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26th March 2008

nice way to feed fishies!
better than your usual :)
26th March 2008

I find Bangkok's old neighborhoods surrounding Khao San Road much more pleasant than the backpackers' area itself. I see modest or traditional living in general that certainly is not poverty. Almost all of the easy-going locals in Bangkok's old sections have plenty of food, lodging, and proper clothing. They own varying levels of assets and are covered by free government health care programs. Thailand has been an open economy for over a century. Its people are familiar with the sights of westerners and feel no inferior to farang backpackers. If you wish to understand Thais, you have to first stop being obsessed with your material wealth. It cons you into feeling too important despite the fact that there actually are millions of Thais who are richer than average young tourists from the West.
26th March 2008

Bangkok is a strange place..was there 2 weeks ago but its fun. Looks like u guys had fun too. Love reading about the travels see u soon Landi
12th March 2008

not jealous
not at all not in the slightest. aaaaaaaaaaaaagh
From Blog: Jisan Mondays
11th March 2008

hard choice
more gecko wine or back to your fiance in the snow ... I think you got it right.
10th February 2008

this is so far off the normal tourist experience of Asia (shopping shopping fancy beaches)
21st January 2008

How romantic...the place looks gorgeous...I love destinations that look like jealous!!
11th January 2008

Congratulation on the engagement. Hope you two have a very happy life together.
11th January 2008

love it I am SO thrilled. Always wanted to have an excuse to sit on a wine farm and sip/glug with your Mom!!!
8th January 2008

finding wind
come back to the Cape - mega constant gales here all Dec!!
8th January 2008

details wanted!
tell us more about the new kite ...
17th December 2007

aaaah, good coffee.... (makes the world go around)
Ditto (or amen??) on that coffee comment at the top of the page! :) And beautiful pics again! Thanx for your effort guys, really appreciate the updates and especially the photos. Keep well, the sun and surf is waiting for the both of ya (my Yankee accent kicking in) - oh, and me!
17th December 2007

A scene from the movies?
You guys have the most beautiful pics! Love the ouc of Cathy walking in the river stream, kinda reminds me of Apocalypse Now (without the violence obviously!) Not that it was a good film. Anyhow... Think you guys must consider a feedback (almost like missions) where you invite mates over for a good meal (homecooked, obviously, also Vietnamese) and have a slideshow once you are back in good ol' SA - and for suggesting it I'm booking myself a seat, thank you very much! :)
From Blog: Dunes {Cath}
7th December 2007

sleeping anywhere
sounds like you have learnt an Asian trick!! take a look at
14th November 2007

no wonder
no wonder romantic things happen in a place that beautiful :) :)
8th November 2007

i need a holiday!!!
sounds amazing. what a holiday "back in 'Nam"!!!
7th November 2007

hello from Doha
hey cuz.sorry to hear about the wallet loss,i never knew that happened there so thanks for warning as vietnam is one of the destinations i fly too. Looks like u are still having fun though.when u going back to SA or u loving Korea to much?I have 8 Korean girls training with me and I love sweet. Take care Landi
3rd November 2007

It would be a good idea to have some of the Military spouses come and teach ESL. Most should have sufficient background, having attended public school in the US, to teach English according to standards.
15th October 2007

I need to learn from you!!!
I think it's times like that,that you realise what an awesome priviledge you have just endured...and maybe that is what I need to be doing in my life at the moment.. Just be thankfull for life...praise God! Love you guys! Mwah
9th October 2007

Hey Bro
Sorry i missed your call at 04:10 this morning... I was definately asleep. If you had called yesterday i would have been up wathching the boks kick fiji :) I'm glad to see on your blog that things are going well and I'm real keen to catch up. So I'm like your time plus 4 hours I f you want we can skype just tell me when and i'll be there or give me your number and i'll call you. I know you are poor so : P anyway real cool that you phoned and we should definately catch up asap. Say hi to Cathy. Cheers David
From Blog: Muuido {Cath}
8th October 2007

Darrell can make a fire out of ANYTHING!! anywhere. ask him for some stories
From Blog: Muuido {Cath}
7th September 2007

You don't look so foreign in your hats
5th September 2007

same here...hehehe
Well well...seeing that its your excuse as well...I'm sorry dont have much to add! Have had myself a tooth removed as well,a week of nausia and some great on the other hand had a plantaat put in as well,thats when they boor 'n gat into your kakebeen and fill it with a bolts..fortunately..hehehehe Well guess no walking through airport termianals now without the sirens going off..hehehe So yeah...a little bit part of my excuse...but must tell you,it made a crazy dip in my saving money for maybe there would be some delays...heheh Love you two and hope all the pain is over by now! mwah xxxxx
3rd September 2007

Big words!
Ooh! say "conglomerate" again!! hehe :) yay... Im loving your verbosity-ness!! Sounds like you had a fantastic hike! Love you more than life my big sister! Mwa lots! :)
3rd September 2007

Maybe the bus driver
thought you were American, or remembered hooligans from the 2000 SK Olympics Games or ... if you were in France you would be expecting such treatment every time!

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