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13th April 2007

what an amazing experience - your photos are great!! Love the cherry blossom. You can write a travel book too, but your blog must be very helpful to other people ... who want to catch not chase busses, trains etc!
From Blog: Mokpo! {Cath}
13th April 2007

your visit to Jello-islands-place sounds amazing. You must be still in "travel-shock" ... that's what struck me about Asia, EVERYTHING is different. Has the anti-calculus toothpaste worked - is High School Maths burshed out of your minds?
10th April 2007

eating the flower arrangements ...
You have to start a personal book "strange birthdays" ... I am sure this is just the first of many?! Great to hear that you were celebrated!!
9th April 2007

Lucky B Day girl!
FIRSTLY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Remember that birthdays overseas don.t count in SA so Daz will have to spoil you SA style when you guys get back .( for every birthday you will have over there!) So glad you guys are enjoying your Asian experience. What a privelage! Daz, good to see youre treating the lady well. Did not expect anything less :) Everything well here in sunny South Africa. (As far as i can gather from behind the books.....) God is with you and may you walk in His perfect path and plan for youre lives. Go well you guys!
6th April 2007

mmm..think i'll stay with braaivleis
Sounds like heaps of fun,leave it to you guys to make the best of a shopping experience...hehehe Love you 2 loads!
28th March 2007

soak up the adulation while you can!
27th March 2007

Yu tai manginka!!
Yeah right,promise you I dont know what that means,but hey gotta give it a try...hehehehe Hope you're havig fun! Just had to say Hi and drop a quick HUg ....................can you feel it creeping up...yessss!!! Have fun!!
From Blog: Teacher's Limbo
27th March 2007

AWe man,I can just feel the excitement kreeping up on me...I wish you all the luck guys and sooo glad you're save! I'm really gonna try to keep in touch...Love you guys sooo much and praying for you always!!! I'll be cathing up just wait.....hehehehe
From Blog: We're here!
25th March 2007

You guys get paid for what exactly...?
Jealousy makes you nasty and am I so jealous. It seems that you are having a fantastic trip so far. It doesn't seem as if much teaching has taken place so far unless I missed some previous posts. Since I am not in South Korea and am ancient I do not have such an advanced brain as you have. You seem to be having a ball and already spending your Wong Millions. If the Harley has saddle bags to fit all the new electronics in then maybe it might not be a bad option. I enjoyed the Hong Kong blog as it reminded me of my stay in between planes. Carry on having fun and Cath are you sure that is Darrell with you? I don't recognise him without the dreadlocks.
22nd March 2007

um... comment?
Gosh. The jealousy is starting to make me think irrational thoughts like catching the next plane and tagging along which is, of course, every little sisters role in making the life of their brother's that much more annoying. I really am slacking. But I missing you guys so much, and I'm really gald you guys seem to be having an awesome time... although granted I've only read this first blog. Will definately be getting an update just now to see if its all sunshine and daisies. Which it probably freaking is, damn you. :) Its a leetle wierd though... I can't actually figure out who was typing here... Guessing Darrell? I'm ashamed if I'm wrong, but what can you do. Love you guys so much, yes you my big lovely brother. :) Drink tea... Chai tea... Or just chai, I'm guessing... Love and love and fish you can catch. Love mandi.
From Blog: Hong Kong
21st March 2007

Hey guys! I lovew reading about the adventure you're having, and the loads of smileys I dig! :) Just had a braai and going to hit the books for a test on Friday - yes, that's what we do here in Stellies - may you have many more awesom experiences! I'll try to attach a pic next time I leave a comment again (if that's possible, else I'll just mail it) Take care!!! B
20th March 2007

DUDE,How can you even think twice on buying a Harley!??!!
20th March 2007

im ashamed to call you my sister
YOU STOLE THEIR BIBLE!!! i cant believe that these nice people go so far out of their way to help you useless south africans, and you steal their BIBLE of all things. you should feel ashamed.
From Blog: Seoul Survivors!
14th March 2007

I'm so jealous
Hi guys sorry for being a stranger for so long I've been wanting to write sooner. I have followed your website closely and am real jealous of your trip. Temted to drop out and join you.... Remeber in the cold war korea was a comunist state and that village you're staying in was probably a training ground for terrorists and spies go exploring for state secrets and torture rooms etc. I'm pretty excited about this year I will finally graduate and will hopefully be able to travel again Keen to meat up with you too especially to introduce my lovely girlfriend eriko yes she has managed to put up with till now. Darrell will be proud of me I'm doing a bio-engineering honours research project on dynamic breathing control for ICU patients. Basically if you are in a comma and you stop breathing my system will be given you air or so is the plan try to avoid ICU at least until i got it semi working. I'm glad to see you guys survived your flights odds were about 50/50. Anymay I plan to stay intouch with these really conveniant comments. Lots of love to both of you. David. Ps. the sharks are kicking ass in super 14 :)
From Blog: We're here!
14th March 2007

Go Go Ontertoer 07!!!
14th March 2007

Wow guys!! it looks like you're having loads of fun! and seeing the coolest things! SOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOOO jealous:)
From Blog: Hong Kong
14th March 2007

I've subscribed.
Hey Daz. Subscribed to your site, so now I've got no excuse to not keep intouch. Will chat again soon.
From Blog: We're here!
14th March 2007

Ni Hoa
Awesome to hear form you guys. Bet you're really happy to finally set foot in Korea. Sounds a bit on the Chilly side. Cath you should be used to the cold having played hockey in the middle of Winter at tclose to the same temperature. Take Care Guys
From Blog: We're here!
18th December 2006

Bruthuz and Sistaz
Go Daz and Cath! sistaz and bruthuz doin it for themselves 4 sho! Supa glad to hear yall passed and stufs goin swell. got my degree as well so back in joeys. u dudes have an absolute blast and ill keep chekin up on ur developments. god bless, and for cryin out loud, have fun! G-man
31st October 2006

What a lovely couple! They look so happy together!

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