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28th January 2008

Looks like fun
This reminds me of when I was in Wales! I like the story about you driving on the wrong side of the road. Your back seat driving is bad enough in America! I pity the poor sap who has to drive you around in the UK!!
26th January 2008

Hey ... what a surprise. Never one to stop, are you?
26th January 2008

Hey, Susie! Great photos - dramatic! Good to see a bit of Wales! Hope your trip is continuing to be fun and perhaps sunnier and drier! L, G
12th September 2007

Let us know if you're ever in Missouri!!! We'd love to see you!!!! You really need to see South America!!!
4th September 2007

Glad to meet you
Hi, Susan~so glad to meet you at Montreat, NC. I feel soooooo glad that you love China and wrote so many blogs about China and the days you spent there... Hope to meet you again in Atlanta.
From Blog: Good bye, China
27th August 2007

I'll get to Cardiff on September 20th. That means, we can see each other soon! Say hello to Joey, April and Mike.
26th August 2007

That's neat! But it looks like you have at least three continents still to check off. Better get to work!
21st August 2007

What a trip
All of you look so happy. Looks like a lot of fun. Wish we could find a way to get together. I spent a few days in the hospital but that is over now. I could really use a good change of scene. Frank is going back to work soon and I am missing W-B believe it or not. My mom is in the nursing home now. Had to do it. The pirate ship must have been a lot of fun. Great family. Gailey looks a lot like your mom.
From Blog: Family Reunion
18th August 2007

such fun!'s your former WB Sem friend, now residing in Buffalo NY. Susie, you look so happy. Looks like you all had so much fun. Appreciate the pix. Can those tall ships really sail the Susquehanna? Love, Ann
From Blog: Family Reunion
15th August 2007

What a great blog, Susie!! Good pictures of us all, too! Love to you!
From Blog: Family Reunion
15th August 2007

Love it!
Hooray for Teller Family Reunions! The pirate ship was a ton of fun. I am STILL uploading photos from the reunion. I really do hope everyone can make it for the full week in 2 years!
From Blog: Family Reunion
14th August 2007

Our family ROCKS!
Wow, what a cool family! I really wish we could have stayed for the pirate expedition. It sounds like a lot of fun. We had fun while we were there, and look forward to the next time. Next time we WILL stay the whole week!
From Blog: Family Reunion
25th July 2007

miss you
hi, susan, i am Linell's friend. sorry for not saying goodbye to you as i were in shanghai meeting my aunt then. i hope everything is going on well with you. Best wishes for the summer.
From Blog: The journey home
8th July 2007

One Divides into Two
I totally get this concept and am experiencing it right now. I am so excited you are back home (so sorry you caught a cold--summer colds are the worse! If you need anything don't hesitate to call me.). But I'm torn because I have so much enjoyed living vicariously through you with your blog entries. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. Your photos and entries are top notch. I feel lucky being on your list. When you get settled and feeling better I will catch you up on all the happenings in the Smith home. Most recent, we just got a new baby on the 4th--she is 1 year old, has 4 feet and weighs 80 lbs. Yes, she is a dog. We adopted her from friends who couldn't take her to Africa (long story). I have lots to tell you and am getting more excited you are home!
From Blog: The journey home
7th July 2007

Sorry to hear that you caught cold but glad to hear that you made it. Now you have to adjust to your American life which is subtler but about as disorienting as adjusting to life in China. What I do is soak up the sensory experience of being in the US: the big trees, the empty streets, buses with empty seats, driving a car, blue sky, avocados, beets, walking barefoot in the grass, reading a newspaper, etc. etc. Take it easy.
From Blog: The journey home
6th July 2007

Welcome home!
We're so glad to know you made it home! Now we'll be so glad to see you at Central on July 15th. Caroline is back from her 3 months gone and will be preaching that day. Hope you get aLOT of rest and get rid of that cold/cough/etc. With love,
From Blog: The journey home
3rd July 2007

Hope you got home safe and sound
Hi, Susan. I hope that you have arrived at your home safe and sound after a long journey from the east to the west. It must have been very excited to see your family again. Thank you for attaching the photo of Ya and me to your writing. Also thank you for your books and other useful things you passed on to me. I promised to pass on your kindness to other people around me. I will miss you and come to your blog often. Enjoy your life which is free from work totally . Mei.
From Blog: Good bye, China
2nd July 2007

So glad...
So sad you are leaving because you obviously have learned much, and had such a great time.....but glad to have you come back home....
From Blog: Good bye, China
1st July 2007

Parting is sweet sorrow... I look forward to our visit soon!! Love, G
From Blog: Good bye, China
27th June 2007

I have had so much fun reading your blogs about China. I am so glad the kids got to visit while you are there. Looking forward to more pictures and your return. We love and miss you!
26th June 2007

Who's that idiot goofing around at the Great Wall?
Mom, my favorite animal exhibit was the tapirs. You never see that many tapirs at an American zoo! I didn't even know they came in more than one color, either. Don't forget the highlight of the tripp -- SPIDER-MAN 3!!! You can't see that in America. At least, not with Chinese subtitles.
25th June 2007

The pushing info reminds me of other places I've been... I do think Brokaw is correct, the world is like Jr. high!!!
25th June 2007

I'm so happy for you.... glad the kids got to come see you! Looks like you all had a great time. When was the last time April was in China?
25th June 2007

Hey, Susie! What great photos of everyone - even in the rain!! Are Joey, Mike and April singing in the rain in the watchtower?!?! I like your rain hat - you look great. Can't wait to see you and hear more in person. So happy you all had such a good visit! Love you!
11th June 2007

Great photos
Sue! These are wonderful photos!!! I hope your sons and DIL remembered to bring you a salt shaker! ;) Mary

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