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22nd August 2015

I will remember to add that to my vocabulary to give you fond memories of Banff and I will ensure to add an extra Australian Accent - love the bacon and syrup donuts - they are so yummy. Enjoy your travels x
20th August 2015

lucky dog
Its just not fair that Willy can eat so much and not become rotund
23rd April 2012
Disney mosaic

The mosaic is on the wall of a children's hospital :)
From Blog: Last Fling
11th May 2010

Waouh !
"Félicitations!". That's a beautiful work, and with the garden right in the front of the house, with the lake behind, you will have a very nice view... Courage for the diggers ;-)
11th May 2010

Waouh !
"Félicitations!". That's a beautiful work, and with the garden right in the front of the house, with the lake behind, you will have a very nice view... Courage for the diggers ;-)
10th May 2010

Great photo's
4th March 021 is brilliant, where is it, the Eden project also?
5th January 2010

guid new year to you both
Hi Both of you, I'm Alans friend that came to visit in your last place. I've tried to find your blog this past wee while but it proved elusive until now. So wishing you all the best in the new year and in your new house - it looks great. Good luck to you both Linda x
11th August 2009

The end of the rainbow
The end of the rainbow,s here at last All the pain is in the past now is the time to sit and chill in the house of straw, upon the hill.
10th August 2009

THE POLMONT PIRATE WILL KEEP THE GOODIES COMING - now that you are no longer west lothian residents, it's ironic i'm passing 3 mt most days to work. however, hoping to call in at t/breck one day soon but don't suppose you have a line to ring?
5th July 2009

still sending music and DVDs but would help to know if they're getting through/watched/listened to as batch more in the offing. love what you have done with the house and look forward to stopping one day, maybe August. What is the new postal address inc postcode and I can get the labels prepared. now back from NZ nearly a month and had a wonderful time in the LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD - all the best from the polmont pirate!
8th June 2009

Awe. It'll be sad to see you guys go. Hogmanay just won't seem the same.
From Blog: Off with the old
28th March 2009

Looking good. Particularly impressed with the spirit level - again a piece of kit my builder knew nothing about! ;o)
From Blog: Floored
8th January 2009

If only my builders had known about the consistency of single cream I might have got a level floor. My guys (aka the cowboys) used the consistancy of lumpy rice pudding.
6th September 2008

hell on earth
I've worked with some horrendous materials during the sculpture years but this I've thankfully avoided. Having said that the result looks fabulously organic so well worth the pain!
24th June 2008

Another bale in the wall
I'm sorry to have missed the party but the week before the weather was great. Enjoyed helping with the bales and now I know what a hazelnut tree looks like. All I can say is keep up the great work and I admire your drive, aye you Willy (hard taskmaster)and you too Wendy. Margaret and I learned a lot working with you and hope we can be of more help.
27th May 2008

Well I have known Willie for years and that is the first time I have saw him working. Keep up the good work.
From Blog: Hoose
22nd May 2008

see saw
Willy really is a dab hand with the saw... I think he might need to diversify...is he any good laying tarmac?
From Blog: Hoose
26th September 2007

Willy in Lucca
Prada or Valentino?
From Blog: Some photos
19th March 2007

Willy, what's that big pointy thing over there?
A great blog... though seven days late in arriving. You really have adapted well to the egyptian concept of time! Can't believe the last blog is imminent - make it a good one. Give us the dirt... we can take it! (exit singing: 'See you later alligator...ooo000oohh...at the Nile crocodile)
8th March 2007

Have loved the photos and tales of your great adventure. Your blog has cheered me up during the wet cold and damp Winter, bet you missed it haha. Willie you look like a despotic leader sitting in that restaurant. Pasha Graham. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to hearing of your adventures over a glass of wine and for you Willie maybe Golden Virginia
20th February 2007

superb stuff
Have been reading your blog and especially how dry Australia is as the rain pours down here. Willie I hate to say this but retirement is obviously doing you good as you look years youinger in the pics. Or maybe Wendy has found a toy boy and it's not you. I have loved your photos and Wendys tales and photos of her breakfast cake fetish. Well you may only have 4 weeks but I am sure you will both cram loads into that period. Remember to sell Wendy in Cairo and you may get a few more months out of your trip, joking Wendy. Look forward to hearing your travel tales next time we meet. Slangevar./
16th February 2007

C'est la vie (as the Spaniards say)
Fairy penguins at dusk...sounds wonderful (or did WG have an encounter with some ace wacky backy?!). Most impressed with the detail on the Temple of the Winds columns - dont you fancy something similar tastefully carved in wood on the porch of the strawhouse-to-be? As for mad Syrian taxi-drivers...I wouldn't worry about it. Just wait till you get to Cairo! Best xx
13th January 2007

Glad the weather has improved for you guys. It seems to be getting worse here and I'm now minus a fence! The kangaroos and weird plants are awesome. Keep the photos coming.
7th January 2007

good to see some sunshine and warmth at this time of year - when you come back you'll have another summer. See you back at the ranch.
27th December 2006

Those mountain pictures are stunning. And here is poor me back at work while you pair of idle retired layabouts haha get all the fun. Keep up the good work, you certainly have a good books worth of stories on this journey.

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