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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy May 22nd 2008

This is part two of our blog - we did the travel, now the house! The house is underway - the drains foundations and foundations were completed by the end of April. The frame arrived in lots and lots of pieces and was assembled on site. This week - I think - a crane arrived to put the bits of the frame together including the roof panels. Tomorrow, the sarking goes on - for the benefit of our foreign readers (including the English) - sarking is boards that sit on the rafters, under the breathable membrane and the slates. Have a look at the photos.... ... read more
Willy & Hamish working hazel
 Frame -giant meccano
Manoeuvring the frame

Europe » Netherlands September 25th 2007

Here's some photos of Holland - the previous entries show some of France and of Italy ... read more
Walking in South Holland
Steak and chips
Valkenburg - street sign

Europe » France September 25th 2007

Here are a few photos of France: some in the south east around the Gorges du Verdon and some in the north east around Charmes... read more
Bridge over the Gorge de Verdon
Hotel in Castellane from the square
Hotel room from the smokers' terrace

Europe » Italy September 25th 2007

Back home again - thought I'd stick a few photos in ... read more
A yacht on Lake Maggiore
Road and railway
Lungolago Maggiore

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem September 21st 2007

so decided to continue where I left off. Meant to say before that Barga has big connections with the north of England and Scotland. It has a kind of hall of fame showing photos of Italians from Barga outside their restaurants in the Uk - the Nardinis and Luccas, the Gabrellis from Linlithgow and Bruccianis in Morceambe - I guess they moved to Preston later. Enough diversion - back to Holland. We tried to get into the fantastic Kasteel Bloemendaal in Vaals near the German border: we stayed there before on a late-booking special internet deal. It's a chateau and as a hotel must be about 6 star: it's the kind of place that we 'normally would just drool over and drive past - but we got into it once ona late special at a stupidly ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem September 21st 2007

Well we're almost home - just one weekend to go. We're drinking coffee in Haarlem (Netherlands not New York). We didn't make it to any internet cafeswhen we were in Italy, but we were busy. The day we arrived at Roger's flat in Barga had been a lomg drive - mostly mad Italian motorways including the Milan ring road - think M25, but crazier, with more unindicated lane changing.The last hour or so, only about 40 miles was on a twisty turny up and downy road, a bit like New Zealand, but with traffic and little villages everywhere. When we got to Barga, we just unpackedand chilled, sitting on the balcony looking at the wonderful view:range upon range of high mountains. Next day we worked out where the bus stop to Lucca was and caught a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore September 10th 2007

The fan belt (la cingue) was broken. and it was repaired at a proper Peugeot dealer, so we feel confident about continuing our journey. We've had to do lots of things we never expected to do - get the phone number of the garage, find out when the car would be ready (cheated on that and got the Tourist Office to phone for us) go on a bus to pick up the car, ask in Italian where to get off (and fail to understand a single word he said in reply), but he stopped the bus about 50 yds from garage. Then we had to pay for and collect the car in Italian: we also asked the word for fan belt - he explained what was wrong by showing us the broken one. Our Italian has ... read more
view from balcony - dutch hotel
willy at top of St Gotthardt pass
Maggiore from hotel room

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » West Lothian » Linlithgow August 30th 2007

Only a little European jaunt this time: we'll travel through England, Nertherlands, Belgium (perhaps), Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy in about the same time that it took to drive from Katoomba to Melbourne. We're off to Florence... well we're on our way. Had an uneventful ferry trip, then down to the Dutch border where we stayed in a nice hotel in nice walking country deciduous woods and rolling hills. We had a really good meal with some Trappist monk beer, Grimbergen, with a 6% alcohol count. Thence via Belgium Germany Luxemburg Germany again, into France and a slightly run down hotel in the Vosges that did really cheap very good gourmet food (£25 for 3 courses plus wine). Then things started getting exciting. We got stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway in Basel for ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » West Lothian » Linlithgow March 22nd 2007

To take us to Cairo airport, we ordered a proper taxi - one with working doors and a boot that opened. Needless to say it didn't turn up. When Willy phone to inquire as to its whereabouts, they just hung up on him and when I tried, I spoke to three different people and they finally decided that the taxi had broken down en route and no other taxi was available. We went out and got a normal taxi ie a battered black and white one and sat with our packs on our laps, which was fine. Our flight took off on time and off we sped to Germany. The plane had about 30 passengers and about 130 seats, so, after the meal, Willy took the whole of the central row (4 seats) and lifted ... read more
Frankfurt airport.
Last Carrot Cake of the Trip

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria March 19th 2007

When the overnight train from Aswan arrived in Giza, we were less than 10 miles from the Giza pyramids, so we decided to visit. After refusing to part with 40 Egyptian pounds for a taxi ride there, we found a much more reasonable driver and set off. We reached the pyramid site without incident and were deposited on the edge of a scruffy village beside them. The taxi driver agreed to wait for us - I guess his chances of anyone wanting a ride back to town at 8.30am were slim - and off we went. We wandered about and took a few photographs and admired the sphinx (very small), but I guess we were suffereing cultural overload and weren't as appreciative as we might have been. It was also freezing cold and looked about to ... read more
Mounted Police
Not climbing the Great Pyramid
Wendy and pyramids

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