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7th November 2014

how much is staying here per night? i am coming as a tourist and am ok with this kind of setup
how much is this per night?
From Blog: Mokpo! {Cath}
9th November 2014

Can't say
Sorry, I can't say how much a Yeogwan would cost, since that article was written over 7 years ago. I think it was $50-$70 at the time from memory, but I wouldn't use those numbers to plan a trip today. Cheers.
From Blog: Mokpo! {Cath}
19th August 2011

nice photo! =)
7th May 2011
Sheep at sunset

What an idyllic scene - that full rainbow is simply stunning.
26th July 2010

Hi Martin, Thanks for your post, it's great to have the feedback. And you do raise a good suggestion about including more information about prices etc. Lake Toba is amazing, have you gone yet? We'll make more of an effort to include more cost estimates in our future blogs. Thanks again, Cath
12th May 2010

Hi, my name is yaya. I am study about heritage sites for Borobudur and Prambanan right now. I was wondering before you went to Indonesia Borobudr and Pambanan, where your information comes from was. And where were your information in your blog came from? Were you used the wikitravel or other web site to search your information about Borobudur and Prambanan? And what were you looking for or experience in those two heritage? What's the most attract you in Borobudur and Prambanan? I really need your information! Thank you for your apply!!! Yaya
8th March 2010

well written and honest....need more open minded objective writings about personal experiences..thanks..thinking of going there...would be nice to know prices though, costs for room, food, bike etc....
7th December 2009

Brave people!!
Wow, awesome pics. Beautiful Orang-utan's! Watched a programme last night on Nat Geo on Sumatran Tiger;s - keep your eyes peeled!! However, I personally would rather face the big predators than the little one's - the leeches and bugs and vampire moths(???) would give me the creeps!! Good luck, happy trekking, go find those Orang-Utans!!! Debbie, South Africa
13th July 2009

It looks like home to me - well done!!
7th May 2009

who needs money?!
it looks so awesome, wow it s lovely. I am glad you are making a great home there. We had koeksusters and rusks so far but no yummy cakes! And Saudi steak, which tastes like camel which tastes like chicken.
4th May 2009

Where is that?
Hey, we're headed to Viang Veng in a couple of months. Could you tell me where you stayed that has that muesli, and that view? It looks sweet!
8th April 2009

great to see your home!
great pics really gives a feel of the place but I want to come and see :)
4th April 2009

Sound like ALOT of fun!
This sounds alot better than you ordinary school in Seoul of Incheon. My fiancee and I are in the process of going to teach at this village and we are VERY excited!
27th March 2009

You said it, dit klink na 'n plek waar julle sal kan bly. Baie sterkte!
25th February 2009

Homey Place
Despite being an Indonesian, I haven't found any place as homey as Iboih beach. My ritual in the evening is to chat with the caretaker of Yulia's Inn, or meet with other traveler. It is one of the best trip I ever made. Glad you have made it too....
19th February 2009

slide photos
those are hilarious foofie slide photos, Cathy you are WILD!!
19th February 2009

we could do that here
on the Breede River! or maybe not with that shark that was found :(
19th February 2009

Looks surreal
It looks like a movie set ... or maybe your photos are just so excellent.
29th January 2009

Penang Rocks
I visited penang about 2 years ago, it's were eriko's parents live and we had an awesome time. Glad you guys got a chance to see it too.
25th January 2009

Hi, Loved reading your blog. Where did you stay in Kutacane? Would love to know as I stayed there in November 2006 at Marron Hotel for 60,000/night. Pamela
22nd January 2009

Accomodation in Banda Aceh
Hi, What a shame you did not know about Uncle's Homestay in Banda Aceh. Address Uncle has set up a new homestay in Banda Aceh, located only 100m from his old place. It's a 5 minute becak ride north of the city centre... ask the driver to take you to "Jalan Syiah Kuala, di simpang Lambaro Skep" (Syiah Kuala St, at the Lambaro Skep junction". When you get to the simpang (junction), you willl see a side road running off Jalan Syiah Kuala. This side road is Uncle's street... his house is the first one on the right... it is new with a blue roof. Just ask the locals for Uncle and they will point you to his house. Rooms at Uncle's are Rp70,000/with fan, Rp100,000/with AC, Rp200,000/large with AC. Pamela
21st January 2009

magic toba
forget s.e.asian beaches,toba and sumatra is where paradise lies
16th January 2009

wow.. it been a long time i wnt to lake toba.. even i livin in Medan.. LOL

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