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3rd July 2006

Thinking of you ...
... as you settle in. Hope the trip went smoothly. Things in Atlanta are at a warm, sleepy holiday pace for the 4th. Kind of nice. Good luck with painting, puppets and all that you are experiencing in Guatemala. Love, bw
29th June 2006

I'm so proud of you-Susie!
Dear Susie, I can and cannot believe the trip you are taling, I'm so proud of you, and that I trust that God will be with you and help you all the days of your travel and work. Wish I had the guts as well as physical ability to be with you. A gentlemen from CoCu has a great interest in Guat. Keep your good sense of humorand you will work out all your big and little problemsLove ya, Mimi
From Blog: #3- The Puppets
29th June 2006

Vaya con Dios!
27th June 2006

Sounds like you are ready!! Great t-shirts, too! Vaya con Dios!
23rd June 2006

Sounds like the group from your church had a profitable time spiritually and received as much if not more than they gave - a definite effect of ministry! Thanks for sharing so much!
18th June 2006

The Guatemala photos are great! Hope it's a fun and rewarding trip!
14th June 2006

You really got all those shots?
I can understand Hep B. It is well worth the money. Three shots and you are covered for life. But Hep A? Isn't that just gamma globulin? Doesn't protect you for very long; I heard 3 months. $100 sounds pricey to me. Luckily, my immune system knows that it lives in a developing country.
11th June 2006

Hey, GoodSue! Looks good! Sounds interesting! Have a great trip and do the good work!
11th June 2006

This is wonderful!
An excellent "retirement" -- Jimmy Carter style. Thanks for what you're doing, Susan. Have a great trip. I look forward to your updates. -- bw
9th June 2006

Have Fun!
Hi Susan, I hope you enjoy your mission trip to Guatemala. We will miss you here in Atlanta. See you on July 28th. Sekayi
6th June 2006

checking out the blog
Susie, I'm glad you're blogging. I'm really interested in the full trip. Can you add music to the site? Cheers.

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