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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy August 17th 2008

Ewan tok a few days off so we hoped to concentrate on straw but the ever unsettled weather made that difficult and somewhat frustrating. Franck and Alison got on with stuffing the wool into the roof while I dashed out between showers to trim and stuff (and trim and restuff and trim and ..... ) the outside of the walls Found it difficult in explaining to Franck that we would keep doing it till we, ie Wendy and I, were satisfied that all the holes that could be filled had been filled. After all - that straw plus a bit of clay and lime will be all that's between us and the winter gales. Early in the week, the roofers came back to fit the ridge pole and do the last few rows of slates. So ... read more
East gable and a bit of the north wall
Wool in the rafters
Wool stuffing cakes

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland August 4th 2008

Burns said it and so it is. Stayed home Monday to get car repaired and manage dto pick up bits and pieces in our local screwfix (new sander for all the posts and beams. Also phoned Treecraft (who had just returned from a 2 week shutdown) to be told we wouldn't get delivery till the 25th rather than by the 16th as we had expected. Back on site Tuesday by 8 am (Wendy had to get up at 5.30 to fly down south with work) so I had breakfast and set off around 6.30. Weather back to normal (showers or longer periods of rain sums it up). Installed cross beams and finished soffits (boards that run under the eaves) enabling us to get on with the last round of straw. Unfortunately rain remained constant threat so ... read more
Steve - our first overnight guest
Finishing off the west gable
Completed west gable

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland August 3rd 2008

Bit of a hassle with the solar panels - due to Ally having broken his leg we needed to get someone else to install the panels and managed to arrange for them to be fitted on Saturday but before that we had another volunteer weekend. Thanks to the help of Gavin, Niome, Dave, Graham, Sarah, Obi, Elisa and Stephen we completed the straw in the south wall and made serious progress on the gables. Also a great night on the beach and the first of what turned into several barbies in our garden-to-be. Wendy had a week off work so to save boredom setting in she joined me at Tombreck and is now completely knac... worn out. Too many late nights and early (7 am) starts. Wendy's parents arrived on the Monday and treated us to ... read more
Frank beside campfire on the beach
Barbies are fun
Sunday Morning Farewell

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy July 21st 2008

but not as dangerous as playing football. Why? Well - after three days putting slates on our roof - our roofer played football - couldn't have been for more than 90 minutes and he managed to break his leg. Commiserations to Ally who has been great. Fortunately the 2 young guys have managed perfectly well without their boss and finished the north side of the roof and started on the south side. What else - well Carrie and Frank finished putting bales in the north wall, then at the weekend, supported by volunteers Tim, Alan and Margaret, we started on the east gable and got about three bales high right the way across. Thanks to you all Over the weekend we also managed to cram in a Tombreck Action Group Meeting, a 59th birthday party ... read more
 north wall
first residents
Slate roof

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 12th 2008

Another week of showery weather. What we need is a longish spell of dry weather to dry out the ground and let us bale the remaining straw. However some progress this week with triple velux installed and wall plates for upstairs made - awaiting polypropylene strapping before they can be fixed. Also made a start on upstairs wall. Thanks to Ewan, Carrie and Rob. So much time seems to be spent waiting for either the weather or deliveries - still only couple of weeks behind schedule so not too bad. Roofers arrive on Monday 14th to start on slating roof. Its now Sunday night just got back from rather hectic weekend yes another one. We drove up Saturday mornoing taking frank our latest woofer. Frank is a young lad from from Paris keen to improve his ... read more
New Veluxes
First bales in upstairs wall

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy July 4th 2008

It was raining and it rained and rained and rained - and then it rained some more. Winnie the Pooh was unhappy - he wanted to make straw bales- NOW. Winnie the Pooh looked at his big, wet, round bales of straw lying in the field and he muttered under his breath, then he walked around the courtyard three times just for luck. It was still raining, so he looked at the sky and it was still raining. Then he swore under his breath, smoked a cigarette and walked around the courtyard three more times. Winnie the Pooh spent all morning doing this - he didn't even want to play with his friend Tigger - just told him "home Tigger" and off went Tigger. By lunch time it was still raining and Winnie the Pooh was ... read more
Sawing the bales
Tim, Martin and Gibson
 Ewan at work on wall plates

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland June 23rd 2008

Carrie, our woofer, arrived on Tuesday but weather was unsettled for most of the week (sunny intervals and occasional showers sums it up) too unsettled to do much with the straw though we did get the first 3 veluxes in. Another small step forward. Picked up Wendy Friday morning, visit by my dad, and my brother Roger and wife Linda in the afternoon. Most of the day spent tidying up in readiness for the party. Perfect evening a pre-party with early guests, an almost perfect summer's evening/night with a beautiful creamy moon, just past full, in an almost clear sky. Party Day - Wendy and I decided to spend some time prepping bales (a eupemism if ever I heard one) whilst waiting the arrival of the guests. Weather at this point still glorious. people arrived throughout ... read more
Midsummer's Evening
Wicka Man on the beach
Mopping up  - the morning after

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland June 16th 2008

Its my birthday and I'm taking a day off (ish). Just had another volunteer weekend and moved things on a bit. Also received a new delivery of straw but still having problems in our quest for perfect bales. Finished the membrane on the roof so at least roof is watertight. Bit of a frustrating week as having made a start with the straw walls we then had to wait for the weekend and our second lot of volunteers to continue with building the walls (it takes a minimum of 3 people). Anyway reinforcements should arrive this week in the shape of Carrie our woofer for a month and hopefully progress will follow. The weekend was the usual mix of hard work followed by a late night on the beach followed by more hard work so thanks ... read more
Replacement Straw Arrives
West Wall - Ground floor completion
Thumper who makes everyone smile even me

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy June 9th 2008

Monday 9th June - we've had our first weekend of building with straw bales helped by a really nice guy from Amazon Nails and a great bunch of people (including caterers et al). Great party on the Saturday night Thank you all. As you can see from the photos we've now completed the sarking (thanks guys). Bit of a saga with the straw which I'll no doubt bore some of you with sometime it had to be rebaled. This whole thing is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. We've now got part of the walls up -- enough bullsh..t lets add some pics... read more
Straw arrives
On with the membrane
Sorting out bales

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy May 30th 2008

It's Friday and I'm taking the weekend off or was. Today should have been relatively relaxing chasing up suppliers etc however the best laid plans etc. Firstly the joists are now all in, the northside of the roof has sarking, the wall for the bales is nearly there and we have a temporary floor upstairs to provide some storage for the straw. See photos (I left just after Dan, Ewan and Malcolm started sarking - thanks guys). We also managed to get some sample bales which unfortunately proved to be rather loosely packed. After much chasing (telephoning around) we managed to find a local farmer who is willing to rebale any which require it (thanks Hamish and David). So it looks like we might just about get started with the walls next weekend as planned (weather ... read more
Sample Bales
Dwarf wall for bales underwayl
The frame with Ben Glass behind

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