do go wrong! To make a case in point, Derrick and I almost boarded the wrong train to the airport, but like the rest of my trip, we fixed the mix-up just in the nick of time. (Even if we did miss the train we had left with plenty of time). We had a quiet ride to the airport, Derricks direct flight to Philadelphia left from a completely different terminal than my flight which had layovers in Ireland and Boston, so we parted ways at the airport.

I had plenty of time so I wandered around until my ticket desk opened and I was able to check my bag all the way through to Boston. The rest of my time was a blur as I was sad to be ending this chapter in my life but happy to start another.

I boarded my plane and was off to Ireland.
When we landed in Ireland, I realized it really is
My Room!My Room!My Room!

All decorated!
true, everything is so green! Even the planes were green, everything! Even down to the traffic cones! They take that color very seriously! I had a short layover which included the uber-uptight American customs security checkpoint. I had bought about 30 tubes of mustard for my Dad as a birthday present (mustard in Germany comes in what looks like toothpaste tubes) and I didn’t feel like declaring it just in case they would take it away for some stupid reason, so I lied and said there wasn’t anything to declare (is mustard even considered a food anyways!? That’s my story and I am sticking to it!) So the super uptight customs agent asked me several times if I had anything to declare, showed me a picture of my bag and then sent me on my way.

I finally landed in Boston during the great heat wave, I got off the plane and was hit by a wall of heat and immediately started stripping off my hoodie and scarf. I went to go collect my bag and I waited, and waited, and waited. I was eventually the last person standing and waiting for my bag when they turned the conveyor off. . . .Oh .No. . . They found the mustard! I am going to jail, this is it, I get back to the United States and now I am an enemy of the State, take me back to Europe!

While all of this is going on in my head, a very nice lady who works at Logan International asked me if I was still waiting on my bag and I nervously calmly nod my head. She says that sometimes they get thrown in a pile in the back by accident and she radioed for someone to check it. As I wait for the response on the other end of the radio I start to look around for an exit strategy, and just as I am ready to bolt another attendant comes out of a door with my bag. Whew! It was just a mix-up and my bag was in the enemy of the state wrong pile.

I then get on my last flight of my trip, the short trip from Boston to Richmond, Virginia. (Which arrived early) I got off the plane and was met by my parents who had a poster and excited greetings for me! I felt so loved! Not long after that my best friend Tiffany and her husband Paul met me, it was so nice of everyone to welcome me home!

On the way home I was happy to be able to read all the signs posted, know what people were saying on the radio, and know what people were saying during side conversations (not that I like to eavesdrop, but it’s nice to know that they aren’t talking about what a dumb tourist you are!) We get back to my parents house (after a nice ride in my Dad’s brand spanking new candy apple red mustang convertible) and my parents had decorated the house and my room. (I think they were happy I was back).

It was an amazing experience that I am so happy I went ahead and did. It was not easy to plan and execute, but I am so happy I listened to the right people who encouraged me and told the people who were skeptical that this was really the right thing for me and they would see it in time. You just know when something is right, and this was it for me.


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Its amazing what a real shower and a hair cut can do for a girl!

17th October 2011

Welcome home
Although the mustard caused you anxiety - it sure is good - thanks again! See you Saturday! You can do a blog about the Mudder. :-)
17th October 2011

Your Father and I were very happy you were home!! Going was the right thing for you to do, but it did not mean I wasn't worried the whole time you were traveling alone. I worried that you would be found dead in the ditch. We love you too much to ever face that tragedy!!!

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