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15th December 2015

Please, if you find somewhere quite as refreshing as Rio Caliente, Clue me in.
I've visited many tourist traps, and would love to visit somewhere as remote and relaxing as Rio Calinete. Thank you
15th December 2015

If you visited Rio Caliente you were so blessed.
My very good friend and I were looking for a vacation spot that was low key and relaxing. We had no idea something as wonderful as Rio Caliente existed. We made reservations online. Booked our air travel and landed in Guatelara. With the help of some Spanish/English speaking travelers we were able to get a taxi. Not speaking the language, when we entered the forest/park on the semi dirt road we were terrified. He delivered us safely to the most beautiful, rare destitination. I visited another time and am so sad it isn't available anymore, but still thankful of was one of few that even new it existed. Thank you Rio Caliente, you will always have a place in my heart.
15th December 2015

Missing Rio Calienta
My sisters, friends and I miss the spa a lot. We talk of it often. Thanks for your comments.
9th August 2015

Thanks so much for the info!
I went to a Kun Qu performance at Chao Tian Gong last night and it was really great. I was also very impressed by the theatrical performance. I just wanted to thank you for writing such a great post about it. Your blog actually has the most detailed information I could find on the subject. I don't think I would have gone or figured out the logistics without it. I hope you are enjoying your new adventure camping around the US:)
10th August 2015

Thank you, Stephanie
I loved the opera,but had many western friends who were lost. That blog has had a lot of hits. I'm glad I could help. I'm just coming home from a week in Maine,but not camping. We stayed in a VRBO rental. Vacation RentalByOwner. Acadia National Park is beautiful. Susan
22nd March 2015

Wonderful pictures
Loved pictures of local women.
22nd March 2015

Wonderful trip
Loved every bit of your trip. Wonderful pictures, even if tilted!
22nd March 2015
The elevation

The Golden State
A very familiar landscape! It reminds me of California when it's not raining...the Golden State! With a little bit of Martian Red thrown in, too
19th March 2015

Neat! Never heard of it but it looks like a lot of work. Glad you supported them by buying a few things
18th March 2015

Mom this sounds like a great day. The marketplace does look like one of those MO flea markets! Even with the livestock, those MO flea markets always had the barns full of animals. The "dress-up" party looks fun. It's interesting seeing the inside of the homes - so little clutter or excess possessions, so unlike American homes. There are great decorations but everything looks used and passed-down, not freshly purchased like in America.
18th March 2015

This is fascinating. You're courageous to get up on a dromedary with scarf and all. The food looks good, singing for it sounds even better, and your tent is beautiful.
17th March 2015

Fantastic travels!
17th March 2015

Thanks, Howard.
Howard M. You amaze me. I hope I'm as together at your age as you are. See you in church when I get home.
17th March 2015

What great fun! Susie you sure lead an exciting life! We just got back from China. I read your previous blog and got the same breathing problems!
It must be the air. Dd not get rally bad until Beijing. Are you doing well in the desert?
17th March 2015

My breathing
Some days are a faster pace, or our walks are uphill. That's when I need my inhaler. I'm the fourth oldest person in the group, but my lungs do cause me to stay behind sometimes. Our guide always offers us choices and describes the upcoming activity. Overall, I'm doing fine, just being an older lsdy. 😳
16th March 2015

Loved the camels and the scenes of the desert. Your new wardrobe is stunning!
16th March 2015

Mom this part of the trip looks incredible! You look like a blue desert ninja. Do you have a nickname yet? "Susie of the dunes" or maybe "The blue spirit of the sand." The inside of your tent is spacious -- I wouldn't even call that a tent if I didn't know better. And the food looks terrific!
15th March 2015

This is wild; you're doing the caravan........... keep on "humpin'".................
15th March 2015

Love the blue scarf, desert sand and the food!
Looks like a wonderful trip, Sue...we've been talking about your trip on our walks here at home. Post MORE!
15th March 2015

Mom the pictures are great. Especially that pastry dinner! That looks delicious!!
14th March 2015

Morocco! The Sahara! What else have you got up your sleeves! Have a fabulous time. Its fun to read of your adventure and think of you living life so fully.
13th March 2015

We've been on a tour bus--only 17 of us so we spread out. Today at the beginning of the Sahara, we'll switch to 4-wheel SUV's then a camel ride then visit nomads then to tents. I brought GA pecans as presents for people we visit. Two nights coming up in the tents.

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