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12th January 2009

Travelling in Bali
Hi :) We absolutely loved Bali :) When we were there we found it really really easy to travel in. There're a lot of international food restaurants as well as local restaurants, so in my opinion, food availability is one of the best in SE Asia. Also, because Bali is such a big tourist destination, all the transport is really easily accessible (tourist shuttles and the Blue Bird taxis), so it's easy to get around. While we were in Bali, we went to Ubud, Kuta and a famous surf spot called Ulu Watu and loved them all. I think you would like Ubud best, it's the most laid back and is the cultural center of Bali. It was absolutely wonderful! Kuta was fun but a bit more chaotic, Ulu Watu is also really interesting and lots of fun if you're interested in surfing, otherwise, I'd highly highly recommend Ubud. I'm sure you'd be absolutely fine :) When are you planning your trip for? I'm sorry we couldn't get back to you sooner, we've been travelling away from internet for a while, but we're home again now :) All the best with your travels, let us know how they go! Kind regard, Cath
19th December 2008

AAAAHHHH you guys look like you are having an absolute ball!!! really is the time of your lives!!! i am so so happy for you!! been reading your bloggs and keeping up with your travels and all i want to do is plan my next adventure like yours! yay!!!!! have fun!!!! :)
14th December 2008

would you do it again?
Hey, I'm a senior lady planning to travel to Bali alone for a couple of months in Bali. Do you view it as a safe place for an able body type to adventure on my own? How was the food, did you stay healthy? I'm pretty well traveled but missed Bali and now is the time but would like some first hand info.
12th December 2008

again! You are collecting such fantastic photos!
12th December 2008

Oh I am so sorry that the food is attacking you Cathy. Maybe you will end up vegetarian for a while?! We will give you LOTS of safe meat and chicken in SA when you get home!!
30th November 2008

WOW,,,,WOW,,,,WOW!!!!! dude, im SO jealous!!!!!!!!! You are living the dream!!!! How long will you still be travelling? I want to do the same!!! You're a inspiration!!!! SURFING INDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th November 2008

so that's what a rash vest prevents! (well the tummy scars at least). Surfs up at Muizenberg, but no palm trees!!
28th November 2008

The awesomeness of Mabul :)
Hey :) Mabul is awesome!! :) Did you get a chance to go through to Sipidan? Man it's fantastic :) I was just looking at Sandy and Derick's blog about your trip to the Phillippines :) It looks like you're having a fantastic time! :) Great pics :) Good news about the Pook :) Yay.... tell him (or her?) that we say hi :) Cute man :) Love to you both :)
17th November 2008

Your grey ashy adventures are giving me grey hairs. I want to see you in Jan!!!!
17th November 2008

looking for a BIG bang
are you surprised that Darrell would be hopeful that a small stone would get stuck in a vent and cause a big firey bang??
15th November 2008

hey we dove here too!!!
Hey guys!! Your blog is looking pretty awesome, sounds like you're having a great time. We just got back from Borneo as well, and we totally dove off Mabul! That's crazy, small world eh? p.s. Kapuk is doing just great. They have both pretty much stopped eating in preparation for winter and just spend alot of time cozying up to each other on the rock. Its pretty adorable.
12th November 2008

great Manila blog
I'm gonna have my Japanese wife read this. The two times we went to Manila, I always have to reassure her that verything is ok, coz she had this frightened look the whole time. Also the ferry-jeep-bus-trycicle routine we Filipinos thought was part of the adventure didn't exactly go well with her, heheheheh. But nonetheless, she loved the warmth of the people and going to the beaches. We've planned a week holiday next March in Boracay, and your blog reaasured me that our family we'll have a great time! Great blog!
8th November 2008

Yes the boat did travel far
John saw it in the little marina at Richards Bay, on its way to W Africa. They lost their sail early on, so had to makeshift by sewing together flour bags. Apparently the sailors were an international group of adventurers ... not looking to colonise or trade this time!
26th October 2008

alpha males
you find them everywhere, in New York, Joburg, paradise :(
26th October 2008

wierd stuff
glad to see you are "only" touching strange creatures now, and not tasting them ... or has wierd food become common place ?! You are crazy Cathy that scorpion looks Vast. Please come back safe from the jungle!
26th October 2008

completely diff from your tropical honeymoon islands. I don't trust you two when you talk about climbing mountains ... you make it sound much easier than most people :) hugs!!
21st October 2008

Yay 4 ME = )
15th October 2008

Glad you guys are enjoying our country!
Peak season in Boracay starts in late November thru May. Then, the wind shifts to the other side of the island. That's when the main beach becomes a party place. I'm not sure how you'd prefer it, either way, Boracay is definitely one of the bests, if not the best beach in the world!
From Blog: Boracay {Cath}
15th October 2008

good times
Looks stunning !!!
From Blog: Boracay {Cath}
14th October 2008

It really was a great town, I hope you love it as much as we do! :) Do you have a blog that you're keeping?
5th October 2008

Looks like you guys had a great time!! Cant wait to read where u go next!
5th October 2008

A fan on your Philippine adventure..a
And keep the adventures coming! You guys are the few of the lucky ones to see such a graceful creature. What a sight, bet it was well-worth it!
4th October 2008

Man oh man... thresher sharks, now I"m jealous! Always wanted to see one! I've seen a photo of a thresher launching itself right out of the water before and that sold me. Looks like you're still having a good time! Chat soon G
3rd October 2008

I love reading your post about Palawan. we're going there tomorrow so your piece got me terribly excited! I love your vivid description about the place and the people! =) Thanks!
29th September 2008

Paradise indeed! Great pictures there.

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