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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy February 26th 2009

As the stove arrived on Monday we had planned fitting the chimney but the manufacturers had got the parts wrong and it took till Thursday to sort out what was needed. This meant a trip to Leith to pick them up. I then spent most of the week slapping plaster on to the remaining downstairs walls - the plan/idea was that it would give a rustic effect. You can decide for yourselves when you eventually see it. I'm waiting to see how it will look once limewashed but am reasonably hopeful of the results. Meanwhile Ewan boxed out the shower room downstairs in readiness for Ronnie the plumber returning in 2 or 3 weeks. Quiet week apart from latenight with Tober on the Weds with a cheeky little Spanish red (Co-op special £2.99) After pleasant weekend ... read more
side view
 and a close up
 Rustic finish

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy February 20th 2009

I got a phone call from Dean saying John and he weren't going to make it till Tuesday, so I headed up the road bit late having stayed warm in bed when Wendy set off for the 6.55 bus to town. I spent the day finishing off bits and pieces, tidying up and moving stuff in readiness for Dean and John. Had lovely venison stew at farmhouse. On Tuesday Dean and John arrived and we got the show on the road. Plastering continued for the rest of the week including an enjoyable Thursday evening at the Lawers Hotel with Dean, John, Katie, Rab and Ian. (editor's comment: I do not believe that the plastering did continue in the Lawers Hotel. I think the author is emulating the Kerouac stream-of-consciousness style, which I just consider badly punctuated). ... read more
Kitchen wall in progress
 Finished wall
Curvaceous wall

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland February 12th 2009

Spent last fortnight continuing with plasterboard and fixing door surrounds etc. Despite one or two hiccoughs (incl temporary loss of table saw which we managed to repair) )work progresses. Lots of COLD clear days and picture card views (especially first thing in the morning when the sunlight first hits the peaks and turns thenm orange then pink. Also the sky at night with its infinity of stars. Socially quite quiet though an old friend John Hobson and partner Irene dropped in as did one of last years Czech volunteers (Jan). Good news on Friday stove should be delivered next week so once plaster is complete and flooring down we can get Ronnie, the plumber, back to install heat and water (including bath!). So hopefully I should be able to move into house, in some form, by ... read more
I like the way the beam seems to be stuck to the plasterboard
Kitchen with new ceiling

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy January 22nd 2009

Back up on Monday got stuck in traffic jam for over an hour - lorry had jack-knifed just north of Lochearnhead. Lots more snow and picture postcard views. Spent most of the day framing out the ceilings ready for the plasterboard. (look who's learnt a technical term!!) Tuesday. Highlight was hanging of front door - took us a wee bit of jiggery pokery to get it in as some of lime the plaster had to be scraped off to get it it to fit. Still snow flurries Weds. Douglas and Robert back on site to continue with electrics. More pasterboarding. So far so good body seems to be holding up ok I had dinner with Ewan, Marieke and Calum and afterwards we, or rather Ewan and I, had few beers, another enjoyable evening. Slept in the ... read more
Ceiling framed out
Back door
Door from inside

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy January 17th 2009

This was just a brief visit to see the new floor and walk on it and talk to Brian from Callander about plastering the inside. We arrived after dark and went inside using a head torch to see. One corner was glistening and we could hear a drip. The light was upstairs - and the ladder to get upstairs with had been taken down for screeding the floor, otherwise it would have set in the concrete and formed a permanent feature. So off we went outside, in the dark, amid all the rubble and debris to find the ladder. Then I climbed up and discovered the cause of the problem - the water pipe was no longer dripping into the bucket, but onto the floor, which had eventually started to drip on the floor below. Willy ... read more
 Looking west
remains of the puddle
 shades of damp

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy January 7th 2009

Firstly we hope you have all recovered from your Christmas celebrations and wish you and yours a healthy and prosperous new year. Last blog didn't mention that the first fit electrics is now done - thanks Douglas & Robert. We're still looking for suggestions as to what to do with the gaps in the bedroom walls. Does anyone know of any good stained glass courses? The gaps are approx 2 metres vertically and at their max maybe a metre wide (see previous blogs for photos). But to our tale Ae market nicht Tam had got planted unco richt, Fast by an ingle bleazing finely Wi' reaming swats that drank divinely Oops sorry wrong tale ..... though quite appropriate at this time of year. (For our English readers, the verse is a tiny bit of a very, ... read more
More insulation
The cement lorry arrives
The screed arrives

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy December 16th 2008

Nearly ready to shut the house up for the mid-winter celebrations. Before that, a challenge for the creatively inclined. We have an irregular four-sided gap in the east and west bedroom wall adjacent to the double height sun-space, that's formed where the big roof beams and the vertical and diagonal posts meet. There's a photo in with this entry.. We could just fill the space with plasterboard. We can't just leave a gap, as Building Control is not fond of features which allow small children to fall from great heights. We are thinking of windows possibly with a stained glass inset - ( as we can't afford to do both as full stained glass). What else is feasible? I'm home for a long weekend to see if my back recovers. I think I knackered it fitting ... read more
Plasterboard in situ
 The gap (1)
The other gap

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy December 9th 2008

This is all about insulation.... and the faster we can get it in the better, cos our electricity bill was £200 last month in the straw house. We're running a couple of electric heaters and a couple of de-humidifiers 24 hours a day to try to dry out the plaster on the straw walls and in the block walls and soon in the screed too. I am hoping that once we get the insulation all in, then lighting a candle for a couple of hours at night will prove adequate in the super-insulated house, but I fear that this will not be the case. We had a nice break in Haarlem, though we didn't do a lot - a little bit of Christmas shopping and long walks in the scrub/woodland just inland behind the dunes. We ... read more
 Upstairs from west looking east

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy December 3rd 2008

We haven't had a Winnie the Pooh story for quite some time. Winnie the Pooh arrived at his house on Monday morning and the ground was white - he also noticed a slow puncture in one of his tyres, but that's not very relevant. His friend Thumper liked the snow and spent all day catching snowflakes, ending up with white whiskers like an arctic explorer. At lunchtime, when all the sensible people had gone home for lunch and he was all alone in the house, Winnie the Pooh decided to do some work. He climbed carefully up the stepladder and stretched, but he couldn't quite reach. So he climbed right to the top of the stepladder and reached again. Suddenly he woke up sitting on the ground with a very sore head. Winnie the Pooh had ... read more
Blue sky and snowy day
Rosy Dawn
 Rosy dawn again

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Aberfeldy November 29th 2008

We have walls! It's been a long time since we had much real progress to report. The last couple of weeks have been a steady slog, cleaning lime from windows and frames and continuing with limewash plus general tidying up as we try to get ready for putting in floor insulation, first fix plumbing and electrics, internal walls etc. This last week (since Tuesday) we've started on the internal walls (Ewan doing the stud walls and Bounce the block walls) and Wendy has sorted out insulation and screed and we have plumber and electrician lined up for first fix so all being well we'll have a floor by Christmas! The stud wall is up between the living room and the bedroom/office, though there's no plasterboard on yet. It does make the living room look a bit ... read more
Newly plastered walls
Wendy plastering the eaves
Mouse in the larder

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