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2nd April 2008

hi from norway
thanks for days in Galapagos. Great fun. Kjell and I are no back in Norway. We were looking for Samson at he flight from Quito but didn't find him. hehe..Have some wonderful days in Peru? and maybe we see you some day in Belize. we like beer as you do!!!! greetings from Norway
2nd April 2008

You are so unbelievable. Your adventures are amazing. Thanks for making the world a better place. I can't wait for you to come home but you seem to have found something you really love so maybe you are already home. Miss you much. Lin
30th March 2008

hey girl! A month to go? I'm amazed that you are still enjoying living out of a 'suitcase'!. So, ecuadorian living has taught you that you like being muddy and smelly better than las vegas? wow, it must be incredibly satisfying for you. and I don't think you ever did get to count frogs, did you? I can't wait to read the book you'll write after all this : )
30th March 2008

Wandke, So great to read about your experiences and sad that the trip is coming to an end...but not your adventures. You are only just beginning and can't wait to keep reading about it. Higgins
29th March 2008

Miss you Steph!
I love your pictures and your stories. Can't wait to see you in Hawaii!
28th March 2008

The American Dream where it all starts!
WOW!!! Your second to last paragraph scares me. You see I grew up and spent a decade in a smelly and dirty village and I am now so very fortunate (with a lot of hard work) to have a beautiful home and family here. This is my AMERICAN dream. This is why my family came! We tend to force our best effort on attempting to change others (in other lands) to our American likeness, while so much voluntary help is still desparately needed here. Don't forget about your PEEPS!!! Anyhow, if your giving it all up.....I'd love your beautiful home in Vegas. hehehehehe
25th March 2008

OK - it's about 4 day 'til I get on a plane headed for Lima to meet up with Wandke the Traveler, and I've also caught up on all the incredibly amazing adventures so far so of course I'm nearly out-of-my-mind excited to do FUN things (and get a break from work)! Wooo-hoooo!!!
22nd March 2008

oh yeah!
oh yeah! HAPPY EASTER!
22nd March 2008

Stephanie, your blog made me cry! : ) (in a good way!) thanks for sharing. Jen Hnatuk
22nd March 2008

my t-shirt says: am i getting older or is the supermarket playing great music?
hello my adventurous one...........i love that you are spending your time with humble, grateful, poverty stricken people and have learned at an early age that the only thing that matters is what's in your heart. unfortunately, some people never learn that lesson. i am with you in those jungles, overcoming all the obstacles........... and you are with me, deep in my heart. i love you so much and are very proud of the woman you have become. keep up the good work, the world is a much better place with you in it.
7th March 2008

comment slackers
so mr. davis is sending private comments?? i wanna read what he says too!! c'mon people, the comments are slacking and not only stephanie, but others are looking for more comments!! yeah,yeah, she's behind a couple countries, but right now she's in the jungles of ecaudor for a month with no way to post her last several weeks of adventures. she works so hard at giving you her very best in documenting the culture and what she's done and editing pics, so c'mon people..... give it the ole college try and leave some comments!!! that's all i have to say for now...........XXOO
23rd February 2008

Whew! I'm finally up to date with your travel....I think?!?!
Mmmmmmm!! Chocolate! wow, how great is that to end your trip there with chocolate. And to meet Emi, she definitely is adventurous. (or pretty crazy!) Glad you are safe and coming home soon. miss you!
23rd February 2008

I love your sickness!
Glad your sickness has brought you so much joy! We at home enjoy all your sickness stories. Chile is beautiful, especially the pictures of the valcanos you provided. Thank you James for the informative Indian informations.
23rd February 2008

Buenos Aires
My neighbor Hector and Rosa was just there last year, now you, I feel like I've been there too! Their stories was amazing and yours is just as fun. Glad you where able to catch the game.
20th February 2008

awesome waterfall!
the waterfalls was crazy! nothing compare to the ones i saw in hawaii. i hated the ending to the Gone with the Wind story too! I'm still waiting for someone to change it or add to it. Seems like you are having a great soaking time! Glad your safe and haveing fun!
From Blog: Itś WET!
20th February 2008

Cool glaciers!
Wow! you guys hike the crazy looking fox glacier? It look dangerous, but adventurouse at the same time. Really cool pictures of the site and not to mention the glacier crevassess.
20th February 2008

yuk! bugs...bugs...and more bugs!!!
Sounds like the hike was fun, but I can do without the bugs! Can't believe you both stay as long as you did! I would have ran back to the tran and left whoever was behind!!!! Sorry to hear about the bug bites, but the experience was most memorable.
From Blog: Nailed it!
17th February 2008

not chilean indians
hi. great blog (i liked the hooter's entry ;) ). the indian dancers you saw were not chilean indians, at least they were not dressed like chilean indians nor were they playing any chilean indian instruments. the main indian group in chile are the mapuches (who make up 85% of chile's indigenous population, and about 5-7% of the total population of chile). obviously i can't hear what they were playing in your pictures, but none of the imagery, dress, or instruments are chilean, and physically they also don't look like chilean indian, and you're right, they do look like north american indian dress (at least someone's attempt at it--looks too costumey and cheesey to be authentic. you're from the US so maybe you've been to a pow wow, so you'd know their dress is not authentic). anyway, just wanted to clear that up. hopefully they put on a good show regarless. cheers!
9th February 2008

Just wondering...
Did you get your hair cut Steph?
From Blog: Itś WET!
8th February 2008

Stephanie, Just the mental picture of all those people laughing their heads off while going THROUGH! the water falls had me laughing my head off. Thanks for that. Keep those great stories coming. :) Jen Hnatuk. ( your mama's friend)
From Blog: Itś WET!
25th January 2008

still fun
hey girl, glad to see you're still having a blast! I don't know how you do it - I'd be wiped out after what you've done already and you're still going for a couple more months! you nut! but keep the blogs coming please!
22nd January 2008

WOW, Steph...you look like you're having a blast. I'm living vicarioulsy through you :) Ryan had a blast; it was cool to hear the stories. Your pics were breathtaking!! Have fun, be safe, and drink a lil' for me!!
22nd January 2008

Stephanie, just wanted to let you know I LOVE the blog. I get so happy when there is a new one. I have been sharing it with my kids and sister! Thanks for including us all in your great adventure. Stay safe! Jen Hnatuk
21st January 2008

we are saddened for your loss
after talking to you over the wknd as we were so excited for the packer win, i'm sure you are feeling the horrible letdown of the game. we still love our favre over here and congratulate them on a GREAT season!! at least you have new packer t-shirts for the rest of the trip :) p.s. more tron pictures please!
6th January 2008

why not live in two different places?
Sounds like you found another place where you can party in Wandke style! Why not live in both places? Belize give you the tropical home and Melbourne give the city life you can't leave behind. It will be Wandkerific!!

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