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**Hello friends and family! I am writing from my new apartment in Placencia, Belize, and hoping to spend some time catching you all up on my latest adventures! *Latest* starting...six months ago! I have a lot to share with you from underwater, in caves, and even some new countries visited! I think of you all often, and hope you are happy from head to toe! I hope you enjoy the stories and I will see all of you sometime very soon!** The Rio Dulce adventure dropped us into the town of the same name, at the mouth of Lake Isabel. Still known by its old city name, Frontera was the Guatemalan city that I was expecting and our first taste of this colorful culture! The vegetable stands were full of lush colors and monster size onions, ... read more
7 bucks a night jungle lodge!  NICE!
First site of the volcano!
Marshmallows roasting on an open lava pit

Hello my dearest family and friends! A heartfelt birthday THANK YOU to every one of you who made my day soooo special from so many miles away! (Especially MOM!!) The Friday before my birthday I was able to find the 39 minute slot our post office was open (and had duty tax receipts!) and excited to see a huge birthday box from my mom! Now, in order to pay duty tax, we are required to open the boxes at the post office and in this way they determine the value and tax paid. Since I knew I wanted to keep it a surprise until Sunday, I asked the postmaster if he would be offended if I turned and faced the corner, and if he could hide the contents and value from me. He obliged, and chuckled ... read more
From MOM
Grandma Wandke

The Wandke Wanderlust hit me about 3 months after settling in Placencia, and I immediately looked to my southern neighbor for an adventure! I started mentioning Guatemala to people around town, and everyone had a fantastic review or fond memory of time spent there, so I knew this was my ticket! The week before leaving, I heard a friend of a friend was planning on sailing his boat down to the Rio Dulce and he would be happy to have the company! Giddy up! With this news, Antony, my friend who recently moved here from England, said he was up for a road trip and could these two visiting ladies he met join us as well? Bobby said Heck Yeah, the more the merrier, just don’t forget the rum! And with that, Bobby had his Mother ... read more
Basking in the sunrise!
These ladies don't need no captain!
Manning the deck

I sit here at my six month anniversary of expatriation and wonder where the days have gone! I came to Belize hoping to accomplish many goals and finish numerous projects - all of them still patiently listed on the back of a Suduko puzzle. Somehow, when making that list, I forgot to factor in the People of Placencia! I recently read a captivating story called “There’s No Place Like Here” by Cecilia Ahern. It’s a tale of a girl who finds herself in a town called Here, This town is home to everything that’s ever gone missing - that ring you dropped somewhere, the sock that the dryer ate for lunch, and even that neighbor that went missing and was never seen again. They are all living harmoniously in a far away land….and I’m pretty sure ... read more
One tiny mangrove trying to make it work!
The usual spot - at Barefoot!

The last time I visited Belize, I had the fortune to go on one of the most unique tours on this continent, the ATM Cave Tour. Since being in that wet dark cave, I have learned alot about the unique creatures that live in absence of light and heat, and swore I would never be crazy enough to enter again. Until St. Hermann's cave last November....and now the cave at the mouth of the Blue Creek waterfall was calling me inside.... The Southernmost district of Belize, Toledo, has about 55 miles of paved road and the rest remains an expanse of hard to reach wonders! Blue Creek is really off the beaten path, and there are very few tours to this remote spot. We had heard about the Blue Creek waterfalls and cave from a few ... read more
No straightforward hikes in this country!
The pools at the basin of the falls
One small seies of the wonder!

When Aly and Zach and I moved to Placencia in November, we were surprised and delighted to find that we were not the only newbies in town! As a matter of fact, quite a collection of young people have moved here recently from Austria, Canada, NY, and England! In particular, we have become good friends with another three-some from Canada, Jodie, Erin, and Brad. They have opened a fantastic restaurant here in town, the Secret Garden, and every time they have a day off we try and snatch them for a boat trip, a beach and lunch date, or Pictionary! Right after New Years, a whirlwind of guys from Team Toronto came to visit, and we had an instant posse to hit the town with us! Chris and I spent the most time together - we ... read more
Moho Caye, back where it all began
Jodie likes to jump off the boat mid-conversation
It's a tough life!

Hello family! I'm doing my best to keep the stories coming, but I have been just too busy living them to document! Although its a few months later, I hope you still enjoy them! :) A few days after returning from our adventures up North, Megan arrived for a Holiday Extravaganza! She was our first visitor to the tiny peninsula we call home, and also my first time being able to meet my friend out on the jetway! :) It was an amazing sunny Christmas Eve, and Megan showered us with first world novelties for the entire first day! She brought anti-itch sprays, books, lotions, obama t-shirts, new magazines (whoa!), stickers (YES!), tahini, glitter pens and markers! I can't even begin to tell you how the stickers and markers have changed my life! Finally I can ... read more
Welcome Megan!
Clever Smuggler O Ketel
Another perfect sunset!

Happy New Year to all my favorite people! The holidays were a whirlwind of new friends and adventures, and I can’t wait to share them all with you! I have been very busy making new friends and being a part of my new community! I have been training to be on the volunteer fire department, tutoring math in the small village north of here, housesitting, singing karaoke, and hosting and attending many board game nights. (It's been raining quite a bit!) Lots of my new friends are business owners down here too, so a lot of time is spent contemplating the many ideas and options for people and products down here. It's a good time to see so many blank slates and so many creative ambitious people trying to chalk them up! I hope to ... read more
the other half!  Perfect rainbow!
Cant stop photographing my backyard :)
The entrance to the Cave hike

Its Day Ten in Placencia and I have my laptop with me on our front porch. I’m looking at the two kayaks we paddled all morning, the coconuts our neighbors gave us, and my snazzy new Big Red Bike! I’m settling in remarkably well, and every day I’m learning a little bit more and knowing I’ll be staying a little bit longer! Within days of relocating to the tropics, my internal clock adjusted to match the eternal clock of the sun. If I somehow managed to sleep through the 99 decibel shrieking parrots at 05:45am, I have the pleasure of starting my day to a resounding chorus of birds, frogs, and more birds outside my window at 06:00! It’s OK, because all the action on the village street goes down in the morning - we are ... read more
Great marketing ploy
Me and Big Red! w/a Basket!
No snow here!

As so it goes from one great adventure to another... I look forward to sharing this international relocation adventure with you! But first, a recap: After returning from ATW, over the summer I visited most of my friends and family all over the country and the world! My sister Alyssa and I took a 2000 mile road trip through Utah, NV, and CA and took in hikes and awe at Bryce Canyon, Zion, Lake Tahoe, San Fran, and Yosemite! Ryan came out to Vegas and we decided it was about time we checked out the Grand Canyon! It turned into a great road trip with my ATW friend Johnny, and we managed to include some hilarious desert towns and the Hoover Dam into our tour! Also, Bonnie, Megan, Kristina, and I also joined some friends in ... read more
I'm home!
Yoga viewpoints
Just across the street, rough neighborhood

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