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February 16th 2017
Published: March 10th 2017
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Winter Wandke ready to do this.
I'm baaaaack!

I've spent the last two years building my website development business so that I can work from anywhere and anytime. Now that I have clients keeping me busy full time, it's time to test my theory of travel and working! One of my best clients is located in London and her business is growing fast, so I decided to fly across the pond and and engage in my first working holiday!

I am so grateful that I planned my trip to start in Germany. After ten years of only traveling around English and Spanish speaking countries, I am so happy to be completely lost in translation. I thought I had a few words and phrases stored up there in my long-term-language-library, but after arriving, i realized I knew only three. Hallo! Danke! Auf Wiedersehen! (Hello! Thank you! See you later!) I laughed at my ignorance and remembered one of my favorite travel jokes: What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speakes one language? American. Of course everyone I interacted with in Germany spoke perfect English, but there are always those street food stands and coffee shops that require

Me and Flat go everywhere together.
only pointing and nodding. As it was, if I was asked a question, I always replied "Si!" Because apparently, if you are speaking another language to me, I will answer in Spanish.

I spent my few days in Frankfurt simply eating fabulous baked goods, salami and cheese sandwiches (toasted, because I said "Si!") and drinking all the beers. I was astounded by the cheap prices on wine and spirits, and marveled at the array of prepared foods waited to be taken to go. I love to wander around cities looking for busy restaurants to try and my lunch Thursday was nothing short of miraculous. I had a roasted vegetable ravioli in a fresh tomato and leek sauce that tasted like it came straight from the garden through a fire roasted oven and onto my plate. I always say I travel for food and friends.

It's time to head to London for lots of both! And of course, I've got Flat Stanley from Ryan Westby's class in Placencia traveling with me this time. Cheers!

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Free after dinner tea. Danke!

WHOA ravioli.

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