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As soon as we got back from the jungle caves, we had about one week before our planned departure to Mexico and then hopefully Cuba. It was originally planned that Tyler, Angela, and I would be going - but the plan changed every hour so that at the time of departure there were six of us! The Secret Garden mobile picked us all up at 4am so that we could get to Belize City in time for the express bus to Chetemal, Mexico. Oh! Side note! Yes, as we were talking about heading up to Playa, we found out that Cassie and her entire families were planning on being there the same weekend for a reunion with their dad! Perfect! This is how we got Jodie and Erin to join us for the Mexico part of ... read more
Best beaches so far!
Posada Freud's lobby garden
I can survive this!

At this point, we had known Angela for one week, and she was threatening to continue traveling into the interior of Belize without us! Tyler, Ant and I would hear none of it, and immediately began throwing out ideas of how we could all do some adventuring together. Ant had recently acquired the privilege of driving his boss’s vehicle so his keys were thrown on the table first. We decided to leave that weekend, and Ant picked us up in the nearly scrapped SUV early Saturday morning. We needed to stop for money at ScotiaBank in the center of town and we parked at the ReMax office across the street. When Ant tried to start the car three minutes later, it was dead, dead, dead! To which Tyler pointed out from the backseat - “See those ... read more
a belizean construction barrier
Enjoying the bugs and brewskis and Mayan King
Hiking to Ben's Falls

As soon as I got back from the Great North, we had one week until Aly and Zach moved back to Wisconsin and we knew we had to maximize every minute! Karaoke (called Karleoke here, after our gracious host, Karl) was the usual spectacular of performances, and we met some legendary people that week. One in particular was a girl that was rapping with Zach all night long, Angela from SF who is traveling around central america for 8 months. The next day when she walked into Barefoot, all of us started cheering and yelling for the amazing new rapper and asked her to join us and maybe be our new best friend? She was meant to stay in Placencia for 3 days, and ended up here 6 weeks and traveling to Mexico and Cuba with ... read more
No Diggity, No Doubt
Angela and Z's first rap union!
Jim and Cindy's first karaoke night!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Wawa June 17th 2009

I have always been curious about our friendly neighbor to the north, and after visiting 31 other countries, it was finally time for me to make the trip … to … CANaDA! I am educated about their ways and customs through a litany of Canadian friends accumulated over the years. My mom’s friend Jennifer is a hockey pusher, Jodie and Erin tease my stomach with tales of poutine (French fries with gravy and cheese curds on top!?!? Yeah baby, I said cheese CURDS!), and Angela from Newfoundland schooled me on the duties of a Canada National Park Warden! Plus, later this year I am to meet two Quebecans, Jeff and David, and learn that Frenchies can be Awesome! But that's in the future and for you to read about later - Oh Geez! Anytime I tell ... read more
My first "Oh Canada!"
the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge
Magpie Falls

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Peshtigo June 15th 2009

As June approached, it was already coming up on an entire year since I had been home! I couldn’t stay away from my best friends and family any longer, and I was really looking forward to a trip back. My ticket was to return to Las Vegas, and this was just the relaxation I needed after the last two weeks of May in Placencia! With my roommates gone, our house turned into the teenage day camp for boys! Brad, Tyler, Eric, Ant, and Dave would wander in and out all day to play video games, drink beers, and use the internet. Dave was actually staying with me, along with his new dog, Dash, and so with A&Z’s dog Max, we were a full house. Therefore, it was worked out quite well in Vegas that I had ... read more
Blue eyed Beauties!
the Mark Taper Forum
I still love that desert sky!

Ever since arriving in Belize, I have been bombarded with the propaganda of the Whale Shark. It’s such an elusive giant, it’s found in only a handful of places on our planet, and it’s migratory and reproduction habits are only guessed. But some things are known for sure, like each spring during the weeks of the full moon they visit the Belize Barrier Reef at Gladden Spit to feed on the spawning snapper’s roe. These majestic fish can grow up to 40 feet long and weigh over 20 tons, although they are usually only the size of a school bus.  This wonder of the world is right here in our backyard, and we were not going to miss it! Anne, Steve, their visiting daughter Katy, Aly, Zach, and Tyler and I all picked the 3rd ... read more
Whale Shark Belize 014
Anne and Steve!
Whale Shark Belize 017

My life is definitely ruled by the seas these days...each choose your own adventure ends with me, the reefs, the fish, and the beach. As the Pohlman’s and I settled into our life and apartment in Placencia, the walls were slowly filled with maps and lists. There were maps of the world, the Caribbean, and of course our new home country, Belize. And there were lists of the World Capitals, important sayings and numbers in multiple languages, and the always referenced List of Cool Stuff We Want to do in this Amazing Country! The next destination calling to us from that adventure checklist was Tobacco Caye! Our good friends Anne and Steve had just spent ten days there, observing spotted eagle rays from their hammocks and snorkeling the days away. Their matching grins and great tans ... read more
The first Tropical Medical Mystery
Aly's reward for Medical Mystery Solved
Arrival at what was to be our Caye

The regular boat leaves for the Glovers Atoll Resort every Sunday at 9am from Sittee River, a village about 2 hours north of here. So Chris Jackson and I loaded our grocercies, his dive gear, and backpacks onto the 6am bus out of Placencia. It was a beautiful ride up the peninsula at dawn until we went over a huge pothole and heard a large cRRaCK from the back wheel area! The driver kept driving to the tempo of the punta reggae beat for about another 20 minutes, and then, about one mile from the junction of the Southern Highway, he pulled over, inspected the wheel, and pretty much just gave up! He didn't tell anyone on the bus that we were officially broke down or that we were abandoning the bus, but two by two, ... read more
Going back to school...
...on the bus at dawn
Oh!  Except it broke down...

Birthdays are my favorite time to be happy, wear crazy hats, and drink brightly colored drinks! This year was no exception, as I was sharing my birthday with two other Aries legends, Zach Polman and Chris Jackson! As per every other birthday, I had about a week’s worth of events planned for me and anyone who was lucky to be caught in my hurricane. The festivities started on April 4th when I left the house in my “29 Forever” tiara and Aly with a pocket full of glow sticks! It was time to show this peninsula what they didn’t know they’ve been missing! We hit the Barefoot Beach Bar like a tropical storm, and found all our favorite party people already there to receive us! I think the pictures can tell the story of that night…a ... read more
The Winner of the Easter Punta Dancing contest!
Jodie dutifully finishing his beer in the Easter drinking contest!
One of Jim and Cindy's kittens enjoying the basket

I have been lucky to spend a great deal of time observing and thinking about the seas this summer through snorkeling and diving with educated guides and reading some amazing scientific and science-fiction books. The ocean is a living, breathing, and adapting organism with a geologic evolution we can barely appreciate! Because Belize’s entire coastline is protected by a 170 mile barrier reef, there is an abundance of small islands and shallow waters teaming with marine life in close proximity to Placencia. I am finding equal joy in snorkeling or diving, as there are different kinds of animals, plants, and behaviors to observe depending on the depth of the water and location. Within a 12 mile radius from our village, there are two isles in particular that I love to snorkel - Colson and Crawl Cayes. ... read more
Blue Bell Tunicates

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