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28th January 2007

Data Recovery
Is there any way you can recover what you have put into the travel blog? There were a lot of pictures and tales. Maybe Joe or Mike could print out every blog for you ... that way you can have part of what you lost.
11th January 2007

I enjoy reading about your daily life in China and am glad you're enjoying yourself. We missed you at the Thanksgiving reunion and look forward to seeing you when you return to Atlanta.
10th January 2007

Happy New Year!!
Susan: Your explorations are so interesting, please keep them coming!!! So glad your sister is coming. Please detail everything you do while she's there!! Peggy
9th January 2007

those wrapped things
The rice plus mystery ingredients wrapped in a triangular shape are called zongzi.
7th January 2007

Food, photos, and, of course...
Shopping! Sounds like you're having a great time and doing all the right things to enjoy yourself.
7th January 2007

hooray for more blogs!
I cannot remember what those wrapped things are called either. I ate them once and thought I was supposed to eat the leaf. lol. If I remember, I will comment again. My dad probably knows what they are called. I love your photos and blogs! Keep them up, please? =) I cannot wait to see what kind of adventures you and Sally have.
2nd January 2007

Happy new year
Hey mom, happy new year! We miss you, too. And what do you mean that Santa was obviously fake. He's not real!??!
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1st January 2007

Hi Susie! Happy New Year! Thank you for being so faithful in updating your blog. I love to read it and get the feelings of what you are experiencing in China. Please do plan to visit the Phoenixville area when you return to the states so we can catch up in person. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2007 filed with new and exciting experiences.
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1st January 2007

Hey, Susie!! What a great blog!! I love being able to catch up with your life there the way you present it on the blog. And the photos are great! Christmas has really become an international secular holiday it seems. Those who want it to mean the celebration of Christ's birth do what they do to have that meaning be part of it. Otherwise it seems that everybody everywhere can celebrate it as another holiday! Miss you and love you, Gailey
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1st January 2007

miss you too
Merry Xmas and happy new year. We miss you too. Love - Jonnie
From Blog: SO FAR AWAY
31st December 2006

great update
Great update, Mom! Sorry to hear you're feeling down, but boy you have packed in a lot of good holiday things. Doing more for the holidays than most of us here in the States! That's very nice about passing out the pictures, too. Happy New Year! Love Mike
From Blog: SO FAR AWAY
31st December 2006

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year
I was thinking of you a lot this past month. When will you get back home? Happy to see you are having so much fun. Look forward to your messages. My mom was in a nursing home for 2 months. I was sick and now have a hiatal hernia and bronchiectasis. Then Frank came down with a respiratory infection. But we are all on the mend. Hope 2007 is good for us all.
From Blog: SO FAR AWAY
31st December 2006

HI SUSAN, on the day after the various orgies of James Brown's funeral, interspersed with shots from DC with Ford in state, and the funeral there, followed by Exclamations on TV and news of Saddam's hanging...with the various lynch mobs in Crawford and elsewhere cheering. Dec. 31, 2006 I wonder what 'images' you see on Chinese TV..James Brown..friends and relatives dancing in Georgia,.do people ask and do you tell them you're 'from there'... How about Ford? It seems you settled in Atlanta just about the time Ford stepped into Agnew's I right...when did you and Bob marry? I recall you arrived 4th of July 1970, during the Pop Fesitival..right also..? And what about Saddam..any video's of his'hanging' posted on the wall..and when, WHEN is Chinese Olympics..2008? happy new year from Philadelphia, and today, later, DC. Howard Romaine
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31st December 2006

Happy New Year!!!
Merry Christmas, Susie! Looks like your students acted as your family on Christmas Eve. It made me smile. =) I hope you are well and that your internet is back up and running quickly.
From Blog: SO FAR AWAY
31st December 2006

Happy New Year, and much love, Mariana
From Blog: SO FAR AWAY
17th December 2006

Susan, I don't communicate much, but I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I love the pictures and your commentary. I'm almost there. Hope you have a merry Christmas and happy new year. Pattie
16th December 2006

Hi, Susie! I love the live chickens in front of KFC, but I especially like the holiday banner and the photo of the holiday display at the Univ. How interesting that your students come to your apt. to visit you. I forgot about visiting profs. in college... Hope your neck is better now and you are not having a cold. I mis you! Love, Gailey
14th December 2006

Hi Susan: I'm all for conserving energy, but it seems a bit insensitive to have people freezing indoors while trying to learn....but, what do I know, the Chinese are some of the smartest people in the world, so maybe there is an advantage to learning in the cold...?? Just think, this Christmas spent in China will be something we'll be able to talk about for a long time, and also to tell your grandchildren!! Happy Holidays!! Peggy
13th December 2006

Christmas in class
Good pix but I was looking for a photo of long underwear hanging from a tree or balcony. Celebrating Christmas in class: (1) Teach them to sing "Deck the Halls." (2) teach them 5 or 6 ways to wish someone merry Christmas, happy holidays, etc. (3) tell them the Chrinese version of the Christmas story - Christmas and Spring Festival are similar, both are winter solstice celebrations. (4) wrap a piece of candy in an idiom and give them as gifts - sort of a reversal of the fortune cookie thing.
12th December 2006

SO nice to get flowers!!!
Hi! That is so thoughtful to bring you flowers.... Maybe you should go to the chiropractor on a regular basis....?? And yes, maybe lots of Vitamin C....? Keep the observations coming....I really enjoy them. Happy Holidays!! Peggy
11th December 2006

Were the heat-filled jars a form of moxibustion (a method of traditional Chinese healing I don't know anything about)? Have you asked the doctor aboput ways to prevent sore throats? Take care of yourself.
11th December 2006

Hi Susie, I enjoy reading your blogs - I can relate to warm rooms. Can't wait to hear how Christmas goes. Are you going to decorate your place, sing carols, travel?
10th December 2006

reactions from Nashville
Susan, when I hear you talk of constant colds, I wonder several things.a.)what about vitamin C, do you take it, get enough? b.I wonder about my own sniffles here in Nashville, with the change of the weather to cold, and think about the vaporizer Rita got me last year...I must set it up..I'm wondering if the climate there is much dryer than in the U.S. and that could be partly it, then, c.) I think of particulate matter in the air, in rapidly industrializing, and uncontrolled, Chinese development..well, enough of my differential diagnosis. I'm happy to receive these continued notes, and that your students bring you flowers, and enjoy the internet..what's their take on the 'revolutionary change in U.S. Politics'..give us a hint next mail..happy Christmas you get some there a Winter to you from Nashville, Atlanta, and the Deep South, H Romaine
28th November 2006

Pictures are so calm and inviting.....
That looks like a great getaway...!! Hope you had fun!! Peggy
28th November 2006

Glad you are better....!!
Hi Susan: Sorry to hear you were ill, but glad you are better. Thanks for sharing your new life; it's all so interesting. All is well here...talked to Michele yesterday. She and I, Dotti, Kira, Orisa, and whoever else wants to, will try to have lunch once a month just to keep in touch..... Wish you were here but glad you are having this experience....!! Until next time.... Peggy

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