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6th June 2007

Magpies are common in NM, too - at least where I lived! Here I just see crows - but only sometimes (whew! if it is true they bring bad luck)... Your narratives and photos are always so wonderful in telling of the the things you see and do.
29th May 2007

You need a wider audience!
Your photos are astonishingly good for a live and dynamic performance! And the abundant information that accompanies them serves as an ideal introduction of kunqu to an American audience.
26th May 2007

Awaiting next Journal Blog
Can't wait to hear all about the visit with Mike and Joey and April! What a time you must have had! love, nan
26th May 2007

You are getting so much out of this trip. I imagine that doing the blog helps you really focus on everything really closely because you are planning to share it with us! I just returned from 10 days in England but the plays in London's West End don't have the flash of these opera pics!
26th May 2007

great pix again
I liked Shanghai - and the main street along the water - with the old European buildings. Struck by how much you and Sally look alike! it is phenomenal. So glad you're having so many visitors - wish that I were among them! love nan
26th May 2007

a late entry
Don't know if you'll see this - just now read your really interesting winter blog with pix. that wool toilet seat cover! such an interesting narrative. thanks for sending the info on summer jobs. Jesse is taking a Spanish immersion course - live, eat, sleep together for summer semester in athens speaking only spanish. two course credit. Sounds like fun! Thanks and much love! nan
22nd May 2007

Looks like you had a great time...those mountains must be beautiful!! I'm back home...had a great time....
21st May 2007

hi to the kids
Susie, "Hi" to The Kids. Have a great time while they're there ... and don't let 'em break anything.
21st May 2007

Awesome Pictures
The descriptions and the pictures are absolutely enchanting. Thanks for sharing this experience!
21st May 2007

Don and Jordan
My understanding is that Don and Jordan will be in China for about 10-14 days ... leaving May 24th ... are you aware of this? I told Don about you ... don't know if he remembers ... John
19th May 2007

Nanjing and Nashville
It's alarmingly cool here too. Dolly Parton and Porter Wagner are back together at the Opry. WSM650. Next weekend I'll be in Atlanta, visiting friends, and church at Oakhurst Presbyterian, and reunion with Great Speckled Bird folk at Tom and Stephanie Coffin' shall I signify for you? What's the country or rock scene like in Nanjing. Can you recall the Maoist faction in misdirection in Atlanta protest? Did the death of the 'Christian fraud' Faldwell make headlines there like here? Soon we'll all join them in that cold earth, And only flowers will testify to our passage here, Flowers called children, and flowers of errant spring. You couldn't have picked a better place to plant them, than Nanjing!!! Best travels, Howard Romaine
19th May 2007

Great journal!
Thank you Susan for this wonderful documentation! You have a knack for capturing people and places in your pictures--love the picture of father and son reading. How fascinating to hear of your teaching at the police academy. Looking forward to more.
19th May 2007

I think you're having a great time! I love to see the pictures and read about what you're up to. You looked cool in your red jacket with the people in blue behind you.
19th May 2007

They are definitely magpies ... they seem to be worldwide ... Mary and i have seen them in the western US ... but I don't know if they are all of the same species ... as there are different varieties of crows
16th May 2007

Hey, Susie! I notice you did not comment on the taste/texture of the bee larvae... As usual, your photos are beautiful.
14th May 2007

Yountai mtn.
Yup, I agree. I think it's probably erosion mixed with earthquake lift.
14th May 2007

spring there and here ATLANTA
Dear Sue, this is SUCH A WONDERFUL JOURNAL, and the creation of it so inspiring for future models of communication directly between people. I must work now, articles, briefs, etc. but will look at this more carefully soon, and add further comments. there is a gathering of old Bird folk the end of the month...40th anniversary of the Coffin's..wish you could drop by..maybe the and congrats on your travels and creations..Howard M. Romaine, PO Box 60066, Nashville TN 37206, 615-268-9570
14th May 2007

Yountai Mountain rocks
Susie ... it looks like a layered limestone ... and the rock looks like it has fossils in it. Faulting and uplift may have been involved ... but the major action was erosion and solution of many hundreds of thousands of years. The rocks may be or Ordovician and Silurian age 445-415 million years ago. Go to the Institute and ask them for more info. If you want to know more ... visit the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology site
14th May 2007

Diversity in China
I was wondering if you have seen any Africans or Black people in China? Have you seen Black tourists or ex-pats? Just curious. Ellie Hooks
5th May 2007

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17th April 2007

It looks wonderful!!
I love it!! Hope you get to go back!!
17th April 2007

Great blog, Susie!!
16th April 2007

Caramba Cafe!
An international chain?!? Wow - who knew?
14th April 2007

Great hearing from you. Can't believe it has been a year. When will you be coming back to the states? I am working on getting my mom in a nursing home. It is a tough decision but I can't go on much longer like this. Did I tell you I will be a grandma in late October? That's another reason that I have to make a decision. Should be getting the results of my ct scans this week. Hope to have some fun things to tell you next time. How can I e-mail you? What is your e-mail address? Bye for now. Madge
9th April 2007

Bouna Pasqua
Dear Susie, It is Easter here in the states. Katie,my birth child and your "for sure" child was home from Columbia,South America. She just left to explore Ecuador. I just got an email from her and she is spending some time on a nature garden farm where they grow all their own vegetables. She has become a vegetarian again. All organic vegetables are grown and eaten. She said that she is living in a mango tree. I guess that she won't have room for me if I go to visit. While she was in Columbia she and he boyfriend went to visit Cuba. I wish that she were back in Columbia teaching at the University but one year was long enough. She says that she must move on to concur new roads. When she was home for two months she read all of you blogs which I have saved and got all excited. She too is sure that you must be her mom. You two must meet someday. Love and Happy Easter! Maryann

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