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1st March 2019
Our last dinner - Kumarakom (2)

Other attractions in kumarakom
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21st February 2019

Hi Pam n Tom!
Wayne's a plumber by trade, was picked out of many applications n interviews, a great honour! He was building a water recirculation system but they trained in everything from survival tests, rescue, assisting in medical theatre, driving all snow vehicles even to kitchen duties! He just loved it n made lifelong friends. Loving your pics n blog, incredibly exciting! Xx
20th February 2019

Amazing trip!
What a wonderful trip, looks amazing in your pics. So many adventures and wildlife. Just like our son who spent a year at Casey Station couple of years ago! Cheers from Sue n Dave.Xx
20th February 2019

Casey Station
Hi Sue, whay was tour soon doing art Casey Station? People who work down here seem to really love it. We now start our 7 day small boat cruise around a couple of the fjords in southern Patagonia. Antarctica and South Georgia were incredible
19th February 2019
144 Coober Pedy - Orthodox Church

Orthodox church
Hi there, I am a video director and was looking for regional churches and stumbled across your blog post with the Orthodox Church. Could be a great location - love the photo! The only thing is I can't seem to find any info or photos on the church anywhere else! Would you be able to point me in the right direction - even a number to call to ask if it's still there and if it's possible to access the inside etc. Thanks for your time and hope you are still travelling! All the best, Jeremy Koren
19th February 2019
144 Coober Pedy - Orthodox Church

Old Timers Mine and Museum Cooper Pedy
Hi Jeremy Thanks for making contact. Yes the curch is still there. I would suggest to get in touch with the Old Timers Mine and Museum in Cooper Pedy. They are full of knowledge etc and they should point you in the right direction as they are very community minded. Hope this works for you. Regards Pam Usher
6th February 2019

fantast pics Pam and was there one that you shot through the ball that Kerry gave
19th February 2019

Kerries ball
Hi Sheryl We are back in Punta Arenas and og Sheryl, I should have talked harder for you to come with us. It was ..... I'm not sure how to describe it but the resident photographer has made a vidio of our trip and it is amazing and tells it all - almost. Our travel mates were fantstic as there were only 20 Americans (I love them thought). Everyone says that when there are lots of Australians the trip is always great fun. Yes I have been experimenting with Kerrie's glass ball. Extra fun with photography. Tomorrow we are picked up for our new 7-day cruise through several Patagonian fjords and then home. Hope you are starting to get excited about India. xxx Love to you xxxxx
5th February 2019

Bon voyage!
Hi Pam and Tom, sounds a wonderful trip so far, hope you have a great passage on the ship now! Love your pics n your info about the places there. The brewery looks good too Tom! Love Sue and Dave. PS Enjoyed your last trip to Central America so much too.
19th February 2019

Falklands, Sth Georgia and Antarctica
Hi Sue and dave, We are back in Punta Arenas after 18 days in Falklands, Sth Georgia and Antarctica. It was ..... I'm not sure how to describe it but the resident photographer has made a video of our trip and it is amazing and tells it all - almost. Our travel mates were fantstic. Everyone says that when there are lots of Australians the trip is always great fun. We had no internet on the ship so will post more photos later. Tomorrow we are picked up for our new 7-day cruise through several Patagonian fjords and then home by 2/3. We haven't organised any OS trips for the rest of the year so you never know when we might turn up on your doorstep. Love to you both Pam & Tom
12th December 2018

We enjoy the content of your blog
Hi Pam and Tom, We at really enjoy the content of your blog and we feel that it would be useful to our members. We are hoping that with your permission, we could publish it on our site and of course all credits and links back to your site will be added. Thanks in advance. The Team at
20th November 2018

Brilliant blogs
Hi Pam, just caught up on your blogs over the last 3, wow & many amazing, contrasting good as an exciting novel!! All relieved that the insulin challenge was addressed! The San Cristobal diverse indigenous villages, Day of the Dead festival, Palenque's archaeological sites, Merida's near by cenotes and Maya Ruins, Chichen Itza (including the great Pyramid of Kukulkan), as well as Toltec ruins of Tulum! Shark & Stingray Alley, Blue Hole, Actun Tunichil Muknal caves, and Tikal National Park!! Brilliant blogs!!! Keep enjoying yourselves & keep safe xxo
23rd November 2018

Thanks Jude
Did you recieve the several blogs I forwarded to you earlier in our trip? Yes we are having a wonderful time. It's an interesting historical area too cccc
3rd November 2018

First Travel Blog
Now I can settle down to have another holiday!!!! Keep enjoying xxx
28th October 2018

Waterfall wonder!
Hi P.o am and Tom, living your travels to Bogita and the scenery at your waterfall trek and lunch stop was superb. Love that car too, maybe Cuban?! Enjoy your Mexico City, Dave went there in the 1970's. Cheers, Sue n Dave.
29th October 2018

Wow 1o70s time to come back! We are now on Puablo but really enjoyed Mexico city. Pam and Tom
24th October 2018

Pam it is very interesting for me. We have quite a lot of students from Colombia. I used to phone the Aus Embassy there a bit. They all had a story to tell, kidnaping extortion etc. I know it was nearly 20 years ago, now seems to have changed a bit. It looks such a beautiful place. Cheers Marg.
24th October 2018

Thank goodness it has chanted Margaret. It must have been a terrible place 20 years ago or even 10 years. The govt has done a great job. I hippie the Fark don't get back into power. Pam
23rd October 2018

Can you believe it Pam, we received a travel blog email to inform us that you wrote a blog entry! It has only taken 2 years for this to happen (lol). An interesting experience you had with the bus system!! Safe travels xxo .
24th October 2018

2 years ago
That is inctedible Jude. Something is going wrong that is for sure.
23rd October 2018

Receiving the travel blog
Was that the travel blog I forwarded separately to you Jude?
30th July 2018

Hello Pam, have only just caught up with your sad news. Please have a big hug from both of us, lots of love, Mike and Silvia
8th August 2018

My Dad
Thanks so much Mike & Silvia. Dad lived a long life of 92 years and he didn't want to see his next birthday in September so he got his wish. We were so pleased his mind was still sharp and that he went down hill over 4 days. I will miss him but he is in the right place with my beloved Mum after 30 years without her. Yesterday we came back from South Aust so it was great to be with the family. Now I have to rebook our central America trip which will be in mid October. Again, thank you xxoo

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