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25th December 2007

and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Haven't heard anything from you in a while. I'm sure you're too busy building an underwater village to live in forever. Thats what I would be doing. Miss you. Happy Holidays. Laters Lin
13th December 2007

the most awesomest
gotta love your excitement in all of your blogs - love to read them!! .... was that santa hat superimposed? toooo funneeeee. merry christmas!
12th December 2007

You are amazing!
I love getting all of your blogs and postcards. What an incredible time in your life! I'm so glad we all get to experience your journeys through these blogs. Be safe. Ho Ho Ho
12th December 2007

Awesome pic's
Hey Steph, thanks for the awesome underwater photos! You are certainly living your dream - live some for me, as well! I think I would pass out if I came that close to an eel - you're such a tomboy!!
1st December 2007

it's about time!
cheesy pizza daughter of mine. haven't heard a peep outta you since our phone chat on the 18th, not even a little ole e-mail. you know your mommy can't take that, not knowing about your safety! miss your stories and pics, you spoiled us with more frequent blogs in countries before! i'll try to keep busy with the holiday madness upon us and try not to worry as much (altho it's part of my job doncha know!). hugs and kisses.
25th November 2007

not QUITE so jealous now
It's been exciting, but torture, reading your blogs, cuz you know we were adventurers too, BK (b4 kids), spending months in Europe, Russia, Japan, 4 cruises, etc. BUT today I booked a cruise for the end of January that will take us to some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean - Roatan (Honduras), Belize (heard of it?) and Cozumel! So thanks for the inspiration, and btw, you owe me $2K - cuz you made me do it!
19th November 2007

Say hello to the fish!
Waiting to hear what the diving at Phi Phi was like... I'm sure Indonesia is going to be even better! Say hello to all the fish for me! Have a great time.. The pom pom girl is very cool .. Thanks! :)
17th November 2007

Oh wow! That is super cool.. I want to do that too!That tiger cub looks like so much fun..
16th November 2007

Bonnie - I know the town will never be the same after you were there - meet any guys missing a foot or did you catch any of them on fire --- friends of Bonnie's need to hear about those stories - xoxo - lisa (o.c. b-more girl)
15th November 2007

Hey sister!
Hey Steph, I finally got the blog from Bon and I have to say I am extremely jealous of you right now as I sit in my 10 X 10 office with no windows. I hope you are having a great time! Love the pics of you and Bon! Classic! Take care and be safe! Kim
15th November 2007

fun as always!
Hey Stefunny! Love the stories. I guess you're going to have a tough time deciding where to live! I suspect the middle of the desert is out! : )
14th November 2007

Each and every entry gets more and more amazing. You truly are one lucky girl!
14th November 2007

wish I was there!
man-o-man, absolutely breathtaking waters (and i love water since i'm a pisces and live on the water), am glad you are loving the diving experiences. that IS funny that you are running into so many from england and that you get to spend many days with them all. your day to day adventures are so funny and you are definitely making the most of every hour!! keep the e-mails, postcards and blogs coming. love you to pieces, MOM
12th November 2007

That is so amazing. I am so happy for you!
12th November 2007

glad to live the American Dream
Wow! India sound wonderful and crazy at the same time. It's great to be there in person to experience their cultures and day to day living. Especially if it made one feel humble. Believe me, I am proud and very glad I live in the good old USA!! I love Rama, she deserve to be Queen of her castle, and I especially like that she get served after a long day of work. You go Girl! The monkeys sound mean, it's a good thing you didn't have a bag of cookies. Jack Daniel and I are doing fine and Shane too. JD has been moving and kicking a lot, and we are both getting BIG! miss you,Charsey
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9th November 2007

Love your Paradise with the capital P!
I love your pictures and wish I was there. Loooovvve your snorkel stories. Wish there was pictures of the fish and Sharks! That was pretty crazy, swimming with the sharks. Glad you finally had good food, and sorry to hear your flights sucked. Can't wait to read about your India trip. Stay safe, healty and have lots of FUN! miss you......Charsey
9th November 2007

disco ball!
hehehe what a cute little disco ball!!
27th October 2007

crazy party girls.....UNITED!!!!
Wow! It sounded like you both had a blast! I'm glad Bonnie made the trip, I just know the two of you painted the whole town. Poor Turkey, not even a warning, WANDKE and TITONE cause a storm....literally^_^! I bet you both were the talk of the town after you left, how could anyone forget the blue eyes American party girls who shooked up the nieghborhood with sooooo many dates!!! Miss you both!
23rd October 2007

no fun cute boys
Sorry to hear all the cute boys did not want to play with you. I guess they are all afraid to loose to a pretty girl! Man, your trip to the Greek Island sounded crazy! I would never find my way back after getting lost, it's a good thing you did and in one whole piece and the car too! Glad you made it back safe and hope to hear from you soon. INDIA....watch out! Wandke is coming!!!!!!
19th October 2007

Your blogs are keeping me going.....!
Steph, your blogs always arrive when I'm having a crappy day at work - and they always cheer me up tremendously! Just seeing you in your role as the Worlds Embassador of Cheer reminds me of how life is supposed to be. See how your work is helping! I would love to hear what each of your new friends would say about their time with you - wouldn't that be cool?
19th October 2007

You make me smile
Hey girl! Your stories are so vivid and funny I'm smiling and laughing the whole time I'm reading them and I can imagine actually being there! Thank you so much for taking the time to share all these great stories and pictures. I'm going to miss these blogs when you are incommunicado for awhile! Can't wait for more! Love, Aunt Sassy
18th October 2007

what fun! wish I could have joined such a great spot, not that I remember any of the language too. Good times - miss you two!
18th October 2007

ich liebe oktoberfest!
18th October 2007

Guten Tag Fraulein!
Loving your travel blog and wishing I could be with you. Europe and Deutscheland uber alles! I heart germany - I should have told you some things to try and eat for me.
9th October 2007

hope you are feeling better
Sorry to hear you caught a cold. Hopefully all the relaxatin you spent at Budapest help, though lacking the comfort food sucks! I have been talking up a storm with anyone who had asked about you, and you should see their faces! Full of envy...^_^. Stay safe and Healthy, miss ya!

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