Prague to Slovakia via Kutna Hora and Brno, 29 May 2013

Published: May 31st 2013
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Prague to Slovakia via Kutna Hora and Brno, 29 May 2013

Today we drove through showers of rain. On Kerrie’s advice we set our anti-divorce GPS to Kutna Hora which is east of Prague. Kerrie went and saw this amazing/weird/creepy Sedlec Ossuary (bone church).

In this church there are the bones of 40,000 people of which 30,000 died from a plague. Someone arranged all the bones in an incredible way (see photos). We just walked around with our jaws dropped. There are some amazing things around the world to see and this has got to be one of them!! Thanks Kerrie.

Kutna Hora is a town that grew as a result of silver mining. This mine supplied 1/3 of Europe’s silver and is now closed down. It was the 2nd most important city in the Kingdom of Bohemia. There are more than 300 medieval and Baroque buildings and is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

We also walked around the large St Barbara Cathedral and the new museum. They are really working towards extensive historical preservation – and it’s good for tourism too.

After lunch, we continued on our way along the D1/E50 to Brno. We only drove through this city because we wanted to get over the Slovakian border. The last 50 kms of Czech road was made of concrete and driving over the joins was bumpy. We arrived at Trencin in Slovakia at about 7.00pm. Our trusty GPS found us our Camping ground. It was average but the water for the shower was warm. The camp site was next to a river which was very pleasant.

In the morning we packed up and was on the road by 9.00pm. As we were leaving there were about 20 bikies who arrived. They were pretty friendly. We discovered a bit of language barrier here but got by. We were heading towards the Tetra Mountains (Tatranske Matiare) in northern Slovakia.

Tomorrow is 30 May when my lovely Mum's 25th anniversary is when we sadly said goodbye to her. She is always in our memories.

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