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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Eastern » Trujillo April 17th 2011

My stay at Casa Kiwi was a memorable one. I thought that this must be the end of the line or that it should be if it wasn't. After due consideration of the fact that there are no good routes east or south, which meant that I would have to go back the way I came, I got to thinking that mabe it was time to turn this ship around and sail for home. My fellow travelers advised that I should chill for a couple of days and count my marbles before making any decisions so that I did for better or for worse. The Casa Kiwi is a hard-drinking place on the edge of civilization where the expat owner and staff work both sides of the bar because there isn't much else to do in ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Eastern » Trujillo April 16th 2011

The bridge over the Aguan river to Trujillo has been out for 8 months but nobody bothered to tell us. Hazel and I faithfully followed our map and signs showing us the way to a bridge that is no more. Here we were confronted with a backwards queue of a dozen vehicles waiting to cross the river on a makeshift ferry. I was dumbstruck. The scene before me was bizarre to the point of being incomprehensible. There must be a better way! The ferry was a glorified raft. It was a small metal barge perhaps 9 feet wide by 20 feet long with an ordinary outboard motor attached. It rode so low in the water that the vehicles upon it looked like they were floating across the river under their own power. Two vehicles at a ... read more

Well, firstly I must apologise for my complete tardiness in not writing for 2 months. Time has completely slipped by and I guess an update is in order… So as most of you know, we have left Belize and are now in Honduras. The Mexico backpackers hasn’t happened yet. Basically the owner of it had no financial records at all. What he did send us was a bunch of hastily typed, inconsistent details that told us nothing. Apparently he runs his business without any financial record and does not get regular reports from the guy currently managing it. So we told him if he can get us a copy of proper financial records we may be interested and at that stage we could not validate spending around $US600 for us both to get there without knowing ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Eastern » Trujillo February 23rd 2010

We are now on Honduras’s Caribbean coast. Many of the people in this area are Garifuna, descendents of shipwrecked slaves who intermarried with Carib Indians. After we checked out of the fancy French Canadian owned Hotel Telamar, in the city of Tela, we found the Tela Beach Club visited by the Halkyard’s, writers of 99 Days to Panama, the Bible of Central American RVers, published in 2005. We never would have found the place without the coordinates they provided and the help of our GPS. It had been raining all the previous day and the dirt road to the Beach Club was so muddy Ray had to put the truck into four wheel low to get thru. Sadly, Ray had just washed the truck and camper a couple of days before we left El Salvador. It ... read more
Our home for three days during the rain
Linda’s sisters Diana and Myrna.
Restaurant staff at Tela Beach Club.

UN MARE DI PALME E BANANI Un mare di palme e banani apparve all’orizzonte, il caldo secco di Lima era ormai un lontano ricordo; S.Pedro Sula ci accolse col clima caldo umido tipico del Caribe. Il pullman partí in orario; sorpresi da questo fatto, ci guardammo stupiti e curiosi per la nuova avventura che ci attendeva. Un vecchio School-Bus giallo Americano dell’Illinois ci traghettó fino a Tocoa. Prendemmo possesso del nostro “cuarto” (camera da letto) nella Casa Curale e, rifocillandoci con tortilla e frijoles (fagioli), scoprimmo che la Missione Gesuita nella quale avremmo dovuto prestare il nostro volontariato, in effetti non esisteva! Incuranti della notizia, non ci dammo per vinti… “No hay problema!” esclamó Padre Roberto con il suo accento Americano di Alba, e dopo 2 giorni, ci ritrovammo di fronte ai computer della Fondazione ... read more
Team Emprende
Caiucco Garifuna

The first weekend in May we had no school on a Thursday, Friday was an activity in the school, so I requested 2 days of vacation and took a long 4 day weekend to the Northern Coast of Honduras (a 9-hour bus ride) to the beaches of Trujillo, supposedly the nicest beaches in Honduras. We spent 4 very relaxing and beautiful days there, not doing much but swimming in the ocean. Here are some pictures.... read more
Sunset in La Ceiba
Beaches of Trujillo
Blue Water

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Eastern » Trujillo September 6th 2007

Read more at On the Road with William Walker The Mosquito Coast is absolutely blowing my mind. In my search for the stories of my distant ancestor, I will start with his ending. In August 1860 he made his last, and by far most haphazard, attempt at conquering Central America. He would never again have the opening that the Liberals of Nicaragua had given him with their invitation to intervene in that country’s civil war in 1855. How he convinced a crew of mercenaries they had any chance of success, after 5 consecutive defeats, leads me to believe he must have had a snake oil salesman’s personality and the voice of a revivalist preacher. My most accounts that on his last adventure, his crew mutinied before they even arrived at his intended launching point on the ... read more
Bay of Trujillo

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Eastern » Trujillo December 3rd 2005

Well I am now in Trujillo, I have journeyed here with Frank, Adam and Warrick (France, US, Australia respectively) and we are trying to rendezvous with Courtney (Port Coquitlam). We have illusions of grandeur in our heads of getting a cargo ship east beyond the bio reserve (but probably into the bioreserve) commonly reffered to as the mosquito coast. I have no camera for the trip, but Frank was kind enough to offer all the pictures to me when we return, so at some point, I will post what visuals I can. I have a disposable camera to document the adventure though. If we cant get a cargo ship, we will hire a pickup truck for the 5 hour ride through deep jungle. Where we end up, we rent a boat to go into the jungle ... read more

Alas, I can catch up on my travelblogging...I had actually reverted to the old paper and pen method for awhile since I have been out of cyberland. My trip to Trujillo was much more than I was ever expecting. It started off quite crummily, as the bus driver lied to me when I asked if it was a direct bus, and I spent 4 and a half hours on a chicken bus with a connection in Tocoa to get to Trujillo....a trip which, on a direct bus, only takes 2 hours. However, I tried to look at the bright side of things, which was that I was the only foreigner on the bus once again, and it proved to be a good Spanish practice experience. All the local people on the bus were so friendly, curious, ... read more
Another view of the coast from my roof
My new 20 year old friends in Trujillo
Another rooftop view

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