Darrell and Cathy


Darrell and Cathy

Two South African graduates with itchy feet and very little money, we take to the East in search of beautiful views, wierd food and a backpack full of memories. This is the story of the highs, lows and the day-to-day journey.

After completing a year-and-a-half of teaching Inglish in South Korea and a beautiful ceremony on a wine farm during a holiday back in SA, we're now MARRIED and have even bought property together (our awesome tent-for-2!). Now that we're Kimchied-up we took the long road home to SA, including 4 months of backpacking around SE Asia.

Recently we moved to New Zealand to explore the deep south and study biotechnology/ exercise science.

Welcome, we hope you'll enjoy our adventures with us.

(Scroll Down for blogs, earliest ones are of our time exploring Korea)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island June 30th 2009

My friend, Phoebe, has a farm, ei ay ei ay oh... and on that farm she has some sheep, ei ay, ei ay, oh... da da dada da, da da dada da, dadada, dadada... my friend Phoebe has a farm. Actually, it's Phoebe's Dad that had the farm... we were invited to go out with her and Damien (her boyfriend), and Dave and Eriko to visit her Dad and enjoy some down time from the pretty hectic weeks we'd all been having. Dave, Eriko, Darrell and I all piled into and Phoe and Damien went in Phoebe's car. It's the biggest trip we'd ever taken the Troot on! The drive was great. As we slowly wound higher and higher into the Wainui mountains, the view got more and more spectactular! As we decended down the other ... read more
The road to Wainui
Driving through the forest

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Akaroa June 30th 2009

In one of our first weekends of being in NZ, David and Eriko decided that a trip to the small town of Akaroa would be a great introduction to some of the New Zealand heritage. Situated in the eastern bank of the Akaroa harbour in the Banks peninsular. The harbour is surrounded by mountains and pebbled beaches lined the waters edge. The water is serene as tall masted yachts gently ease into their resting bays. The town itself is beautiful with small French-styled houses, cafes and B&B's lined up along the narrow roads. As you walk along the road away from the town towards the lighthouse, civilization is quietened down and replaced by thick bush along the bank. Unfortunately you can't go inside the lighthouse, but the walk there and the view is beautiful and definitely ... read more
Akaroa Bay
The main jetty

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo June 29th 2009

"You know you have a good friend when you tell them a dozen times that you don't have enough money for snowboarding, and they cover your expenses and convince you to go anyway." - Cathy There were a few reasons Dave was so persistent in his efforts in persuading us to go snowboarding. Firstly, in celebration of their 30th anniversary, Mt Dobson was having an open day with free snowboarding. Secondly, it was Eriko, his girlfriend's birthday, and he really wanted to take her out for a special weekend. Thirdly, friends of his own a set of beautiful chalet's right on Lake Takepo that they let us use at a discounted rate. And fourthly, weeks and weeks of drearly rain and cold have finally paid off by covering the mountain with a 1m snow base! That ... read more
View from the house
Cath on the slopes

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Canterbury Plains April 13th 2009

Having been doing a whole bunch of settling in and house things, it was finally time to get out of the house for a bit and enjoy some of New Zealand's scenery with friends! We decided that a day trip to Arthor's Pass would do just the trick. So, Dave, Eriko, Darrell, Damien, and myself piled into Dave's Silver Beeper and off we went. it was roadtrip time!! Even if we were doing just the drive, it would be worth it. Watching as the landscape rolls from placid farmlands, into long flat open space, lifting gently into rolling hills and finally winding into rocky mountains with steep valleys and long rivers is the most beautiful and peaceful thing. We stopped of in Springfield (about an hour west of Christchurch) for some of their famous pies but ... read more
NOT the best pies in town
Snowy Southern Alps

