I am fun and I love to dance! I quit my job in 2007 and took a trip around the world..... it was AWESOME! I consequently had a radical shift in mind and compass, and since have relocated to a small village in the tiny, yet astounding, country of Belize!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe July 9th 2018

We had planned a trip to John's hometown of Stanthorpe, and my friends took some time to map an interesting route for us. Ellen quickly found a must-visit town name for us to visit on the way (not too difficult in Australia!) and after only about an hour in the car, we were in the middle of the mountains looking for the town of Dum Dum. Google maps said we had arrived, and there certainly was a neighborhood of homes with a school, but no sign indicating we were actually there. Still, we 'checked in' on Facebook, took a few photos, and made as Dum Dum jokes we could think of in the three-minute tour. I realized that the majority of exploration of mainland Australia has been confined to major cities and tourist spots, so the ... read more
Find the joey in the pouch!
Just hanging with the birdies
Community agitated by traffic calming device

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart June 26th 2018

Festivals are my thing. The Dark Mofo festival, surrounding the two weeks of Winter Solstice, is an intense celebration of art and humanity. A mix of performance art, electronic thumps, sculpture, theater, in the streets, on the streets, under the streets. Read about the festival, including the man who was buried under the main road for three days, in this great BBC article: Dark Mofo The provocative festival changing Tasmania's reputation. The Center of the Festival is the Winter Feast Hall, where the food and drink vendors were trying to out craft each other. Each booth something so unique, fresh, local, and reasonably priced served under sparkling neon lights in a giant dock house draped in red velvet. In the distance, a four-piece band plays jazz from an elevated cutout in the velvet. Craft beers, local ... read more
Cheers! All reusable cups too.
Matthew Screiber
Loved this guys tunes

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin June 9th 2018

One of the coolest things about this trip is how the destinations have been totally dictated by the homes of my friends around the world. I was telling people I was going to visit Dunedin before I could even pronounce it correctly. No seriously, I had to be corrected almost a half dozen times before it stuck. Duh-NEE-din. It's a university town waaaay south on the South Island and I visited in the middle of winter. The air was crisp, but compared to Wisconsin, Jenny and I had to have a good laugh about this 'winter' where everything is canceled if snow stays on the ground. The interesting thing is that we grew up a few minutes north of the 45 degree North Parallel and now we were reunited near the 45 degree South Parallel! Oh, ... read more
Sheep with an awesome office view
Our first beer together. Ever!
Katiki Historic Reserve

Just over ten years ago, I didn't have enough time to make it down to this bucket list world wonder - Milford Sound. And now, I've arrived! Pulling into the picturesque town of Te Anau after dark, I didn't know what to expect this morning. It was chilly, OK, it was snowing. But the flakes stopped falling right as I walked out my door to the bus stop and the clouds parted to reveal that I was at the foot of some 2,000 meter glacially carved mountain peaks. It was physically jaw-dropping! It was just below freezing, and I was way below freezing, but the excitement of finally seeing Milford Sound today kept me hyper and heated! I almost missed my bus, even though I was standing in front of it for ten minutes, because I ... read more
45 degrees South. I've arrived!
The early morning bus stop
A perfect day

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland February 24th 2017

History was my least favorite school subject. It just seemed like an exercise in memorization of unfamiliar names and irrelevant dates. Looking back, I think it had something to do with my teachers and their approach and presentation, but also I now see that the real way to learn something is to DO something. Science grabbed me because we did experiments. Math was interesting because we solved puzzles. And as an adult, history has finally become interesting as I tour significant places, eat food named after towns, or meet people that embrace tradition, all of which I found in Scotland. Scotland is one of those places where history is still a part of everyday life. A drive along the highway passes centuries old distilleries, castles, and farms. The churches and pubs in the local neighborhoods have ... read more
Our first glimpse of Scotland.
George's Backyard

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London February 22nd 2017

Creativity runs deep in my veins, despite being a engineer and super fan of science. I've always love drawing and painting and art appreciation is just a part of my soul. It was a complete honor and surprise that B wanted to invite me and some of our friends to her totally exclusive Chelsea Arts Club for drinks and dinner. The Chelsea Arts Club was founded in the late 19th century as a haven for working artists. In order to be a member you had to be: 1. Bohemian in character and 2. Artsy! It was a hideout for famous people such as Salvador Dali and Francis Bacon and used as a place for artists to share their ideas and make connections. Although it has become much more difficult to become a member, B's parents have ... read more
An artist's representation of inside the club.
Belize Art Club in Chelsea
My favorite dinosaur!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hackney Central February 21st 2017

When you hear the word "timeless," what first comes to mind? Diamonds? That little black dress? Dick Clark? This word came up time and time again today and it has me thinking .... Our day began with our friend Tom taking us on a walking tour of his local neighborhood, Shoreditch. A smattering of shops, artists, gritty grafitti, and supercool food trucks, this place instantly made me wish my sister Alyssa was traveling with me this time. I love her enthusiasm for street art and I have always thought the streets of London unmatched in this arena. We visited a cool boxcar lunch area with multiple levels, seating areas, and about 40 stalls of (exotic to me) food and drink. We shopped for a birthday card for his roommate which made me remember how good it ... read more
Dog in Profile
Yes. So much yes.
Riding bikes!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Southwark February 20th 2017

I am a friendly person. I like being friendly! I smile at strangers, make conservation with the checkout girl, and genuinely want to share everything. This attitude lends itself perfectly to my small village life, but when I bring it back to a big city, I'm always amused at it's uniqueness. Not that people in cities aren't friendly; I just think they are genuinely overwhelmed with action and activities and stress and appointments and advertising and pressure and well, just too wrapped up to unwind. And usually on their way to work while I'm casually strolling the streets. Either way, I'm the same me no matter where my feet tread, so I brought my sunshine and smiles to the Peckham Rye neighborhood to visit B's artist's studio in the famous revamped Bussey Building. Her directions were ... read more
Me with the Artist :)
London Fashion Week
Boyarde with the Boss Lady

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton February 18th 2017

It was a treat to leave from the Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof...., the gorgeous main train station in downtown Frankfurt. Of course I was completely dismayed to be waiting in a huge open (cold) station at 7 in the morning, but the combination of sweeping architecture and fresh coffee and biscuits kept my senses in awe and my heart warm. It was by chance that my ticket placed me in the first class cabin and I settled in for the six hour ride to London. The route to Brussels was a blur of sleep but the Eurostar train was reminiscent of a movie scene train ride. The staff were ever so polite, tri-lingual, well dressed, and served us a fabulous European lunch. A cold plate of sliced roast beef, potato salad, and another diced-delicious-things salad made me ... read more

Europe » Germany February 16th 2017

I'm baaaaack! I've spent the last two years building my website development business so that I can work from anywhere and anytime. Now that I have clients keeping me busy full time, it's time to test my theory of travel and working! One of my best clients is located in London and her business is growing fast, so I decided to fly across the pond and and engage in my first working holiday! I am so grateful that I planned my trip to start in Germany. After ten years of only traveling around English and Spanish speaking countries, I am so happy to be completely lost in translation. I thought I had a few words and phrases stored up there in my long-term-language-library, but after arriving, i realized I knew only three. Hallo! Danke! Auf Wiedersehen! ... read more

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