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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » El Palomar January 27th 2008

Hola mis mejores amigos! I am happy to say I have safely landed on the South American continent! Phew! It was a long haul to get here,first a 12 hour flight across the Pacific, then I had an 8 hour layover in Santiago and finally a very very bumpy, yet scenic, flight over the Andes to Argentina! Along with the extreme turbulence, it was an exciting ride because the kid next to me decided to throw up all over the seat and his dad! Awesome! I got into Buenos Aires quite late and went right to my very cool boutique hotel (that i had reserved from the airport a few hours earlier!) They didnt have my reservation, but luckily had one room left that i could take! It took me a few days to get adjusted ... read more
i find daft punk EVERYWHERE!
japanese gardens
interesting face on this guy!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers January 7th 2008

We are trampers all right! We packed sooo much into the next two days, it was unbelievable!!! We woke up and headed right for another adventure, kayaking the Okarita lagoon! We got there mid-day, and rented two single kayaks and headed off to observe the wildlife! We should have had amazing mountain views, but that morning the clouds werent agreeing with us, so we basically just saw about 50 birds. Although the white heron is a very rare bird in NZ, there are only about 15 in the whole country and they nest in okarita, so we saw about 10 of them! I do love kayaking because you can get so up close and personal with the wildlife! THe tide was going out and it was very remarkable to see the change in the lagoon as ... read more
look out for....wandkes!
franz josef glacier
Can you find Ryan in this picture?

Today marked the beginning of our National Park Adventure tours-hikes of the South Island! We started up at Abel Tasman, which is on the coastline and dotted with many private beaches accessible only by hikers and boaters! We did a 3 hour hike to a remote beach and the rewards were plenty! i wish I had a picture to share, but unfortunately I forgot the memory card in the other camera that day! Soooo, we have many amazing mental pictures of islands, coastlines, and jungle fever! You will have to forgive my storytelling here, as this was over a month ago and I didnt bring my notes! :) AFter a cheese and sausage snack, we hit the road to our first informal campsite, at an amazing lake in the middle of the south island. On the ... read more
descending into the depths
cave man!
bear grylls says that cave water is the cleanest!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson January 3rd 2008

We started with the biggest of intentions! After crossing over to the south island, we drove right off the ferry and toured around Queen Charlottes' Sound which was a squiggly road, even on the map! It had insane views of the green gumdrop hills and piercing blue waters of NZ! As we were weaving back and forth (and back...and forth) climbing up the side of the mountains, then back down, we knew that the south island was going to WOW us like we've never been wowed before! We stopped at a rest stop to have lunch with a view, and parked the Tron on the flattest surface we could find so that there wouldn't be any domestic injuries this time! We made our usual delectable sandwiches - chock full of fresh vegetables and of course avocado ... read more
Good Job everyone!
Worth the hike!
First S. Island Lookout!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Gisborne January 1st 2008

We had many a debate as to where to park the Tron for our new year's celebration! We had to get to Wellington on the 1st for an early morning ferry to the South Island on the 2nd, so we were left with many options all around the North Island. We finally decided to Go For IT and head to the first place IN THE WORLD where the New Year's Sun rises, Gisborne! We rolled into town in the rain, but had high hopes for a new years party since the first campsite we tried was sold out! We ended up on the outskirts of town, and settled in next to some more permanent resident neighbors! We had fajitas for dinner, and decorated our Tron for new years with confetti, silly string, and of course the ... read more
No worries!  We'll have fun on our own!
The first sunrise of the New Year?
My favorite name for a city.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town December 30th 2007

YAYAYAY! I have a buddy! :) Mason FINALLY arrived after about 3 days of travel ;) Because of delays with luggage and rerouting, he arrived late on Saturday night, and of course I had a scotch on the rocks and bright smile waiting for him! At the Rendez-vous! Again, can't believe I found it, and good thing, the correct Ryan Mason arrived! :) The first thing he said as he looked out our window overlooking the city and the pool/gym was, "Awesome, look at that, do you want to go work out?" HA!~ So great to have him here! We went out to dinner, and were pretty disappointed with the food creativity as well as the actually became a common theme around NZ! Our best meals were made in a 3x2 kitchen in the Tron! ... read more
Use two hands !!!
Why can't we have another drink?  We're not cold!  This is NOT COLD!
Great idea!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Potts Point December 28th 2007

It's summertime Christmas in the land Down Under, and that means Beaches, Sun, and dinner from a microwave? :) I rented an "apartment" for the holiday week in Sydney, because I knew me and the boys were going to want to make a real meal and celebrate traditionally! Except when I checked in, the kitchen was basically a micro (that was also an oven?) and a small portable two burner deck that I could precariously balance over the sink (boiling water was dangerous!) I got into town on Chrismas Eve, so shopping was crazy, and I was grocery shopping, gift shopping for the boys, and shopping for any last minute decorations to try and spruce up the place! All at the grocery store! I pulled it all together and we had a very festive backdrop for ... read more
Did someone request pot roast?
Cooking Christmas Dinner in my huge luxury kitchen!
Christmas Festivus!

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart » Howden December 23rd 2007

Australia's best kept secret is the tiny island of Tasmania! As a matter of fact, it's so laid back, naturally beautiful, and full of cheese loving beer drinkers, that I felt right at home! :) All of the locals begged me to tell no one of its splendor, because the best part is that no one even lives there! 300,000 on the entire island, so there are many miles (kilometers) of amazing upspoiled wilderness - not to mention that it took me an entire day to even find a town with a carwash! (i would ask at the gas stations and they looked at me like i was NUTS!) Even my arrival in Hobart was magical - it was the first time I'd been picked up at the airport since NYC, which, after calculations, was 31 ... read more
Sunset BBQ from Greg's porch!
Yeah!  Mountains to climb!
AAHHH i'm driving from the passenger seat!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda December 17th 2007

Well, I found it! Team, after Belize, we're moving to Melbourne! I immediately fell in love with this absolutely perfect, charming, clean, organized, trendy, friendly city! I was staying in the artsy neighborhood of St. Kilda which was on the ocean and had a great beachfront of restaurants and shops, as well as a large collection of cake and bakery shops! Mmmmm! A quick jump on the tram (so much better than subways because you are above ground on the streets so you see much more!) brought me downtown to the neatest collection of tall buildings and riverfront action you can imagine! My first day in the city I was so impressed with the downtown area, it reminded me of Milwaukee with a little more spunk! It is only home to about 1.5 million people (there ... read more
More sunset action!  Awesome!
Hello Downtown!
The riverfront was so captivating!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City December 12th 2007

Well, it's official! Australia is a slacker travelers paradise! After about 5 days in Port Douglas diving and swimming in our hostel pool (not much else to do except drink with the locals!) I decided to hit Cairns with my new awesome Dutch friends, Marcella and Saskia! I met Saskia while diving my last day in Port Douglas and she said they were heading to a great hostel in Cairns called Gilligans, and had an empty 8 bed dorm to themselves! Awesome! We had 6 nights with just the 3 of us completely taking over a really clean, nice room with our own bathroom! We even got FRESH TOWELS every day! LUXURY! It was so awesome to lean back and relax for a little while with some new fun girlfriends, and forget the stresses of traveling ... read more
Blondes DO have more fun!
Where can I get this shirt?
Dance it out!

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