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25th September 2008

You guys did make your way
to Palawan...making your way to El Nido, I hope.
23rd September 2008

Thanks for your blogs! Even though you have left Korea and that was primarily why I started reading you blogs, I love the new additions. Must go and look the places up on the wrold map though!! LOL!
17th September 2008

Pleasant indeed
Manila is just the the start. there are more surprises waiting on the other islands. Be sure to head to one, or two. If there's one. Check out Palawan (El Nido)
16th September 2008

great tips already
yup you have to write a book!
16th September 2008

Brave brave people
have an AWESOME time
16th September 2008

well yeah, it was refreshing to read a blog about my beloved city of manila that's more than the usual... it was good to know you were able to go around intramuros, not as part of a huge tour crowd, an savour the little things that make someone smile and say to oneself, "aha, i discovered something not found in your usual travel guide (or travel blogs that complain incessantly on the other side)... enjoy my country...
16th September 2008

so sad
It must have been sad leaving after living in Korea for so long. But what a greta adventure the two of you have had and will remeber forever and you can tell your kids and grandkids one day about it. Im to attached to my clothes to dump it all in a bin..sad I know but I cant help it..I love all my STUFF.
16th September 2008

hi family
Im heading that way again next week. You were actually right where we stay by the waterfront (Diamond Hotel)just down the road from robinsons and mall of asia. you guys are brave to stay in those funny little places..Ill stick to the hotels. Next time you should try head to Cebu....less busy and prettier but shopping in Manila is good. Are you guys heading home now? keep well L x
6th September 2008

Thanks Mom :)
We definately want to try and see if we could get it printed some how... This last year and a half has definately been the best adventure of my life :)
4th September 2008

Great Travel Book
You guys have written the most amazing book on travelling in Asia ... what about publishing it in printed form some how??
26th August 2008

so beautifully written
just found this .... you are right it was The Most Beautiful Wedding. Ever. So There!!
26th August 2008

Hi Michelle long lost cousin from Spain!! :)
How are you? Do you have an email address? It's so great to hear from you :) Did your invite to the wedding ever reach you? -My Dad said that you hadn't received it...
10th August 2008

Well Cathy, here's your long last cousin from Spain. I just wanted to say congratulations, and I hope you have a wonderful life together full of joy and happiness. With love, Michelle-
3rd August 2008

Aah... Really don't know
I'm afraid I can't tell you where exactly we went. It's been over a year, and we live in Gyeonggi-do, so we're hardly locals around there. I do remember being surprised at the cost (compared to what we usually pay) but since the taxi driver had told us it was definitely the best in town, we thought we'd cough up. We've tried to make it ourselves a few times, but you're right, it really makes you appreciate how tricky it is to get it right.
31st July 2008

Where did you go?
Was it the place next to the pet store, near CBNU's new gate (shin jeong mun), in Keumamdong? My sense is that that place is considered to be the very best pibimbap. Dolsotpibimbap there is 10,000 won, and they have a 9,000 won pibimbap. Both are fantastic, but I prefer the dolsot. You can get 3000 won pibimbap in Jeonju (elsewhere!), but the quality is inferior. If I don't want to spend that much, I make my own, but it takes a good deal of effort to separately prepare everything to be ready at the right time. It really gives you an appreciation for what it takes to prepare all those side dishes, etc.
21st July 2008

CAtchin up!
Hey guys! Great to catch up on the blog a bit :) Thanx for your effort! We all missin you!
16th July 2008

Loved reading about the wedding. So sad that I didnt make it back to SA in time for it. I felt a little emotional reading it. Hope one day I find true love like you guys did. So happy for you two.
4th June 2008

strange locals!
well I would think the locals think you are strange? Will you come back wanting garlic and cabbage on everything? And speaking Konglish too :)
From Blog: Mad in Korea
21st May 2008

Nope, not the first time
Yes, the waters in Thailand are really beautiful. There's just so much to see. This isn't the first time, we were actually doing our Advanced diving course. But still we often find you get so engrossed in taking the pics that you have look up and realise that the group is moving on, or that you're drifting towards a spiky sea urchin!
10th May 2008

That is just amazing! Was this your first experience diving? If so your doing a fantastic job managing the diving and taking photo's too!!
1st April 2008

Ai julle outjies! Stunning, man. Verlang sommer terug Sodwn toe! Bly julle het dit so baie geniet!!!! Lief jul, JM
31st March 2008

fantastic underwater pics
what camera?
30th March 2008

The photos are stunning. I always wanted to do a dive course but have a little bit of a fear being out in the open waters...watched one to many scary movies. Looks amazing though. what camera do u takes really good photos underwater. Look after yourselves and see u soon !!!
28th March 2008

Dear homematrix Thank you so much for your coment, I meant no offence by the blog entry at all. I have re-read the article and have seen where the mis-interpretation came and have edited the text. Unfortunately we were only in Thailand for about a week and as we feel that that is certainly not enough time to get to know the culture, we spent almost a month in Vietnam and still have barely scraped the surface of understanding the culture, we decided to dedicate the vacation to completing our Scuba course. This being the case, however, meant that we spent very little time in Bangkok. I agree that it's far better to escape the rest of the tourists and backpacker areas and try to discover for yourself what the country is like, and not simply zoot around all the hot spots. We were hoping to achieve this by walking outside Khao San Road, which is where we saw all the homeless people. I was certainly not commenting on the people as a nation, but simply what we saw on the surrounding streets at 2am. Thanks again for your input, we had a stunning time in Thailand, and decided even before we left that we will return again to see and learn from Thailand properly.
27th March 2008

So pretty
This all looks so amazing - I have just added this to my already incredibly long "to do" list! What a wonderful experience for you both.

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