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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan March 16th 2007

This time it's the difference between the world of backpackers' hostels and the world of the luxury hotel, where your room is cleaned three times a day, fresh sheets are put onto your bed daily and clean towels are offered about three times a day: the cruising classes must be a mucky lot. It transpired that our sleeper train left from Giza not Cairo itself, which meant another hair-raising taxi trip. After being security searched, we hung around on the platform waiting for sleeper train number 82, which duly arrived. It consisted entirely of sleeper cars and was British Rail style circa 1965 - a little compartment for the two of us, with a wash basin and two bunks. Dinner was awful - come back British Rail, all is forgiven. As it was after nightfall when ... read more
Pinnacle at Luxor Temple
Wendy in full tomb-raider gear (minus whip)
Toilet habits

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo March 12th 2007

The flight from Singapore was a real pain: Willy didn't sleep at all, though I slept quite well, but in exceptionally contorted positions and woke up really sore. Despite the discomfort Willy spent a pleasant couple of hours watching Happy Feet but it was an 11 hour flight, plus an hour stopover in Dubai so that still left a lot of time to kill. We got off the plane in Dubai for just over an hour to stretch our legs and stave off DVT and also so that Willy could have a cigarette. Arrival in Cairo was a bit of a shock after previous airports - Cairo International airport looks like it was built in the 60s and hasn't been updated since. We purchased our visas with the US dollars I'd stashed carefully in my hat ... read more
Window in Yvonne's apartment block
Courteney & Yvonne
Breakfast Canadian Style

Asia » Singapore March 4th 2007

Farewell to wet and windy Perth. Our last couple of days has seen a dramatic shift in the weather - frequent heavyish showers with intermittent hot, sunny spells - a pain in the but when selecting what to wear. We spent the last morning in Perth killing time - we had planned to take a walk through their botanic gardens and adjacent parks (overlooking the estuary) but given the unpredicability of the weather decided against it. Our flight was extremely comfortable or as comfortable as being cooked up in a tin can flying through the air can be. Singapore Airlines lived up to expectations, flight staff were friendly, helpful and as pretty as their adverts suggest. Not only that the flight landed some 30 mins early! We had intended to take the shuttle bus or MRT ... read more
Mosque  from Hotel window
Botanics - a butterfly
 Botanics - sculpture

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton February 26th 2007

From Augusta we headed North (our 3rd time through this particular part of WA). Arrived at Busselton and after checking with very unhelpful Tourist Info staff found ourselves a basic cabin ($50 per night) on a campsite only 5mins from both the town centre and the beach. Bussleton's main attraction being the latter - it has a huge sandy beach sheltered from both the prevailing wind and the huge waves of the Indian Ocean so the only thing you have to worry about is jelly fish (and they even have nets up to protect part of the beach from them). First day there I discovered my camera wasn't working so took it to local camera shop where the owner (Nice helpful guy called Ken) informed me I had a virus on my memory card he directed ... read more
Sunset with Seagull
Moonlight at sunset
Sunset (again)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Nannup February 25th 2007

We didn't mean to go to Nannup: we were actually heading for Margaret River, but realised that we weren't going to have enough petrol to make it, so we turned right instead of left after Donnelly River and went to Nannup. Nannup had two petrol stations, which was sheer luxury as we hadn't seen one in about 80 miles. In Nannup we stayed at the Black Cockatoo Hostel, a lovely hostel, with individual rooms/huts/caravans/camping set in a lush garden, well provided with comfortable seats and with piles of interesting magazines, (things like the Guardian Weekly, New International, Rolling Stone and my favourite Earth Garden Australia, which was full of articles aboiut green energy, straw bale building and growing vegetables organically). We had a very pleasant evening, sitting around drinking wine and chatting to other residents. The ... read more
Termite mound in Nannup
Black Cockatoo Hostel from the street
Our Room at the Black Cockatoo.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia February 17th 2007

Ho hum, off we go again. Our new ride is also a Hyundai, but it's the smallest model in the range and a bit of a come down after The Beast. It's a manual gear change and Willy has experienced some difficulty in trying to make it start in whatever gear it was in when he stopped at the junction. I didn't drive the Beast or any of the other automatics enough to get used to not having to change gear. The trip down to the south coast was very uneventful, heaps of traffic for the first 20km out of Perth and then nothing for miles and miles. It rained on the way down - proper rain - we haven't seen rain like that for ages, probably since we left Scotland. (Willy obviously doing his weather ... read more
War Memorial Albany
Skink lizard
South west coast

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth February 16th 2007

Another longish flight then shuttle bus into town arriving a bit tired and worn out. Booked into hostel - nice room then went for wander round town. First impression - we were glad we're only here for a couple of nights (sorry Perth). Place was certainly a bit of a come down from Melbourne (which we both liked) but tomorrow is another day. Friday woke up to overcast sky and when I went out for my first cigarette of the day it was actually cold - almost pleasantly so. Found a decent internet cafe the connection speed in the hostel was abbyssmal (10 mins to get into e-mails then 5 mins to actually open them!). Booked ourselves a hire car then went to tourist office to get some better idea of where we might be going ... read more
Jacob's Ladder
Moreton Bay Fig in Botanics Perth
Fountain in Botanics

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 11th 2007

There had been quite a storm overnight: the first rain we've seen since the thunderstorm in Katoomba about 3 weeks ago and it was still blowing a gale when we got up to get ourselves together. We took all our luggage out of the car and spread it over the living room floor in the cottage. There seemed to be tons of it. Eventually we squeezed it all into rucksacks and it was time to go back to Geelong, where we would return the Beast to Europcar and set out for Melbourne via public transport. we've travelled more than 5000 kilometres i(just over 3000 miles) in it, so it was sad to see it go. Caught a train to Melbourne it all went smoothly and by noon we were checking into the Melbourne Metro Hostel. The ... read more
Temple of Winds - roof
Temple of Winds - pillar detail
Cafe in the botanics

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Great Ocean Road February 10th 2007

First a postscript to our Great Ocean Road Odyssey - on our last day in Lorne we drove some 25k back along the GOR to a small township Kennet River which claimed to have a koala walk and as neither Wendy nor I had seen koalas in the wild it seemed a good idea, especially as the weather still refused to be beach type (windy and low 20s with lots of clouds and intermittent sunshine, in fact pretty much what it has been all week). I didn't have particularly high hopes as koalas tend to hang around in the trees sleeping and as such aren't particularly easy to spot. However before we even got out the car Cara spotted a koala, fast asleep in a gum tree on the edge of the village, then another in ... read more
Blue Wren
Sleeping koala

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Great Ocean Road February 4th 2007

Well that's us out of New South Wales and into Victoria Although significantly greener than NSW there is still evidence of the drought affecting Australia everywhere, parched fields, dried up creeks and waterholes and sheep and cattle nosing about for food in dust covered pasture. One thing we didn't mention about our drive down was our encounter with Australian cowboys - as we were driving through the outback we came across a home made sign for cattle on the road - sure enough round the next corner a couple of hundred cows complete with 2 guys on horseback in full cowboy gear including stetsons Our first port of call was Lakes Entrance, which is behind a sandspit and delta formation giving a sheltered lagoon backed by a huge area of inland lakes. The town itself sits ... read more
Lakes Entrance - shell
Willy's foot
Lakes Entrance - cedar carving

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