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8th April 2007

Hi Susan!!!
Remember us??? The adopting family? :) I was wondering how you were and if you were still in China, and here you are! lol Did you ever find a salt shaker? If not, let us know because we'll be back again in June. :) I love reading your blog. It's so fun! We are all well. Mary
27th March 2007

I just love your adventures....!
Looks like you had a good (though hectic) time. Can't wait for you to get back home so I can hear about all your adventures first hand.... Peggy
25th March 2007

Civil Service Exams
Great job. I have some good news. I am going to be a Grandma in Nov. David and his wife are expecting. Having some health problems. Had 2 CT scans last week, was sent to a pulmonary doc and need 2 more. We are also considering nursing homes for my mom. Will depend on what the docs say. When will you be back home?
24th March 2007

Living Vicariously
Hi Susan, I so enjoy living vicariously through your travels. Hainan seems like a beautiful, exciting place! I look forward to seeing you when you return. I saw Michele at GCN yesterday and asked about your return date. We both love your travel blog! Enjoy, Ellie
24th March 2007

Leaf Wrapped Rice.
In Hawaii it is called Joong (Cantonese).
24th March 2007

What a trip!!
Glad that you took a trip to a warm area. We are getting 70-80 here now ... and first hummingbirds are showing up in Mary's garden. We miss our Susie!!!
1st March 2007

So Interesting!!
Susan: That is NO interesting... Thanks for being the pipeline that increases my knowledge of one part of the world!! Miss You! Peggy
28th February 2007

that was really interesting! Thanks for sharing.
27th February 2007

The examination system
Susie, you did a great job explaining the imperial examination system. This system was abolished in 1905 as Chinese intellectuals recognized that the country needed to modernize. At that time the idea was that western scientific learning needed to be grafted on to traditional Chinese learning, that Chinese learning was the root but that western learning should be added on because it was useful for development. This "grafting" metaphor persists until today. I often hear students say that they are learning English as a tool, something useful. It is the medium through which they gain western knowledge. Another thing that persists is the central role of the examination in education. Children learn very early to take exams and to pay attention to the scores they receive. They take hundreds, maybe thousands, of exams but the most critical one is the college entrance exam. That one determines which university (if any) you can attend and what professional field you can enter. Teenagers have little free time because they are always studying for this important exam. So, the imperial examination system may have been abolished but the core idea that examinations determine your future continues.
26th February 2007

And, in Florida we have Jeb Bush's FCAT for Junior and Senior High School students. Most everyone, especially the teachers, hates this system for evaluating the performance of schools.
26th February 2007

The colors in the photos are great! When - what century - were the exams given? And were they given to everyone? Sounds as though it was some sort of competition to get to be with the emperor in some capacity. Glad to hear HOng Kong was fantastic!! Love, Gailey
25th February 2007

It was fun to get Sally's perspective on the trip. I learned SO MUCH from this entry. Great photos, as usual!
25th February 2007

I'm finally catching up with your travel blog! I LOVE these photos. So exciting to see another person I know and love in them. =) You two look great!
16th February 2007

numbers are wrong
The picture labeled 6 is correct; the one labeled 7 is really 6; the one labeled 8 is really 7; there is no eight pictured. Sorry, Folks! Susie
15th February 2007

something wrong
The 7 sign is wrong. It actually means 6.
15th February 2007

as always
I loved reading about your trip to Xian. Sally's commentary was so detailed and interesting, as were the picturres.
15th February 2007

Stupendous!! You have some wonderful and artistic photos, Susie! Your trip sounds so fascinating. How long did it take to prepare all that for the burial? Was it done during his whole life in preparation for his death? And the gold figurine is beautiful. Thank you for the great "tour."
10th February 2007

Loved the pictures and the narrative. You both look great. Would love to visit you. When will you be coming back? Terrific idea you had.
6th February 2007

Hey, Susie! My two favorite pictures are the one of Sally and the other of the tree in the fog. Both are beautiful! I think the buildings are fascinating! Also, I notice the people are dressed so"westernly," much more so than when Dad and I were there (c. 1983). My memories of Shanghai are of very, very crowded streets, even early in the a.m.! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation now, too! Love, Gailey
6th February 2007

Great pictures!!
THe pictures are great!! Keep them coming!! So glad you have family coming to visit! That must be great fun!!! Take Care!!
3rd February 2007

I'm glad you got in some travel practice in Shanghai before I come through. Though it sounds like you don't even need the practice. I think you've become a professional traveller!
31st January 2007

Sorry about the computer crash. Good luck in rebuilding stuff, and I look forward to your stories about Shanghai and Xian. Was it great or what!
30th January 2007

Susie, can you upload the photos you put on your blog before? What a shame to lose them, let alone all the other stuff. Love, Gailey
30th January 2007

I'm so sorry!!!! Well, just be patient and start over again...but remember, everyone you sent pictures to since you've been there still has least I do. Would there be a way to re-send them back to you??? Peggy
28th January 2007

Sorry to hear of your computer trouble. Will be anxiously looking forward to your next message. Not much new here. Mom is sleeping more. Just her new lower dentures and she lost them. Have a sitter coming this after- noon so Frank and I are going to try to use our gift cards from Christmas. It is in the 40's here today. Sunny . Had a lot of rain over the last 2 weeks. But things are looking up. How long will your sister be with you? Bye for now. Love, Madge

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