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Asia » Maldives November 1st 2007

Well, I MADE IT!!! After the incessant spending in Europe and the weakened dollar, I almost bagged my side trip to Maldives....but then I remembered that my desire to go there was the inspiration for this entire trip, so I had to do it! I made the mistake of booking through a travel agency instead of on my own on the internet, and she had me go through the crappiest of intineraries to get to Paradise! After leaving my hotel in Goa at 5am, hanging around the airport in Mumbai for 6 hours, a flight cancelling, getting rerouted through Chennai, then Sri Lanka, and the fourth flight of the day being delayed, I finally got to the Maldives 24 hours later! (ALso insert one minor meltdown at the end of that when my watch flew off ... read more
My first Maldivian sunset
Paradise - note the capital P!
I would travel all year to get to this place!

Asia » India » Goa » Candolim October 27th 2007

My last stop in ever-surprising India = the beach state of Goa! I wanted to have one more Indian destination, and also figured it would be a perfect time to start my diving certification, so that I could maximize my time underwater in the Maldives! I was very excited to meet my diving instructor at the airport upon arrival, when he rolled up on his skateboard with my open water instruction manual, I felt an instant bond and knew we would get along great! My first night in Goa, I headed straight for the first restaurant I saw advertising MEAT! I had to order the steak and french fries, and under the circumstances I have to say, it was the best steak ever! I was so happy to be back in the land of meat-eaters, as ... read more
me and my faithful instructor, AJEY!!
Photo 1
in candolim, refreshing india beach town life

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Matheran October 25th 2007

Exit mayhem, enter idyllic peacefulness! I had a very exhilirating 3 hour car ride from Mumbai to Matheran - the excitement ranging from cows and goats in the road (nothing new - HONK HONK!), the driver having NO idea where we are going and stopping for directions at EVERY intersection, and then winding up a tall mountain in the middle of nowhere .... wondering ... what did i get myself into THIS time!?!? We got to Matheran junction, which is where everyone must leave their cars, and my car was literally swamped by people offering tuk-tuks and porter services. Apparently its another 3km to the town, and since no cars are allowed, transporting the people and their luggage is big buisness! I took a minute to talk to a few of them and evaluate my options, ... read more
Lookout one of many!  Look ma, I can hike!
This family was so cute, I didn't even want to kick them over the edge
They are friendly to each other!

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai October 23rd 2007

I arrived in India after an all night flight from Turkey, and the 5am wake up call in a strange new land was exhilirating! I first noted that most, make that ALL, of the signs were in English! Advertisements in particular were ONLY English! I had decided that I was going to pre-arrange all of my Indian adventures and take a break from the daily how-do-i-get-there, where-do-i-stay grind. Of course, when I exited the airport, there was no guy with a sign with my name! GEEEEZZZZ. I was patient, and after about 10 minutes, he finally showed up and took me to the "A/C car." I'm already thankful for the A/C at 5 in the will only become more of a bonus as the days got hotter and the trips longer! The first guy I ... read more
Ghandi Diarama!
My tour guide, Queen Rama!
Amazing Elephanta Caves

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios October 19th 2007

It's amazing what a difference a 45 minute boat ride can make! I left Tuesday night for the closest Grecian island to Cesme, which is called Chios. Each time I asked for a map or a guidebook, people could only offer me vague maps of the entire island, so I was really curious what this small town and island might behold! Honestly, I've always wanted to do a Grecian island cruise of some sort, so thought it was a good opportunity to catch a glimpse of one, if only for a few nights! When I arrived, i was cracking up - here I am again in another country with another currency (back to Euros!) and a completely crazy foreign language! I mean, across Europe, you can usually deduct most signs, or at least read them!!! But ... read more
Finally a hotel with a laundry line on my balcony!
amazing greek shrines were all along the roads
A small town about to fall off the side of the cliff

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Cesme October 18th 2007

Turkey went up another notch! Hello from Cesme, a small village known for windsurfing and gum trees on the Aegean Sea! I flew into Izmir, and had a really funny travel day - Bon and I had been up all night since we had to go to the airport at 6a, so I arrived in the new city bleary eyed, but excited! As soon as i got on the plane, I got out my two favorite travel accessories: my eye/sleeping mask and pillow! I slept the entire way there and woke up surrounded by mountains and another crazy town! Ufuk had hooked me up with the information and reservations, and sure enough, when I got to Izmir, the Havas bus was there for me! They dumped me at a random spot and told a taxi to ... read more
These guys were untangling fishing nets for hours!
really cool waterfront/downtown cesme!
Thats me in the window of a 13th century castle!

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul October 13th 2007

Merhaba from Istanbul - the cýty that never sleeps!! 17 mýllýon people lýve ýn thýs sprawl of a cýty, and we're pretty sure none of them ever go to bed! What an amazýng, delýghtful place - we have so many good thýngs to report, and loved ýt so much, that bonnýe and I have decýded to take on the role of ambassadors to Turkey! Our fýrst nýght we went out rýght ýn our neýghborhood, called Takýsm, whých ýs mostly a few Km long pedestrýan street. We found the Kafta cafe, and settled down for some beers and dýnner! We were ýmmedýately befrýended by our waýter, "call me Captaýn" who kept tryýng to get us to play backgammon! We saýd at the same týme, No, we need to talk!! We spent hours there just catchýng up and ... read more
Blue Mosque - not so blue!
Deep ın prayer
Tuesday afternoon at the offıce

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest October 6th 2007

Well, it’s about time I’ve left the westernized cheese and beer world of Europe, and on to the oddities of the East! Budapest is my gateway to …. Weird food! Whoa! More on that soon… Through the rain and beer, I’ve managed to catch myself a sweet little cold, with a whooping cough and runny nose for good measure! I decided since I rocketed through 8 cities in 3 weeks, maybe it was time to take a break, relax, and recover. Besides, Bonnie’s due in my time zone soon, and we all know I need to be in top form for that visit!! I found a heck of a deal in Budapest at a thermal bath/spa resort on Margaret Island. It’s the largest park in Budapest, on an island in the middle of the Danube. Heaven! ... read more
man they grow them big out here!
Play it Again, Sam!
ruins of a 13th century church, st. margarite

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 6th 2007

As I was killing time waiting for my overnight train to leave for Prague, a group of Italian guys walked into my hotel lobby bar in Munich - intent on having the best time ever! My kind of people! Immediately, one of them busts out a shiny sparkly blue accordion and starts playing all sorts of crazy music! His friends started singing at the top of their lungs and clapping, twirling, dancing around! Of course I had to get in on the action, so even though they didn’t speak a lick of English, we became good friends and I had a great time dancing and singing with these guys for about an hour! People were stopping outside and watching us through the windows .. wondering .. what are those people so happy about!?! It was awesome! ... read more
Prague castle comes into view as I step out of my apt
View of the city from the top!
The inside of the prague castle church

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 2nd 2007

Its been raining for days!! But guess what, I don't care because it doesn't rain in the beer tents! :) That's right, I've finally made it to the homeland, the biggest, bestest party in the world, Oktoberfest!! My hotel ended up being about a 5 min walk from the fairgrounds which is key when it's pouring rain! I got into munich and literally dropped my bags off and went right to the party! I had no idea that it was this huge carnival as well! I'm talking first class rides and roller coasters and of course so many brats (1 meter bratwurst!), pretzels, and crazy gingerbread cookie hearts that people wore around their necks. My favorite were the guys my age wearing a heart as big as their entire torso! Since it was pouring rain, I ... read more
Oh yeah, the Pack beat your Chargers!
Inside the old people, boring tent....still looks fun, doesn't it??
Royal Gardens

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