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12th March 2015
Our guide

How exciting it must be! Such beautiful work and craftsmanship on everyday items and housing. l,g
12th March 2015

Have a safe trip and beware the glib salesmen of the souk.......have a wonderful time, Susie.
10th March 2015

Mom, these pictures are awesome! I thought "necropolis" was just a fantasy-novel word, it's pretty cool that you're actually visiting one. The pool of eels is awesome...and the storks too!
10th March 2015

Thank you Sue
Enjoying your journey--pictures and notes are great and educational as always! Looking forward to more.
9th March 2015

Congrats on Trip to Morocco by Air France
Good to hear the good news about Air France, not surprised about Delta. Have a great time. Howard
9th March 2015

So glad all is going well! Good to hear! :) l,g
9th March 2015

So glad all is going well! Good to hear! :) l,g
1st February 2015

Good pictures. It's a fun looking camper!
1st February 2015

Good pictures. It's a fun looking camper!
29th January 2015

Very cute!
Looks like you are having a lot of fun, Susie. Show us some pix of the inside!
27th January 2015

Well, we need a photo of the "keeper" trailer!
26th January 2015

Thanks for the update, Suzie
26th January 2015

do you still have it??
do you still have the camper? I am very interested. I live in n ga
26th September 2013

Lloyd is a possible buyer ... he is concerned about backing it up ... contact him
5th July 2013

Nice Aliner!!!
Do you still have "Alice" and is there anything you would have done to the trailer if you were going to keep it?
5th August 2013

Nice Aliner response
There were a few things, like a minor leak that developed in some caulk on one of the roof vents, that I would have fixed. But I really wanted a camper with a bathroom.
2nd July 2013

Really like your Aliner. Saw that it was for sale on the Aliner Owners Club site. I have been looking for something such as this and from what I have seen I would buy it in a min. if you weren't 10 hours away from where I am located. It really looks clean and well taken care of. Sounds like you have really enjoyed haveing it. If I may ask what are you replaceing it with?
3rd July 2013

At the moment I have a Chalet
I bought a Chalet XL 1937 as a replacement camper. It's bigger than I expected, than it felt when I examined it, so I may keep it only a short time. It's beautiful, but I think I'm too old for a heavy RV. Thanks for asking.
1st July 2013

was curious about the inside ... great
9th August 2011

So sad that Rio is closing. I am despondent thinking that next January I won't be on my way to Guadalajara for ten days of calm, peace and pleasure - and delicious food. I've been going for more than twenty years. Does anyone know of another place like Rio?
22nd July 2011

I made mistakes in photo titles
The "mesquite tree" is really a cactus. I should have put on my glasses. The first tree labeled "fruit tree" was another tree in the cactus garden. I'll see if I can fix these titles.
22nd July 2011

Great Trip Summary
Much enjoyed this Susie. didn't know that you went to Mexico so often.
8th October 2010

Alice is cute! Hope she gets home from camper hospital soon!
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