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Our honeymoon began with an 11:45pm flight out of Fort Lauderdale, direct to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. A short flight (in which we were asked to sit alone in the emergency exit seats due to us being the only English speaking passengers… not sure how we would have helped 100+ Spanish speakers in an emergency, but we liked the bigger seats and additional room to lay down, so no complaints) later we landed in San Pedro Sula at 1:15am central time and experienced the BEST customs experience ever. Short and quick. Once we grabbed our luggage and they scanned it, we found our hotel cab driver holding a sign with our names and off we go. We stayed two nights at Casa Del Arbol in the city center and it was the perfect location. The hotel ... read more

Hola. I'm here, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Interesting town, not much to see that's inspiring. The people here are really sweet but the town itself, not so much. It's smoking hot, forgot that kind of heat, and with that heat, comes those smells I'd also forgotten about, ahhhhhh, I love travelling! I did venture out this morning briefly, had some time to kill before I catch my bus to Copan. Wandered down their Central Park, flanked by their local church, as it typical in central and south American cities. Built in 1949 and not much to be awed by. This town is nestled in the hills and I wish I had a bit more time, it would be nice to see them a bit closer. But I think that would be the only other thing ... read more
The church
In central square
Belt anyone?

Hello friends, on May 10th I will be embarking on another great adventure! This time, I will be on a journey to Honduras as part of a giving back initiative with Habitat for Humanity. A lot of people ask why I choose to go outside North America to give? Simple. In developing countries, government assistance is limited (corrupt or non-existent) and many lack formal social assistance programs. In North America, low income families are cared for with access to funding, financial assistance and resources. In most developing countries, all they have is hope. Unfortunately, hope does not provide the basic need for food and shelter. Right now, there is an immediate need to help families in Honduras and I will be helping a family who work along side our volunteer team to build their new home. ... read more

We all woke up today really not wanting to leave our lil paradise island of Roatan! But unfortunately it was time. Ben woke up inspired to go for a run!! So on his running shoes went (he is determined to prove to me how much of a necessity it was for him to bring 4 pairs of shoes!) and off he went. He said the first half was lovely running across the beach but then it was all in a head wind comin back so he was completely knackered but felt great for doing it afterwards! Every who saw him out running was very impressed! We had the morning to wander round so we got up and headed to Earth Mama's again for breakie this time. Again we found more people from our group there! We ... read more

Since I was a little girl, I would travel often to the beach with my family. I most frequented the Jersey Shore, the Atlantic City area. As much as I love the beach, the ocean in those parts is often cloudy, dirty, not to mention COLD. So when I learned we would be spending our last full day in Honduras, I was psyched to get to go Tela, located on the Caribbean Sea. From past experiences, I recall the water in the Caribbean being much warmer, cleaner, and bluer. My only concern was the additional sunlight my body would be consuming, as I had already been burned enough this trip. But since I was so tired, when we arrived in Tela, I hung out in the shade with Marco, AnaLucia, and a few others for about ... read more
Live music everyday!
Luis and Fran just chillin
Ray gettin' his hair did

Hola! I can’t believe it is almost the end of my stay here in beautiful Honduras. I have had so many amazing experiences and met so many incredible people. I will be bringing home lots of stories, memories, and stuff I bought today… Did I mention today was our trip to the market and last day of work? So the trip I have been looking forward to all week- El Mercado! One of my favorite stops during all of my travels, where I can buy things for friends and family, but most importantly add to my classroom museum where I display cool things from foreign countries. And did I make out well! Fortunately I had my new buddy Hector with me; to let me know if the final price I was given was truly the best ... read more
Enjoying my mocha frozie drink thingy
All dressed up for a night of dancing!
El Mercado

Feliz Día de Independencia! I am all the way down in Central America and I still got to see fireworks tonight! I couldn’t believe it; Ana Lucia went out and bought them, along with a cake for all of us Gringos who were missing the celebrations in the States. It was very cool! The boys from the Children’s Home celebrated with us as we sang the Star Spangled Banner, ate cake, and set off fireworks and firecrackers. This was in-between the power going out and coming back on sporadically. But back to today. Regular wake-up time and a long day of working at the trench. We had to fill in the trench surrounding the property with concrete and rocks, to build the foundation for the wall which will be built in the near future. So today ... read more
4th of July cake
My buddy Jeffrey
3rd graders hard at work

Am I sore! I have never worked so hard in my life! I don’t think I am cut out for this manual labor. Mixing cement, sifting dirt, laying brick, filling in cement walls, etc. And this is all in over 100 degree heat! So I am sunburned, and had to forgo the tank top this afternoon. I gave in and cut the sleeves off of one of my t-shirts. Not as good as a tank top but my back can’t take any more sun! And the mosquitos love me! Almost as much as the kids do! Especially the ones I bought ice cream today, from the ice cream truck! Aside from the heat, bites, sunburn, and sore muscles, today was still a great day. The highlight for me was sitting in on one of the classes ... read more
El Centro Educativo
Working on their responses
Mi amiga Yoselin

OMG longest day EVER! Have mentioned our wake up time is 6:30 every day? Except tomorrow, tomorrow breakfast is at 6:30. Yay! Long days but good days. As much as I hurt right now (sunburn, bugbites, and muscles, I feel really good. Working here in Villa Soleada and helping the community with their schools is amazing. All of the Hondurans with whom we work are awesome. The kids are adorable. So friendly and loving. And the student volunteers are great as well. Even though I am the second oldest person on the trip (yikes), I have been making friends with everyone (not surprising) and having fun getting to know people. As I write this blog, all of the volunteers (close to 50) are hanging out in the volunteer lodge, playing games, singing, dancing, and just having ... read more
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Mi amigo Leo
Josh and Jeffrey

What a day!! Aside from being awakened at 5:30am by barking dogs and roosters, I slept great! It did take me a little while to fall asleep, as tired as I was, but it is pretty hot here. Our day started off with breakfast: cocoa krispies and a banana, and then we were off to the supermercado to take out some Lempiras (Honduran currency) and buy some snacks. As I am one of just a few Spanish speakers here, I was the ATM chaperone. As many of you know, I am not very good at math so I had a little trouble figuring out how many Lempiras to take out based on the amount of American dollars they wanted. $1.00 American = 18.5 Lempiras. I think I kind of got it. Our next stop was to ... read more
Honduran meal of baleadas and pastelitos de pina
La Familia de Yolanda
Enjoying our meal!

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