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Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck July 8th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Mon hôtel de campagne hier au soir, très bien, à 1200m d'altitude, au dessus de la vallée du Rhin, la patronne pas très gracieuse, et mériterait de faire un sérieux régime, et un niveau d'anglais plus faible que le mien, c'est dire!!!!!. Pour le repas du soir, évidemment la carte en allemand, tout ce que j'ai réussi à lui faire comprendre ''surtout pas de poulet'', j'ai eu droit à un bon très braisé de boeuf purée. 9H30 au lit, un peu de lecture, 10h dodo jusqu'à 6h, et en pleine forme. Ce matin encore, en ouvrant les volets, un magnifique spectacle des montagnes ensoleillées. De plus, pour moi commencer la journée avec au petit déjeuner, jambon cru, saucisson, confiture de cerise maison, c'est le top du top. 8h départ pour Feldkirch à 26km ... read more
la monté sur Silvretta
Le célèbre petit toit d'or
Innsbruck la rivière Inn

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck December 16th 2018

16:38, le bruit de la neige fondue qui tombe goutte à goutte sur ma fenêtre, le soleil déjà derrière les montagnes. J'étais parti pour ne rien écrire et bosser ma présentation, mais ça me ferait trop mal de ne pas garder de trace écrite des merveilles de ces deux derniers jours. Un des grands avantages de mon boulot, c'est qu'il me permet de voyager régulièrement dans différentes parties d'Europe. Cela fait un peu plus d'un an que j'y suis, et déjà j'ai pu me rendre à Bruxelles, Sophia, Pünderich, Dublin, et aujourd'hui Innsbrück. Comme à mon habitude, je me suis pris quelques jours avant pour pouvoir partir explorer modestement la ville. Au carrefour de l'Europe, Innsbrück et la région du Tyrol sont à quelques encablures seulement de l'Allemagne, l'Italie, la France et les Balkans. J'ai donc ... read more
The Inn
Le toit du monde

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 17th 2018

Since we'd seen so much of Innsbruck yesterday before checking into the hostel, we had to walk quite a ways to see our first sight. Heading towards the one place I wanted to visit, the Glockengiesserei, or Church Bell Museum and Factory, we passed by a few new sights, especially on Marie-Theresien Strasse. The Spitalkirche was decent and the Hard Rock Cafe was a must see too. Near the beginning of the long street that became Leopoldstrasse later, you can see the Marie-Theresien Statue and the Triumphpforte. The Marie-Theresien Statue makes a great photo with the Alps in the background. The Triumphpforte reminds me of the Arc de Triomph, as I'm sure its supposed to. As we neared the Church Bell Museum, we spotted the Bergisel Ski Jump/Panorama at the end of the street, waaay up ... read more
Spitalkirche (Hospital Church)
Hard Rock Cafe Innsbruck
Marie-Theresien Strasse with the Alps

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 16th 2018

Yesterday we met a young South Korean girl named Chi yesterday evening when she checked into our room. She was very nice and able to speak and understand English pretty well. Her and Manoli got to talking a lot, so this morning when we were packing up to leave for Innsbruck and found out she was going there too, we offered to give her a ride. We found out along the way that she already had reservations at the same hostel as we did, the Youth Hostel Fritz Prior-Schwedenhaus. The trip to Innsbruck was pretty short, at around 100 kilometers. We quickly passed into Austria, and realized we hadn't stopped to get our U.S. passports stamped. We'll ask at the Rathaus or Police Station to make sure we don't need the stamp. We might get it ... read more
Kids getting ready to play futbol (soccer)
Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church)
Der Backer Ruetz where we had pastries

