THANK YOU!! xoxox


Hello my dearest family and friends! A heartfelt birthday THANK YOU to every one of you who made my day soooo special from so many miles away! (Especially MOM!!) The Friday before my birthday I was able to find the 39 minute slot our post office was open (and had duty tax receipts!) and excited to see a huge birthday box from my mom! Now, in order to pay duty tax, we are required to open the boxes at the post office and in this way they determine the value and tax paid. Since I knew I wanted to keep it a surprise until Sunday, I asked the postmaster if he would be offended if I turned and faced the corner, and if he could hide the contents and value from me. He obliged, and chuckled at the nature of my request! When I went in my wallet to pay the tax, I realized I had zero dollars, and could only scrape up $2.05 in the bottom of my change purse! I thought for sure I was foiled, and would have to wait until after my big day to get the package - but Mr. Postmaster was feeling generous and said it was my lucky day - duty tax would be $2.05. 
Now, Mom had told me not to take my present to my birthday party that day - that it would be something to enjoy in private, then maybe share with friends later! HMMPH. I had NO IDEA what that could be! Well, imagine my delight to find a well-loved and thick scrapbook. FUN! And imagine my surprise, shock, awe, and humility when I saw that it was filled with letters and pictures from ALL OF YOU!!! I cannot express the blanket of love and appreciation I felt! It has been hard to be away from all of you for so long - and difficult to realize that fulfilling my goals has torn me away from you all geographically. But thanks to hand-written letters, old photos, and the time and love put forth by you and my family, I have a tangible reminder that you all live here in my heart and will always be with me everywhere I go!
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the heartfelt work of my family turning your letters into scrapbook pages, and can appreciate the amazing treasure I am so lucky to have forever! My mom was so poignant in her request to all of you - each of you has been a part of all of my amazing life adventures and is a part of my extended family! Thank you so much for always being there and of course I look forward to many, many, many MORE! (More what? Adventures, years, goals, good times, successes, visits from family and friends, cocktails …..on and on and on and on….) Huge hugs and kisses from Belize!!! MWAH!

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Grandma WandkeGrandma Wandke
Grandma Wandke

giving me cookies since day one!
Angela Pethan/SchneiderAngela Pethan/Schneider
Angela Pethan/Schneider

met at 8th grade band camp!
Steve McShane!Steve McShane!
Steve McShane!

met in PV, Mexico 1998
Charsey and ShaneCharsey and Shane
Charsey and Shane

met in the OR in LA, lived for the backyard shenanigans
Grammie and JoeGrammie and Joe
Grammie and Joe

always there
Megan PharesMegan Phares
Megan Phares

met in LA so many yrs ago
Aly and ZachAly and Zach
Aly and Zach

going way back to ... a birthday pub crawl in madison 2002
Uncle Tom and JodyUncle Tom and Jody
Uncle Tom and Jody

Cool Unk Tom always ready for F U N!
Jessica Ganiere/BrielingJessica Ganiere/Brieling
Jessica Ganiere/Brieling

BFF since birth !!
Sarah Duran/OjerSarah Duran/Ojer
Sarah Duran/Ojer

Moms brought us together in 5th grade
Mr. Larry DavisMr. Larry Davis
Mr. Larry Davis

My HS English teacher, still an awesome friend!
Kristina HootonKristina Hooton
Kristina Hooton

Met in PV, Mexico, 2000 on Hoot's birthday!
Dahlman FamilyDahlman Family
Dahlman Family

My engineering and great work ethic inspiration!
Dahlman FamilyDahlman Family
Dahlman Family

Three gorgeous cousins who grew up so FAST!
Marcella Marcella

Met and traveled around AUS together - also got to visit her in Munich!
Aunt Donna and Uncle JohnAunt Donna and Uncle John
Aunt Donna and Uncle John

always have something nice to say!
Bonnie TitoneBonnie Titone
Bonnie Titone

BFF and life partner in F U N since 2003
Saskia DeKlerkSaskia DeKlerk
Saskia DeKlerk

Met and traveled in AUS together, visited in Amsterdam!

4th May 2009

Happy 30th Birthday!!!!
You are so welcome and we enjoyed every moment of putting together our fun times together and got to relive all our memories of F. U. N!!!!!! We miss you and glad you are enjoying your new found HOME. Shane and I are crazy busy with baby Jaydee, he is walking, running, talking and love to show his affection by kissing and hugging everything! It's especially rewarding to received huges and kisses from him when he misses you. We are enjoying parenthood and looking forward to taking him on vacation with us in August. Glad you had a great birthday and we wish you all the best! lots of XOXOXOXOXO, Charsey
7th May 2009

you silly girl. Don't tell me how terribly much you miss us all so far away after signing your note from BELIZE. I don't cry for you. I know you are doing what you do best... blending those drinks ea. eve and hiking those trails and swimming those laps ea. day. hmf. well, from the land of the midnite sun(when you can SEE the sun), thinking of you..... zb
11th May 2009

Cool book!
Thanks for letting me have a look. This was a very neat present your Mom thought put together.

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