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7th October 2007

GAK on the food!!
holy camoly on the gross food and the names sound bad enough, can't imagine looking and smelling it! you'll have to live off the food for awhile that bonnie's bringing along ;) and you'll know what i mean very soon!! LOVE YOU!!
6th October 2007

Hey- Glad 2 c u having sooo much fun. Everybody asks me about you. i tell them it appears as though u r having a good time. I love the blog. stay safe and come back soon. Lin
3rd October 2007

good beers, good brats, who care about the rain!
I love that nothing stop you from having the best time every where you go....not even RAIN!!! I was feeling a little gray in my side of the continent, but after reading your raining drinking parties for 4 days, how can I not brighten up my gray sky!?!?!? So glad you are having fun, and putting a smile on my face. Thanks!
3rd October 2007

so jealous
Soooooo jealous of your spaghetti ice cream!!!!!! It sound sooooo goooooood!!! Since I can't get spaghetti ice cream here, I must have the 7 flavors sundae, baby Jack Daniel agrees, he must have ice cream too!! ooohh! He just kick me, I guess he is excited about the ice cream. miss ya!
2nd October 2007

It's "Guten Tag" silly !
Dr. Fuchs wanted me to correct your spelling - don't want you to appear as an uneducated American! Try to get to Heilbronn if you can - they make the best Gummi Bears there and the town is too cute (this is where you get the Cuckoo clocks!). Spatzle is good to eat, too - you'll like that. Auf Wiedersehen, Fraulein Wandke!
28th September 2007

Clog Boat - Shut Up
This is so awesome...it looks like a clog...and everyone needs a get away boat, it might as well be shaped like a clog. Keep the comments coming...
25th September 2007

I love the Marinette guy's mustache! AWESOME! Glad you're having fun! Love ya!
21st September 2007

Delerium Tremens?!!
Wandke - you know what Delerium Tremens are, don't you? And these are what you will return to the US with if you dont' slooooooow down on the pub crawls!!!!! Thanks for the photo of the peeing boy statue - I'm sure our doc's will be using that in some of their powerpoint lectures!!!
21st September 2007

hey there stephanee....glad you are having a wonderful time - never doubted that you would - You bring fun wherever you go! Keep on blogging - this is a great lift to my humdrum days!
21st September 2007

i miss you!
what??? you had FUN shopping??? this trip is ALREADY changing your life and i'm so proud of you holding back on your purchases, can't weigh down that backpack anymore!! altho, you are dispensing disco balls wherever you go, so......... i love the court jesters too, mayhem wherever you go!! WAY FUN! that's so funny that you ended with "look out world" cuz whenever me and zb were going on some trip, everyone would say "their gonna shake those bricks in that city, better warn them they are coming!!" just started the "kill me" book, will keep you posted. miss you tons, love you more, MOMMY
16th September 2007

zhat zas that?
Don't you love the funny keyboards...a little tip: often you can change the keyboard setting by a little icon in the lower left of the desktop. Click on it, and choose American English. or just ,ake due zith zhat you;ve got... I love you, Steph...the way you write, I can hear you speaking it. Loving the Blog too. Have fun in Germany. You should definitely see Berlin, visit Neuschwanstein Castle in the south, and if you get a chance, stop by Passau, a little town in Bavaria, on the Austrian border. I was there for a month, taking a German course...beautiful little town where 3 rivers converge and make magical morning fog, nearly every day. Have some good 'ol fashioned dirty-kinda fun...and keep up the writing. Love ya Jimbo
16th September 2007

glad to hear from you
Hey, glad you make it safe and sound, and it didn't take any time at all for you to make friends and enjoy the town probably! Did you know Dr. Wilson is at Brussel's also doing a robotic case? You never know, you might just run into him like your other friend. Or you could look for the most unhappy person there who never smiles name Veronica, she is also there with him too. Glad you are having a great time, and we miss you in Duarte, Ca.
14th September 2007

who the __ll is krisitna, can't you spell your own name hooten-anny???
just for the record the picture of ryan in the sludge is NOT and i repeat NOT the peshtigo river. believe or not this was in crandon, WI at Peshtigo LAKE.........no kidding!! XOX
14th September 2007

too wierd
OK, that's just too wierd to run into the marinette guy in dublin on the street!! how does that happen???? love that you couldn't find the exclamation point on the keyboard, good story!! miss you and love you tons!
9th September 2007

Auntie Laura
Whooo, I'm not sure we should be unleashing you on the unsuspecting world population! They have no idea what's coming their way! Don't have to tell you to have fun!
30th August 2007

I miss my Wandke!

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