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck September 1st 2018

It's a drizzly day in Innsbruck with temps like spring at home but never mind, it's not too hot! We set off to walk and see what eventuated. The hotel isn't far from the Old Town centre so we were soon into narrow alley ways, palaces, churches and old town houses with their intricate doors and frescoes. Also, there were the inevitable bus tour groups crowding this area! We figured they visited the Old Town, then the Swarovski factory and moved on, city by city throughout Europe. Central Innsbruck is really lovely and is a must see even though we've been here before. It is set in the Inn valley between high mountains on both sides with a narrow plain in between. We walked through the town, out the old town gate and on towards the ... read more
A battle scene from the Tyrolean War
A ski jumper ready to go
The Bell Foundry

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck August 31st 2018

I thought today wasn't going to be worth writing up as it was to be a travel day but it wasn't quite as straight forward as expected. We left Haetzingen at 9am and changed trains at the bottom of the valley at Ziegelbrucke, then onto Sargans. This was a reminder to us of where we started our Alpine Pass Route trail across Switzerland some 10 years ago. At Sargans we changed to the Budapest Express train but could only go to Bludenz as the railway was closed for many kilometers due to works being done over the past few months. Here, everyone had to alight from the train and get onto a number of buses to take us through to Otztal. To this point we have left Switzerland, gone through Liechtenstein and into Austria. The bus ... read more
The walking and biking path along the Inn River
Interesting bridge structure over the Inn
Flower beds in the Hof Gardens

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck June 16th 2018

Day out in Innsbruck today and it was excellent. Super blue sky when we woke so Kisbee leapt out of the garage, all-raring to go and we set off. Took the main 171 road in, though we had hoped to find a quieter route. Not terribly happy being on dual carriageways on the scooter especially as at one point it even acquired a third lane but we got there safely in 20 minutes or so. Once across the bridge over the river Inn we were in the city. Along with lots and lots of other tourists especially being a Saturday. We parked Kisbee where we found lots of other bikes and scooters and went into the old part of the town. Could barely move for the first half an hour, as there was a wedding in ... read more
180616 Hall in Tyrol (95)
180616 Hall in Tyrol (12)
180616 Hall in Tyrol (45)

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck August 25th 2017

Well today we took a bus to Innsbruck. I'ts not far, about 40 min. For me Innsbruck is too touristy. Bus loads of tours from all over. You will see in some of the images it gets crowded😩 So we did that and then escaped back to the beautiful peaceful valley we came from. We have 2 more days here. We leave Mon. but we're not sure which direction we will go. Depends on the weather. We have reservations in the Italian Dolomites on Sept 4th. There is some forcast for bad weather south of us so we will try to avoid that 😨 Here are some pictures from Innsbruck today. Sorry about all the building images but what can you do, your in the city 😠 Lowell... read more
Everyone takes photos of this

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck December 30th 2016

Finally Swarovski World. Purchased a 24 hour pass with the Innsbruck Card to go out to Swarovski World at Wattens. Next bus due to leave at 10.20 am and we had an hour and twenty minutes to fill in so walked into city centre for a look around. When we had booked to come here I was having a look at pictures on the internet and the buildings reminded me of the song "Little Boxes". As we were walking along the street the lyrics hit me again: "There's a green one and a pink one, and a blue one and a yellow one" (see picture below). OK, I know they are not exactly little boxes, nor are they made of ticky tacky, but you get what I mean... Pretty place with so much detail on the ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck October 18th 2016

I didn't want a thirty minute walk to the hostel after yet another unexpected hike at Neuschwanstein but that is exactly what I got. My hostel in Innsbruck wasn't the most conveniently located and it is on long, tiring walks like this at night, when you're tired, hungry, dirty and cold, that you really wish you were home. Archaic Sunday trading laws have to change too; there was no place still open and selling food at 8pm - hardly past anyone's bedtime. Luckily I still had a massive loaf of sweet raisin bread that I had bought in Fussen. To top things off, I had managed to pick up a cold too; I would normally have jumped at the free breakfast included in the price of my stay but I was just too tired to get ... read more
Goldenes Dachl
Colourful Riverside Houses
View From The Top

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