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch March 24th 2009

It's almost impossible to think that we've already been here one month. That said, it has been a super busy month. Our house is also looking very different. We went all over town looking for some furniture, but ended up finding a lounge set at our favourite shop where we bought our bed. The couches looked a bit dirty, but when the saleswoman showed us that the single couches lean right back and have footrests (proper lazyboys) she sealed the deal. Back at home we gave them a good scrub with some clothes soap, and ow they're actually looking really good. A box of things that we collected during our travels arrived from SA, and with the paintings, weavings and hammocks hanging on the walls, it definitely looks much more like we've made our mark on ... read more
Kayaks on the beach
With friends in Akaroa
Sunset from home

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch March 17th 2009

New Zealand is not close to South Africa. It’s not even far from South Africa. It’s quite literally the opposite side of the world. In order for us to get from Cape Town to Christchurch , we had to change planes in 3 cities, cross 10 time zones, and go through an incredible amount of toothpaste-confiscating checkpoints. By the time we’d arrived in the Land-Under-the-Downunder, we had no idea what time it was (the 7hr layover in Perth saw to that) and we’d completely skipped Wednesday. Travelling to another country is a big deal, especially when you’re moving in and not just passing through. There’s all the stress of customs checks, passport checks, and the frequent passport, ticket, wife checks. But you know that you can finally relax when you walk through the doors into the ... read more
Dave and Eriko
The outside

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch March 15th 2009

As one of the newest members of our family, it seems only right that she gets a mention in our blog. Beetroot is our '91 old Honda Civic. We adopted the old lady a few weeks after we arrived in NZ and she's been nothing but awesome since the day we got her. She's a real character, our old Rootybatooti. When it's cold, she curls up her toes, puts her hands on her hips and refuses to budge until we've given her sufficient encouragement and a whole bunch of choke. The rain's not much better. Every time she gets a little wet, she makes a mysterious puddle just under the driver's feet. (We still haven't managed to figure out how the water gets in!). This small puddle is still far better than the boot flood we ... read more
Betroot on Banks peninsula in winter
Road tripping with Peter

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor December 18th 2008

Until Darrell mentioned to me that Angkor Wat was one of his long time dream places to see, I'd never heard of it. He told me that it was an amazing collection of ancient temples, that it was one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and that it was the setting for the Tomb Raider movies. That was enough for me. As we were planning the trip, I was eager to learn as much about the temples as I could, but at the same time, very careful to avoid seeing any pictures. I was worried that with so much hype, that I might be disappointed. So much for that. I think that even if the temples were all concrete slabs, the volume alone would be mind boggling! We arrived in Siem Reap in the afternoon, and ... read more
The battle between ruins and nature
Ruins & a tree

Asia » Laos » South » Si Phan Don December 16th 2008

Although translated as "4000 Islands", only a few of islands that split this part of the mighty Mekong are actually inhabited. We had originally decided on the quieter of the populated islands, Don Det, as our chosen destination, but had to change our plans when we found that it would require chartering a boat ourselves. Instead we headed for neighbouring Don Khon. The longboat that carried us out was well loaded with people and packs and sat deep in the water. We slalomed between islets until coming upon a tiny stretch of sand surrounded by a few open restaurants and cafes. The room we chose on the other side of the small island was the typical asian wooden bungalow, just large enough to hold a bed. For a few dollars we hired two very basic bicycles ... read more
4000 Islands
Beer Lao sundowner
Sunset over the islands

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang December 13th 2008

Even if Luang Probang was a dingy run down village with nothing to attract you to see it, I would still go just for the drive. We left the giant limestone cliffs of Vang Vieng silhouetted in the distance as we drove off on the dusty road up the mountains towards LP. It was a breath-taking drive from the moment we left Vang Vieng. As we climbed higher and higher into the mountains, the vegetation grew thicker, intermingled with countless banana farms. Every now and then when the thick vegetation gave way to the plantations, awesome green valleys far below us would reveal themselves. Around every other bend were the lines of small woven houses that dotted the narrow horizontal stretch between the road surface and the steep drop down the banana tree covered mountain side. ... read more
Misty mountains
Luang Prabang side streets

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