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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 16th 2008

Home. Well, as most of you know, I've been home for a few weeks and well, already I feel like it's time for me to hit the road again! :) I was meandering along my international pathway for 249 days, and loved every single MINUTE of it! I think i got homesick once (when the Packers were in the NFC Championship really made me miss my friends and family - MY TEAM!) and only got sick from the strange foods once (my last week in Peru, can you believe it!?) I met so many friends I cannot even count them all, and already I'm trying to plan some trips to see everyone! (Definitely the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, and Newfoundland first - see you soon Marcella, Saskia, Carolina, Samson, Darren, Jonny, Mark, Kara, and ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail April 12th 2008

Let me just tell you up front, if it's a surprise from your Inca Trail guide, its probably going to be NO BUENO (and most likely, it's MORE STEPS!) Megan and I had limited time together and only 10 days in Peru and Bolivia, so we opted for the 2 day Inca Trail hike instead of the 4 days. We took a train at 5am to Km104 and got dropped off...well...pretty much in the middle of nowhere. We checked in with our guide, and sorted through the 20lbs of food we had with us - between the box breakfast from our hotel and the packed lunch from our guide we had about 8 sandwiches, 6 pieces of fruit, juice boxes, chicken salads, crackers, cheese snacks, and about 2 gallons of water! We were only going to ... read more
That's us!  In Miraflores (Lima) reflection egg art thing
Parilla - meat lovers don't even want to eat this
Our first Incan ruins...

A few days before my birthday, Megan and I were in Lima trying to map out the rest of our week, and I saw the city Copacabana on our map, so we immediately changed course and headed to Bolivia! We arrived in Puno, the last stop in Peru, at about 5pm and had missed the last bus to Bolivia, so we hired a private taxi to zoom us around the lake and take us to the border. We arrived at the border about 15 minutes before closing and were super surprised to find out that entry to Bolivia was going to require a $100 visa! Thank goodness megan had cash on her, and we were able to squeeze into the country at the very last minute! I have to say, it was my first time crossing ... read more
Our lake town, copacabana
High Altitude b-day fun!
LLamas enjoy the day too!

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos March 29th 2008

An animal lovers dream, I spent my last days in Ecuador relaxing in the alternate universe that is the Galapagos Islands! Of course, as usual, half of my trip was spent underwater, so unfortunately there are no pics to share of that! You will have to trust me that it was AWESOME! Of course my goal of the dives was to see the coveted Hammerhead sharks....they are on every postcard, diving tshirt, and souviner for sale in the Galapagos, and DARN IT ALL, I only saw the tail of one as he swam away, which DOESNT COUNT! I really wanted a Galapagos Dive shirt, but couldn´t buy one since they all had hammerheads on them and that would just be blasphemy! BUT, I did see many other awesome things! There were three dive highlights: Morays swimming, ... read more
giant tortoises are amaazing!
Lucky us, its turtle mating season!
A show for everyone!

It was time for me to move onward and upward, to the La Hesperia reserve in the Andes highlands of Ecuador! It was a very different experience than my coastal volunteering, mostly in the respect that it didn´t feel so much like a slave labor camp :) but also in the fact that we were isolated from the world and living on an 800 hectare cloud forest rainforest reserve (with horizontal rain, new and exciting!) and working dairy farm! There were a few major projects in the works as I arrived, and I was able to participate in whatever interested me at the time! The projects included reforestation, maintenance of an organic garden (with plans to share information learned with the local community as well as a book, as it is very different when trying to ... read more
Is there a technique I need to know about?
Be like the Squirrel, Girl, Be like the Squirrel
Flute-a-keyboards are muy popular in Ecuador!

South America » Ecuador » North » Esmeraldas March 4th 2008

Wow! I wish you could hear my new way of saying my friends in Muisne have taught me....its more of a Wooowwww. Its been a long time, kids! Speaking of long time, its taking forever to load the pictures, so those will have to wait. But I need to tell you about the absolutely amazing perspective-altering experiences I have been having in Ecuador! I was lucky to have met Rebecca (Georgetown student from DC who was to become one of my best friends at the reserve) at my orientation in Quito the day before, so I met my travel buddy at 6am for our 12 hour bus journey to the coast. The town I was going to was on an island on the Pacific (seperated from the mainland by only a small river)called Muisne. We ... read more
The Road to my new home
My tropical diseased legs!
Back at the tree fort after a hard days work

*sorry this short blog encompasses three countries!! argentina, chile, and ecuador!!!!** Can anyone say CHOCOLATE!?!? I was so excited to see this town of Bariloche that I had heard so much about....and all that I heard was so true! German architechture, the brilliant food (meat) of argentina, and CHOCOLATE! I´m not even a bit sweets eater, and eat less chocolate....I´d usually take a bag of chips over a candy bar any day! BUT, when you walk past store after store with displays of chocolate elephants, chocolate monkeys, chocolate fountains, the smells, the colors (sure, theres white and brown chocolate, but the array of wrappings and lights and toys full of chocolate!!!) its sooo mesmorizing! All I did was eat chocolates! I met some really great girls at the hostel I was staying from Switzerland who ... read more
disneyland for chocolate lovers!
I could just eat em up!

South America » Chile » Los Lagos February 10th 2008

As of February the 8th, I officially have the disease! Travel Fever, Mile High Addict, Perpetual Motion Sickness, call it what you want....I have it! I had a very early morning flight from BA to Santiago, Chile and when I landed a too few two hours later, I had absolutely no idea how I wanted to spend my 7 days in Chile. I knew that i had to come back to Santiago at the end of my trip (in order to fly back to LA) so my only idea was....go north or south. I glanced through the Chilean guidebook at the airport and knew that my two options involved 13+ hour bus rides, which did not sound too exciting....especially given that I only had a few days! So I did what any other person with Perpetual ... read more
Awesome Indian dancers!
Town square entertainment!  One of 4 indian "bands"
That is one festive (yet sad looking) llama!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre February 8th 2008

Hey kids! I found myself back in BA with a renewed energy for touring, traveling, exploration, and SuperBowl Fever!!! Being so far removed from all that is american, I didnt even realize that it was superbowl sunday until I was walking along the riverfront in town and saw the sign outside of Hooters - which said - tonight, American Football Finals! 2100 hrs! I did a double take, a reverse translation, and thought, OH MY! SuperBowl Sunday! I cant believe it! And even though I was still mourning the Packers loss a short two weeks previous, I knew that I had to watch the SB and cheer for my BFF Bonnies team, the NY Giants! I was the first to get a table in hooters, but within the next 20 minutes, the place filled up with ... read more
Superbowl at Hooters!  All-American for sure!
NE fans....yeah....
Photo 1

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú February 1st 2008

This will be a quick story, because i think the pictures tell it all! I went up to Puerto Iguazu from BA for a few days to see the world famous, soooo amazing, Iguazu Falls! I stayed at a super fun hostel that had a lot of fun people, a pool, and a foos table! Nice! They even had a barbeque and a brazilian feather lady dance party one night! Awesome! I went to the falls with my roommate John from Canada and we spent and ENTIRE DAY walking around this national park taking pictures and getting soaking wet! WE started with a short walk down to the upper falls viewing area and everything we saw were we like, woooowowowo this is unbelievable! Next we took a miniature train to the Devils Throat. Its about a ... read more
hostel entertainment!  need a feather hat like that!
thats me!!!
Why do i want to jump in that!?

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