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10th June 2007

Kyk,julle maak darm 'n Suid-Afrikaner trots as ek sulke dinge hoor! Wens sommer ek was daar,klink soos iets wat ek sou doen - YOU GO GUYS!!
10th June 2007

What a live? Harley! I could live with that! Seems like you're still having always! Way to go Cath! Hannah says hi and sends her love! Go on then and get the teaching going..ENJOY!! x0x0x0x
8th June 2007

Sokkie Sokkie Sokkie!
ONS HET!! :) OOH LA LA Happy days!! the other day we were told that the street edu-tainers would be unable to perform for the afternoon and that the ODP teachers (us) were to spend two hours chatting to/entertaining the Korean visitors. So we did :) a few of the musically inclined teachers brought their instruments for a make shift concert... and, well, one thing led to another and eventually we were sokkie-ing our way around in the OPD impromptu parade!! What a blast!! felt a bit like home :) Definately the highlight of the week!
8th June 2007

Wow...that sunset looks amazing.Korea really looks interesting and you look like you are having such an adventure by just packing your tent and heading anywhere. I dont know if i would be able to do that, maybe for a bit but not for as long as you guys have......i enjoy my bed under a concrete roof. Just hope you guys stay safe out there in this big bad world. Cheers !!
7th June 2007

you never ceise to dissapoint me...
Once again another tick..been there done that hey...hehehe You go guys,eks trots op julle! Dink regtig julle kort biki meer afrikaans deesdae,klink my julle raak biki erg aan daai kant of hoe...wat se julle van 'n lekker sokkie? Klink lekker ne...hehehe Liefde
7th June 2007

Wat van 'n biki afrikaans...
Wow,dis regtig asemrowend...hehehe Herinner my biki aan die Otter... Bly om te weet julle is veilig terug...het gevoel ek word 'n biki benoud... Keep living the dream!!! Blessings!!
7th June 2007

Route Map?
Has anyone managed to view the route map I added? Is it worth doing in future blogs? So glad to hear you're all keeping up to date. We really enjoy your comments!
6th June 2007

from your cuz
Never knew you were such a nutta!! Looks like u having quite the adventure though.Your girlfriend seems to suit your adventurous look like you make a very good couple. keep safe and have fun. From your long lost cousin on the other side of the world.....
5th June 2007

Yup, I'm sorry about that. I actually did write part 2, but saved it instead of publishing it on the site. Like you said, we're back safe and sound
4th June 2007

great to see you guys still living your dream! looks awesome! winter has arrived in cape town, and being a summer person i am not enjouying it! but hey,you cant have it all! just wanted to say hi and blessings to you. go well.
1st June 2007

do not write these scary blogs in 2 parts
assuming you are not blogging from the top of Ansan, so assuming part 2 includes finding the way back down again to civ, water ... but this is a nerve-wracking read! Your reputation will never recover with good friends like David with loooong memories (of the many fires you two started).
26th May 2007

Dry Season!!!
No water fire danger forest and darrell making the fire..... Please come back alive :P
26th May 2007

Bi Bim Bap
You had Bi Bim Bap :)
From Blog: Sokcho {Cath}
21st May 2007

5* SPA...quite close!!
Wow! What a day for a daydream...Daz, you're second last comment made,was the icing on my cake today! Cause sometimes,without realising it,you let a day slip without telling the person you love,HOW much you love them,and then once again a little gesture like that makes you realise what you have and how deep that love goes...I love you both a whole damn lot! May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams... When I drove to work today there was snow on the mountains...helderberg and Simonsberg...absolutely as you guys move into summer,getting new greens and things...we also have the greens,but with a bit of snow here and there AND of coarse that lovely CT wind with drizzeling raindrops everywhere,getting into every dry spot you might have had this morning..hehehe But beautyfulll like always! All the best,and catch up again soon! Lani
21st May 2007

Reality huh?!
That still sounds pretty decend to me though... I do suppose work is still work,but almost like me working on a lovely wine farm,if you let yourself,you can alsmost imagine being on holiday...except for the work...hehehe NO sense I KNOW!! It is absolutely gorgeous there,looks very modern and quite classy...think I expected more of a VIL...LA..GE!! You know,bushes and bundus and kinda Korean like...hehehe I dont even know what is Korean like..guess the picture of that temple in the mountains just got stuck in my thoughts... Glad to hear you're well! Love you both lots! lani
15th May 2007

Starlit skies..
Wow,just leave it to you guys to make youre own starry starry nights....mmmmm sounds like fun! ...and as strange as it may seem,that fish dishes you're talking about,doen't sound that bad...hehehe.
11th May 2007

Are you SURE those fish weren't still wriggling when they got to your fork??? Aaaagh
11th May 2007

Can you guys remember what "normal" SA life is like ... where you bath in a tub or shower, eat cooked food, drive a car, sleep on a bed, read English signposts ?! Sometimes it sounds like you have moved to a different planet because eveything is SO different. Well done for siezing every opportunity to experience (new, wierd) things!!!
27th April 2007

holy macarony
Holy macarony..? It's the most expressive word I can use in public-and this is a family page, but I think all the noodles-reeding inspired it. Wow you guys, we'v had some pretty exciting times together, but now you are taking the cake. I can just hear your comments on the bus driver you can call and the oyster buffet. Do I miss hanging with you.. A quick update:things are looking good. Project-hand in time is here, so we aren't seeing to much day light. The WAAF are doing the Breederivier MTB challenge near Cerest in two weeks and o, I almost forgot...we won the koshuis trofy for last weekends 'trapkar' race and we got 4th over all. I think we did extremely good..even if I have to say so myself. I went on my first MTB ride last thursday. Pretty amazing. I forgot how beautiful God created the mountains and the sunsets from there. Every one says hi. Ok, I'll leave you two to it, now go on and take over the world. Miss you guys like crazy. no ,not crazy, like CRAAAZZZYYY!
26th April 2007

Geluk liewe maaikie...!
Ah Cat! Happy birthday my dear friend! I know Im late but its the idea that counts! By the sound of it,you had an absolutely fantastic day and i truly believed you enjoyed it! I do pray that God will puor His blessings out on you in the year to come and all those that follow! You are priviledged to have shared this beautyfull day with the person you love and in a beautyfull place...I'm shure i dont have to tell you this,but you always have to remember,specially on the days that it gets difficult,that you are on an awesome place and you might never be there again..You are blessed beyond comparrison and there are people back home praying for you constantly! Believe in yourself and in the one that makes everything possible! I love you guys! Always xxxx mwah! Lans
24th April 2007

Guys it sounds and looks like the 2 of u r having the time of your lives. Ur stories are awesome reading them herein the office at work. Take Care.
19th April 2007

your gonna have to ship a couple of crates to Stellenbosch...I only told one Daggie, nou all the first year engineers want! Also, is there any chance for it to be here before the 'fals-kerms' starts?
15th April 2007

Dude you have to get me like 3000 tubes of that stuff this may be the cure to all my exam stresses...
15th April 2007

Fruit... Veg????
Don't worry you really don't need fruit and veg look how well i turned out....
15th April 2007

Happy B-day Cathy
Happy Birthday Cathy!! 22 Wow you sound all grown up the last time I saw you you were 17... It just reminds me how much I'm looking forward to seeing you two again. I'm really glad darrell is taking care of you in a foreign country etc. Hope your Birthday was a wonderfull new experiance hopefully one of many strange experiances yet to come.

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