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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland November 15th 2008

Wendy was suffering from a cold so I came down on Thursday evening only to find myself catching the same or similar bug. Friday received moisture probes bought from Nottingham Trent University who are going to monitor our house to see how it stands up to the wet Scottish climate (thanks Steve). So Saturday we headed back up to place (hammer) 14 probes into the walls. We tidied up and headed down the road, both simply looking to have a lazy evening and early night. Monday,feeling better I headed back up to Tombreck. The straw was finally vanquished, Tober got the last half dozen bales for bedding for his ducks. Ewan and Marieke had gone off on Sunday and the lime was still too wet for limewash so I pottered about on my own tidying up ... read more
 Kitchen walls
Larder walls
 Moisture probes

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland October 17th 2008

I headed back up early Monday as Wendy returned to the carnage/chaos that is the current financial world. It was a gorgeous morning. the early sunlight showing the various trees along the way in their full autumn glory - the golds, yellows, bronzes of the beeches and birches, the occassional flash of vibrant reds and maroons from rowan, cherry or maple and the remainder a scintillating spectrum of greens, reds, yellows etc. The journey up was also improved by the fact that the road was now empty of caravans... but then again, maybe they knew something about the coming weather . Main task for his week was to prepare for the coming of the lime. Main job was to cover wool insulation with plastic whilst tidying up other odds and sods (eg painting facings). Ewan was ... read more
Full moon over Meal nan Ptarmigan
The roof
Anna David and Maria

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy October 9th 2008

Returned early Sunday afternoon to continue search for elusive electricity supply the hole got slowly bigger as we found first the telephone cables then the field drain and water supply then the end of the duct where the electricity will eventually run. Wendy eventually found the cable but we were still unsure as to where it terminated. Eventually gave in for the day feeling a bit hot and bothered, so had a quiet meal in the house then headed up to the farmhouse for an early night. Monday continued digging out cable. Douglas, the electrician returned and on checking ascertained that the intention was to break into the cable (which runs down to the eventual site for the big shed). All we had to do was leave it exposed so they could get access. Happy we ... read more
Ash tree again
Talk of the Devil

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy October 3rd 2008

Having made the most of our weeekend off catching up on sleep etc. We returned to Tombreck on Tuesday. Continued stuffing roof and completed both west and central sections (now 5/6ths done) but ran out of mesh. Then to Manse for birthday bash for Bryn - the usual enjoyable if chaotic melee of music and mayhem. Also farewell to Tasha and Marcus who were departing the following day for London and Sweden respectively. On Wednesday, Wendy started stuffing and trimming the straw walls on the ground floor (with scissors) and this continued on Thursday - between meetings with Douglas to talk about electrics and John Rennie to discuss floor insulation . meantime Willy kept Hamie company as he drilled holes for posts for balcony and woodshed/veranda Went to Lawers Hotel for dinner only to meet Ian ... read more
Kitchen and Dining Area
 View from the south
Snow on The Ben

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy September 22nd 2008

With the occupants of the Farmhouse and the Manse away, Willy was looking after 3 cats, two dogs and 4 ducks. The ducks see him as a dangerous intruder and run away from him, which makes it difficult to get them back into their duck house at night. Meanwhile back on the building site, they finished the west gable cladding - apart from the cills which were to be delivered at the end of the week, only Rembrand's lorry broke down at Kenmore, so window cills didn't happen. There was also a tiny wee bit of cladding on the south wall, which was completed, with the end timber beautifully shaped to fit in with the plaster. Meanwhile, back in civilisation, I've been doing a project plan for Phase 2, which Willy will pull to pieces over ... read more
Cladding detail
 View from the living room
View from the east

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy September 16th 2008

Monday - Hardly seemed to be there then back up the road after calling in at screwfix in Livingston. Delays all the way, either roadworks or slow traffic took over 2 hours so Ewan made a temporary door while he waited for me to turn up. Ended up spending evening with Tober and a bottle of wine. By Wednesday the top half of the gable was clad and from the west the house resembles a Swiss chalet. It was the last night at Tombreck for Lea and Christine, our German woofers, so we went for dinner at the Ben Lawers Hotel then back to the manse for a small farewell party with Ewan, Marieke, Marcus and Tober - ending up as yet another late night with Tober. Thursday I ran the girls into Killin to catch ... read more
half clad
emma stuffing wool
No scaffolding!

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy September 11th 2008

After last week's lime work, Willy decided to have a few days off. We spent Saturday doing ordinary weekend things like going for a walk in the grounds of Hopetoun House, which we haven't managed for ages and doing housework. On Sunday Willy decided that we'd go up and look at the house and maybe do a bit of cleaning. So we did a bit of cleaning and I took some photos, but left the camera in the house, so no pics till later. I also lost a contact lens - first time for about 10 years. Wow! It really looks like a house now - the plaster has made an incredible difference and it looks absolutely fantastic. It's an absolute transformation and in such a short time. This is definitely the way forward for plastering ... read more
Plaster on the north wall
Ready to go
Lime crew

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy September 5th 2008

The English language has such a wonderful selection of idioms describing the consumption of alcohol to excess and perhaps. on occasion, alcohol has indeed been consumed to excess in the straw bale house after a hard day's work, but I shall leave such occasions to your imagination. This entry describes the frenetic burst of activity required to achieve weather-tightness before the first frosts and co-incidentally before a spell of very wet weather hits the UK. This wet weather is related to the hurricanes threatening the Caribbean... but you didn't log on for a metereology lecture did you?. On Sunday, I came home from my holiday on the building site ready for a week of sitting in front of a PC resting those aching muscles. On Monday, Dean and John arrived with the Infernal Sprayer. The Infernal ... read more
The first little bit
Willy and the Infernal Sprayer
 North wall done: east still straw

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy August 31st 2008

Well things moved on apace windows and door fitted by close of play Weds. It should have been an excuse for a party but it had been a long hard couple of days, so settled for a quiet night in our new windowed house and an early night (first night in our new abode but bales aren't as comfortable as you might think). Thursday - Ewan was in Edinburgh for a couple of days, Graham, Rachel, Theo and Rory arrived so went for walk down to loch. Both Theo and Rory got their socks wet (too deep for their wellies) so lit a fire to dry out wet socks. Spent rest of day pottering about not really achieving much - feeling listless, Wendy continued checking the walls and stuffing and covering straps with hessian to try ... read more
First sample of lime
The house from the south west
Cutting corners

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland August 27th 2008

Really just a diary entry. Window delivery arranged for Tuesday 26th, so continued with stuffing and trimming, continual use of hedge trimmers seems to have given me tennis elbow or something similar. Sometimes I think my body will give up the ghost before we get this thing finished, I seem to be continually knackered. Anyway after my last brief return home it was back to Tombreck. Wendy's parents arrrived on the Monday evening they were up for a few days with a couple of friends (Brom and Hilary). Unfortunately by the time they returned on the Tuesday I had been struck down by the bug that swept Tombreck. Tuesday was a strange day I managed about an hour's work before returning to bed only to surface periodically during the day to wander wraith like round the ... read more

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