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December 17th 2007
Published: December 29th 2007
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Well, I found it! Team, after Belize, we're moving to Melbourne! I immediately fell in love with this absolutely perfect, charming, clean, organized, trendy, friendly city! I was staying in the artsy neighborhood of St. Kilda which was on the ocean and had a great beachfront of restaurants and shops, as well as a large collection of cake and bakery shops! Mmmmm! A quick jump on the tram (so much better than subways because you are above ground on the streets so you see much more!) brought me downtown to the neatest collection of tall buildings and riverfront action you can imagine! My first day in the city I was so impressed with the downtown area, it reminded me of Milwaukee with a little more spunk! It is only home to about 1.5 million people (there are only 22 million in all of Australia!) so it is one of those small big cities that I love so much! It's situated on a riverfront that is chock full of museums (mostly free), a huge botanical garden and park area, and many many trendy restaurants and bars, each FULL of people on a tuesday night!

I stumbled into a museum of moving images, which was basically a contemporary art exhibit features both ameteur videos and a collection from a famous NY DJ, which was SUPER interesting! One of his exhibits was four videos simultaneously playing on the four walls around you, and it was playing clips of famous gun shots from movies you recognize, but all complied together to make music of sorts with a beat and rhythm that was hard to deny! Amazing! Next I found the hall - o - disco balls! It was the entrance to another art museum, so of course I wandered in there and saw some great local Aussie artworks as well as fabulous people watching! That night I started at the Transport bar across from the train station, and met soooo many super friendly awesome locals that were continually inviting me to events and places in their city! I couldn't believe how outgoing and hospitible every person was being! Then at about 11pm, all the kids from the Daft Punk show started arriving in town and I spent about 2 hours watching their clips on their video phones and cameras and reliving all my great DP experiences while dancing to a 2 inch by 2 inch screen! I even got a cardboard robot cutout mask, hey Higgins - don't you think that's a great idea for the Intuitive World Wide Sales Meeting this year!?!?! 😊 Especially since now you finally know who Daft Punk is (oh wait, you heard a song, but did you know they are robots? Yeah, google it!)

The next day I met up with Mark and Jonny and we hit the St. Kilda dance circuit! There were many clubs in a row on Fitzroy street and they were all pumping out all my new favorite dance tunes! We ended up at a fantastic place featuring Sabastian and Kavinsky DJing (they had hosted the Daft Punk after party the night before) and Jonny and I, as usual, were on the dance floor until about 5am! I Heart Dancing! (I know I said that in my profile, but I'll say it again!!!)

On Sunday I was downstairs in my very cool, very fun, local hostel bar, and met another great group of locals who were DJs and had recently been to Tasmania! They were giving me all the great spots to visit as well as filling me in on who actually made those songs I love so that I can find their albums when I get home! I also met a Urology scrub tech from England (what are the odds!?) who was SO interested in hearing everything about the daVinci robot, so I started talking work for about an hour! I realized how much I really did love that job and how awesome it was! Could it be that I'm rested enough and ready to go back to work? I was thinking that I really was missing it! Until he asked me why I quit....then the flashbacks of the traveling, the hours, the reports, the emails, the voicemails, and of course the new demands to do more marketing programs, more data entry, sigh. The list goes on of course! Suffice it to say, I made the right choice! 😉

At sunset I met Jonny down on the St. Kilda pier to check out the fairy penguins and the sunset! They were sooooo cute and hiding in all the rocks of the pier! We spent about an hour down there admiring the views and penguins, then headed off for a nightcap at a local pub. We wanted to see another DJ at that same club, but whoever was there that Sunday night was SOLD OUT! Bummer! I ended up meeting some more interesting and friendly locals and staying out all night just talking about life, love, and the pursuit of liberty! 😊

My last day in Melbourne I was very excited to hit the National Art Museum! Again it was free, and full of super interesting contemporary art exhibits as well as a fun sculpture garden! Afterwards I just wandered around this amazing magical town again and took lots of pictures, as you can see! I have been cooking for myself all week, so I treated myself to a fancy dinner of crab ravioli (all made from fresh southern australian ingredients) and a local wine at one of the fantastic restaurants on the riverfront. I still have a very long list of things that I'd like to see and do in and around Melbourne and cannot WAIT to come back!

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Welcome home Asha!Welcome home Asha!
Welcome home Asha!

My Oktberfest friend, trying out a new hip hop hairdo her first night back!
We cant stop dancing!  (or taking pictures of ourselves!We cant stop dancing!  (or taking pictures of ourselves!
We cant stop dancing! (or taking pictures of ourselves!

I have about 25 shots just like this! :)

6th January 2008

why not live in two different places?
Sounds like you found another place where you can party in Wandke style! Why not live in both places? Belize give you the tropical home and Melbourne give the city life you can't leave behind. It will be Wandkerific!!

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