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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy May 26th 2009

Another week or at least part week - the blog seems to be running behind the reality but who knows what is really real? Anyway picked Wendy up on Thursday from Callander and returned to find Douglas continuing with the electronics to control the heating systems (Dunsley the makers of our stove seem to be unable or unwilling to answer straight quiestions and seem to be intent in over complicating things (they have added a gas/oil burner to our system which simply doesn't exist). Anyway I'm sure things will get sorted eventually. Note from Wendy... I do not actually recall Douglas being in the house when I arrived, but perhaps my short term memory is failing me. Thursday evening and Friday morning, we tidied up in readiness for my Dad, brothers (Stuart and Roger) and sisters-in-law ... read more
View to west from living room window
Wendy mopping kitchen floor
All the colours of spring

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy May 20th 2009

Balcon d'Europe is, I think, in Nerja, South of Malaga, in the South of Spain. Yes I was right, a quick google tells me that: "The Balcony of Europe is the major landmarks of Nerja - a superb, palm-lined promenade that runs along a towering cliff. Views from here are simply stunning. The Promenade is lined with caf├ęs and restaurants and in the summer is home to a multitude of artists, vendors and street musicians. It was made famous by King Alfonso XII (1857 - 1885) and his statue can be found at the far end" Well, our balcony cannot quite match that, though it does have very nice views and the eaves shelter you from the wind - except for the prevailing wind. It isn't quite finished yet, but it'll be ace once it's ... read more
West gable
View from the end
Balcony again

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy May 10th 2009

Well the house wasn't quite finished but with not too much imagination it was partyable. (well - it had its first party when it was just an empty site without so much as the slab, so a house with functional plumbing, cooker and fridge was more than adequate for the occasion). Anyway to our tale, Wendy and I went back up the road on Monday after visiting many DIY outlets over the weekend in search of tiles for the kitchen, utility room and both bathrooms, (as well as a visit to Glasgow to see Bob Dylan). We had a day priming doors and Tom and his dad Big Tam, came to connect the solar panels to the rest of the heating system. On Tuesday, Ewan returned from Holland and Jonny from Dundee. Jonny continued with the ... read more
Jonny at the top of the stairs
Limewashing the stairwell
starship enterprise controls

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy May 3rd 2009

On Monday I got back on site to find that Ewan had already started putting together kitchen units, so I carried on nitromorsing the kitchen floor. On Tuesday Jonny arrived with our staircase (or at least the makings of one), while Ewan continued with doors. (editor's comment.. did Willy just skive all day Tuesday?) On Wednesday, Ronnie and Gordon, the plumbers, turned up to connect the wood stove to the cylinder via much piping, thermostats and pumps. Douglas and Robert, our electricians, also arrived on Wednesday and among other things, wired up the newly arrived cooker, which means we no longer need the two burner gas stove.. Wednesday saw a full house with much business in all parts of the house, as Keith , layer of parquet floors par excellence, was also on site working on ... read more
Central stairwell
Jonny makes start on staircase
Kitchen becomes carpenter's yard

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy April 21st 2009

I think we're on a kind of plateau now, just waiting for the next surge. The scaffolding has been sold and was taken down at the begining of the week, though it hasn't yet been collected. The kitchen floor is now laid and Willy has continued to remove ancient varnish much to the detriment of his back and shoulder, as it's a repetitive movement which requires quite a lot of effort. We have 5 volunteers coming at the weekend to do some limewashing... and if any of them want to find out first hand how much effort goes into reclaiming a wooden floor, then they'll be very welcome to have a shot with Nitromors and a scraper. The amount of work involved in re-using the reclaimed flooring is enormous ... first the floors had to be ... read more
Look no scaffolding 2
We have doors

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy April 16th 2009

Willy stayed at Ewan and Marieke's to cat/house sit while they were on holiday. Ronnie and Gordon, the plumbers, arrived on the Tuesday and by Thursday we had working toilets and with the co-operation of Douglas, our electrician, hot water - including a bath! I came up on Thursday evening, having left Edinburgh at 1pm: it takes a while to get to Killin by public transport. In celebration of the new bath, we both had a candlelit bath.... how romantic. The candles were the only source of light in the bathroom, though it is possible that by now electricity will have reached the first floor. The reclaimed jarrah kitchen floor had started to be laid and it was suddenly possible to imagine how the kitchen will look when it's finished. Over the next few days Willy ... read more
My first bath in the new house
Luxury Bath
Privacy - after a fashion

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy March 28th 2009

This week has been exciting and progress has satisfied even Willy's impatience, though we visited different branches of a well known DIY store on three consecutive days, as well as the weekly trip to Screwfix. We went up to the house at the weekend and took some more beech floorboards. We didn't do much, just swept up a bit, then headed down to Perth to pick some kitchen units. We found a style we both liked and went to talk to a consultant to order it all, but they were fully booked. So I spent the evening with the kicthen catalogue counting all the bits we needed and noting down the item codes, while Willy watched football. Next day we went to the Livingston branch and ordered all the bits - I surreptitiously checked that she ... read more
Is it the moon?
Larder almost floored
Lights 1

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy March 26th 2009

Briefly, we completed the plasterboard on the upstairs ceilings (in readiness for our intrepid pair of plasterers returning next week). Then Ben returned to the north east to continue with his tree surgery. Ewan and I completed the upstairs flooring and fitted the solar tube. This reflects daylight into the darkest recess of the house, alias the larder and is surprisingly effective. Robert returned to do a bit more of the electrics, other than that it was a pretty quiet week. The weather has been pretty horrendous, albeit with intermittent spells of sunshine, but inside the house remains quite warm (I slept in the little sloping bedroom as Ben had reclaimed his bed in the farmhouse). We may have had snow, sleet, gales etc but spring is definitely on the way. On the drive down I ... read more
Ceiling detail
Above the stairwell
Final bits of plasterboard

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy March 19th 2009

Ally the roofer, whose apprentices roofed the house last summer when Ally broke his leg playing football, came back to make a hole for the chimney and some holes for extractor fan vents and fit them into the roof. The roof is now kind of busy: it has a chimney, 4 extractor fan vents, a vent for the soil stack, 2 solar panels and 6 veluxes. It is traditional, when the chimney is completed, to have a drink on the roof in honour of the event. I don't think that happened, (surprisingly, given the number of events which have given rise to the consumption of alcohol). I was going to say that we are now the proud owners of a chimney, but we have actually owned the bits that make up the chimney for several months ... read more
 Without the green plastic
Return of the roofers
Oor New Lum

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland March 12th 2009

We selected a bath and all our interior doors - in fact everything including the kitchen sink(s) - on Saturday and then dropped in on Gavin and Niome to see pics from their holiday in Japan. There are lots of trees and temples in Japan. Back up the road Monday morning early to meet the electrician but just missed him. Anyway his assistant Robert turned up later and fitted various switches and sockets downstairs. Ewan and I made a start on the upstairs flooring: in fact we spent the remainder of week flooring upstairs and completed the floors in the bathroom, little bedroom and our bedroom Emma, one of our volunteers from last summer turned up to help Sue with "The Big Shed" project (for details check out Tombreck website). Then tidied up in readiness for ... read more
The wood for our bedroom ceiling
New plasterboard snugly fitting gap between pillar and wall
The whole of the moon

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