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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Lindau September 28th 2007

The first brochure I picked up at the tourist office said ~"The Happy End of Germany!" and oh my, what a happy place it is! i think i took over 100 pictures in the two short days I was here! This was on a recommendation of Jess, her sister lives near here and they like to vacation in Lindau, so i thought, why not!?! I was absolutely enamored the minute the train pulled into town. Lindau is an island on the Bodensee (lake constance) which borders austria, switzerland, and germany. The train passed over an isthmus to get to the island and I immediately started grinning! PARADISE!! I arrived in the middle of a conference on a weekend, so there were no rooms available except the 5 star hotel on the lake on the edge of ... read more
View of Lindau from my first hotel, wow!
Fun!  Old Time key - view of the lake too!
Crazy buildings around every corner

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg September 21st 2007

Gueten tag! Yay back to a country where i know a few phrases!!! HALLO!!!!! Got into this great small (size of GB) town last night on the recommendation of miss Aly! So far I'm loving it! I'm in old town - which is mostly a pedestrian shopping/cafe's street running parallel with the beautiful river that goes through town! At the top of the hill there is an awesome huge castle looking down on the valley and town! The first night i found myself watching the rugby world cup again at an irish pub and having a great time cheering for the Irish! The bar was called the Dubliner, and it had about 12 rugby and soccer jerseys on the wall, as well as some signs for the pittsburgh steelers! Weird. And then I saw it.....a Brett ... read more
Through a castle window!
Hallo Heidelberg!
another perfect day!

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam September 21st 2007

The Dutch people know how to live life!!! What a great city of canals and bike lanes!!! There is an amazing vibe of welcome and friendliness in this town, and they sure do know how to have a good time! i was absolutely amazed by the bikes, bikes, and more bikes in the city! i heard there are actually more bikes then people, and don't count on keeping your bike more than a year, its kind of like a rotating ownership across the city! Its super easy to get lost here, as everything follows concentric circles of canals around the city, so if you stay on one street u end up walking in a circle! i spent the first two days just wandering the city and again exploring all of the shops, cafes, and restaurants! the ... read more
central train station from the boat
they really take church to another level here
amsterdam canals - 7 arches in a row!

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 21st 2007

hello blog lovers!!! Im writing from germany today, but trying to catch up on the last week! its a whirlwind already! My first full day in Belguim was perfect, sunny, and sooooo fun to explore! I started at the Grand Palace, which is the center square of town, and just wondered around the narrow cobblestone streets discovering shops, cafes, and people! Its really quite fun to shop, knowing you will not buy anything, because then you equally love each item! i found many shops with cute robot stuff too! okokokok i bought something....its a robot laundry bag! soooo cute! couldn't pass it up.-- as for all the clothing stores, WOW! i would be a clotheshorse if i lived in europe....that's right! shopping was FUN! the first store i walked into had a pink sparkly fun top ... read more
how do i get this job?
ze Grand Palace!
lunch time in belguim!  nice!

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 14th 2007

Hello pqrty people& I am excited to share my stories and pictures from dublin so fqr; but these keyboqrds in belgium are soooo messed up+ where is the darn exclamation point1³&é"'(§(§§è!ç I zould be able to figure it out; except they have our same keyboard labels it just types different things; go figureè! oh i found it!!!!!! its the 8 key!!! you knoz; the one with a star on it!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL! plus im using the computer in the hotel back office bc their public network is down; very funny situqtion. sooooo who wants to move to dublin with me! i zill have to keep it short this keyboard is killing me. it was so awesome the people of ireland are extremely friendly and there is a pub on every corner ° not true ° theres pretty ... read more
jason and anglea are here!  disguised as vikings of course
That guy in the middle is from marinette!
out my zotel window in dublin

North America September 6th 2007

As soon as I realized it was less than 10 days until international departure, I decided to commit myself to American excellence! The All-American tour started with back- to-back days of boat rides on the Peshtigo river. I finally learned how to prime the engine, pull the choke, start, and drive the boat! I have to also say, I'm also not too bad at parking it at the dock! Aly and Sarah and Mike came up to town and we enjoyed the River, the River Pub, and getting dropped off at the pub in dad's American classic cars! The new All-American shot is a Pinapple Upside Down Cake, which is mostly Dr. McGillicuddys', so it's more All-Wisconsin then All-American. We also indulged at the pro-cheese Luigi's on Hwy 41! We had deep fried cheese curds, cheesy ... read more
All American Girls
Natural History at its most interesting
Lifesize Blue Whale!  Look out below!

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee August 30th 2007

OK, got the blog thing figured out and here are my pictures from the adventure so far! I started my Wisconsin visit with Jessica and her 4 maniac kids! That's GOOD maniac, not bad. :) I'm glad we got them to sit still for 0.3 seconds to take a picture! Next you see me and Alyssa loving the Game of Life. I won with a 2.8million dollar net worth - see it pays to go to college! Then we followed my Mason to his barefoot water skiing contest on Peshtigo Lake, and on to the shack where I had to pump the water for my family! What year is this anyways? Last, but not least, see me and Tammy being the harder, better, faster, stronger Packer fans at Lambeau! Yay football!... read more
Jessica, me, + 3
Isn't Life Hilarious?
Mason skis?

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Peshtigo August 29th 2007

Greetings robot lovers!!! What a fitting place to begin my adventure around the world, here on the banks of the Peshtigo River!! It has been a wonderment to behold all of the birds, trees, and peoples of Wisconsin! I've been to a Green Bay Packers game (SUPERBOWL BOUND 08), the Shack (Stinky Weekend 07), a tour of the Mushroom Farm (who knew fungi needed so much attention!?!), and believe it or not, Back-to-School shopping!! Yes, I survived an entire day at the of a sister will get you through anything! Its been awesome to spend time with all of my friends and family, and I'm ready to hit the road! See you on the other side of the world!!!... read more

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