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8th October 2010

Nice trailer
Your little trailer looks nice. did you resolve the battery problem?
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7th October 2010

Alice is cute
Alice is darling. She reminds of the playmobil camper the twins had when they were todllers. Did that lady offer you money to clog? If yes, I think you should have given it some more thought. You dance pretty well. How much harder could clogging be?
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7th October 2010

On first quick reading, I do comprehed all the material about becoming a bloger, but did get a kick out of seeing pics of your Alier, you adventurer you. Love the way you venture forth on nexperiences.
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7th October 2010

Sue, it is great to hear from you and that you are keeping your adventuresome spirit. God bless!
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11th September 2010

quack is brilliant
I think Quack is the cutest thing ever. I just came by this site when I was looking on' London Tube'. I was wondering if Quack will visit Holland sometime. I hope Quack will have more adventures coming in the future! greetings from the Netherlands.
20th December 2009

A piano with history
Thanks for the delightful story of letting go of your piano. Playing the piano was a must for all four of our kiddoes, and they were reasonably good sports. But, alas, only one of them continues to enjoy playing as an adult. The other three gravitated to the guitar, and Jim continues to enjoy the piano as a great source of relaxation when he gets home from work. Our daughter appreciataed the experience and still enjos it some, but not to the same extent as as the piano-playing son. Our first piano for their practice was an old upright we bought from a friend, total cost one hundred dollars! It served its purpose well and was replaced by a first class one later, and now graces the living room of our daughter here in Atlanta. We enjoyed your story. Peace. Howard
13th December 2009

Almost on TV...
That was generous of you Mom! I won't really miss the piano either. As soon as I read this I thought of America's Funniest Home Videos - "piano moving" is one of their stock subjects; every couple episodes they have a video of some disastrous attempt to move a piano where it ends up falling down the stairs and splitting in half. I'm glad your move went better than that!
12th December 2009

Great post, Mom!
12th December 2009

Piano Lady
I understand the lack of skill with music ... duh!!! Trombone, ukulele , harmonica ... you name it!
28th February 2009

Good to see how much you enjoyed Alaska!
Only just checked out your blog after you wrote on mine just before you headed off to Alaska. Like us, it must all seem almost like a dream now although I must admit that re-reading one's own blog helps to keep the memories flooding back! Do contact me if you travel to our neck of the woods and visit Sydney. M xx
25th November 2008

So now that it is almost Dec. I discover your blog entry! I'm glad to be in a heated home reading it! As always, beautiful photos and wonderful info. L, G
15th October 2008

Great pics!
Those glacier pics are so good that they made me cold!
15th October 2008

Dark lines in ice of glacier
Probably volcanic ash ... over a long period of time glaciers forms and then move ... the ash falls on it and then is covered up by more snow that becomes ice
26th September 2008

So glad you both had a great time. Hoping to see more photos!!
24th September 2008

Awesome Alaska
I took the Alaskan cruise on Holland America last year. I loved it! I'd actually go a second time. Enjoy! I believe cruises are the best way to see the world. I was on Holland America twice this year - Carribean and Mediterranean! Ellie
23rd September 2008

Mary will be jealous
How exciting. We want to do it by boat sometime ... probably on the Alaska Ferry. As you recall, we have done the round-trip from Florida to Alaska by RV, twice. Probably will do it again. and, I am considering offering my course "Driving from Florida to Alaska and Return, how to do it and Survive" again ... it was very popular with the Learning in Retirement group at the University of South Florida.
26th July 2008

nice pics
Great update and pictures! Makes me want to go to Florence! And I prefer the "another" sunset, though both are nice!
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3rd April 2008

Fun! Brings back memories of visits to Paris - starting in the 1960's with you, Susie, and the Philadelphia Rugby team!!
29th February 2008

Great photos and wonderful descriptions!
29th February 2008

Photos bring back memories of various trips including one with you!
27th February 2008

London pictures
We LOVED every one of your London pictures. We were there, but it was in the late 60's, so it was good to visit there via your wonderful pictures.
3rd February 2008

That duck gets around! You, too, Susie! Florence looks beautiful, just as I have heard. L, G
2nd February 2008

when back to atl?
Hi Susan, when back to ATL?? be well..howard romaine
1st February 2008

That is TOO CUTE!!
Susan, Quack is TOO cute!!! He looks like a great traveling companion..... Have fun!!!
1st February 2008

Love Quack
Oh, I just love Quack. I'm so glad he accompanied you on your trip. I may have to take a small stuffed animal on my trip (river cruise through Belgium and the Netherlands) even though I'm not doing it for a child; the photo ops are priceless. Pattie

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