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30th June 2018

that's my girl!!
how FUN is that place!!! aren't there any blogs or pics from the last couple months? like with jenny?? or are you starting here? auntie sassy is right, you find the FUNNEST places (yes that's a word). love you tons
2nd July 2018

Yes, mom, going to do my best to catch up the last couple months at least. You will enjoy the pics of me and Jenny this week!
29th June 2018

So cool
you find the best stuff to do!! keep having a blast :)
2nd July 2018

Thanks! I think there are fun things happening everywhere - I just always show up! (In glitter)
28th March 2017

God bless Wandke for making me want to up and move to Scotland. Yes, history is something when you can experience it for yourself. Love the photos and your travel journal.
12th March 2017

you are adorable
so the awesome experiences continue in the life of stephanie wandke. so good to see boyarde's face after all the stories you told me about her. she's fabulous. carry on my wayward daughter (do you know that is a "kansas" song?? except it's son in the song....so i changed it a little!) miss you so much.
10th March 2017

she's at it again!
i'm glad you decided to start the blog up again and already have a few entries since we just talked about it today!! i sure hope to meet noa one day, your stories with her are always lively and fun. i'm in the 4th state in two weeks in the U.S. and my traveling is going good, but your travels sound much more exciting than mine!! keep safe, miss and love you tons
22nd February 2014

can i comment again?
i've seen this scar, that is STILL there, and it's huge. I thank God that the poor turtle didn't take a big bite chunk out of her back. the nerves were clamped by the big beak so she still has issues with that bite site all these years later. We decided that NO, this was not the way to treat the turtles in their own habitat and YES they had the right to try and scare the humans away. A lesson learned, many lessons including the correct first aid items that should have been on board, a ladder to get in the boat and many more. Hoping the others on this journey have learned lessons too. much love to my stephanie!!
From Blog: Ninja Turtle
2nd March 2012

vacationing from vacation life? that pretty much says it all!
1st February 2012

so S succumbing to peer pressure...yikes! Good thing Mr. Loggerhead was being friendly!
From Blog: Ninja Turtle
1st February 2012

That\'s quite an adventure. I\'m glad you are ok!
From Blog: Ninja Turtle
20th December 2011

need turtle photos!!
where are you gal?
10th November 2011

HI larious
wow, your microwave story was TOO funny! And for being so smart....ok maybe even bordering on genius....no rain boots? really? didn't know fabric softener made fabric softer? really? haha
26th October 2011

are you insane swimming in a cave a gazillion years old? don't you watch the movies where there are creatures underwater just waiting to eat you up??
21st October 2011

so, what's really strange is it doesn't look like anything is holding the slate you're writing on in the sciencie picture - is it magical? : )
13th October 2011

I miss Placencia!
I wish I was there with you Steph....Looks like a great time!
28th September 2011

miss you too mama wandke!
hey lady! i finally got to catch up on your blogs and it's making me miss you even more! you have awesome pics that i've never even seen! mama wandke, thanks for the shout out! i miss my wisconsin family, but you'll be glad to know that i now have a wisconsin accent that i'm especially good at after a few beers. all my love!
19th September 2011

A Little late
So even though this blog seems a tad behind, I loved reading about your trip!!! Keep 'em coming and GO PACKERS!
17th September 2011

awesome to hear you are still having an awesome time!
17th September 2011

i miss my philappino daughter and her smile! come back to the palace again angela!! XXOO, mom w.
17th September 2011

YAY, you are blogging again!!
WOW, never saw a bunch of fire dancers at once, i thought it was awesome just with you and angela in our own yard 2 summers ago. and let me tell you people, it's amazing!! They both started me practicing right away and i have tried with fire 2X and it's exhilirating!! maybe some time we can do a mom/daughter show but some of us don't have the time or outside weather to practice EVERY DAY!!! miss your energy, M. oh yeah, love the poor pic of the abused pinata on the ground, HA! and man did you get some air in that happy new year picture!!
17th September 2011

Wait, you are still traveling? Hasn\'t it been about 4 year since you worked? I can only imagine the fun you are having. Has anyone catapulted food that you caught in mid-air? You\'d have to come back to work for that sort of fun. I drove to the UP this summer and saw the exit for Peshtigo and thought fondly of my world traveler. Have fun. Tom
14th September 2011

I re-read this blog again today
I hope all the divers take your advice on hydrating and the DAN insurance!! and since the DAN magazine comes to me first before I forward it on,not even being a diver I read it cover to cover it's so interesting and the pics breathtaking!! am glad you are blogging again and there will be a new one soon, even tho you are WAY behind in this department!! and love the HI MOM on your sandy legs. miss you as usual and love you tons, MOM
15th May 2011

Great project, awesome to hear about this first hand - thanks for posting - I've put a discussion in our diving forum - http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/28916-1.html
26th September 2010

turquoise is a great color on you!
i swear your life is like no other, sometimes i can't believe you are my kid! no mother could be prouder and i'm so glad you are sharing your fun, energetic style of teaching with the kids, they'll never have a more awesome teacher! there's ANOTHER career for you! miss you tons as always, XXOO

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