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3rd September 2007

Be Braver
Listen if you keep on moaning I will send Mandi to show you how to be brave under a leetle pain.
3rd September 2007

what awesome ladies
amazing ... so that's where Cathy gets her "go anywhere try anything" genes!
31st August 2007

Raw egg...mmmmm
Hey, I'll try anything, but that doesn't mean Im always going to want to finish it! {Darrell}
29th August 2007

I only get it now...
Remember the tutorial we had on Darrell's Fear Of Dentists 101, on the way to Stillbaai in Sandy. Yvette and I really tried to grasp the dept of this, and I only get it now.... Shame buddy! Moet ons REGTE tandepaste pos? xxxJM
29th August 2007

So waar wat jy sê. Die onbekende het 'n ander tipe wow. Daz, jy kon maar 'n skrywer ook word. Klink hemels. Bly julle het dit gedoen! EN natuurlik, jaloers op jul reën... it stopped here. Ai. Liefde, JMXXX
29th August 2007

you made my day!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, no stop it! my tummy's hurting... (I'm NOT laughing about the pain you are enduring, but at the "maybe I should by myself the laptop I've always wanted and smash it with a baseball bat"-line CLASSIC. Haven't lost your sense of humour have we? :)
29th August 2007

sa greetings!
What a break-away! I had to pinch myself sitting here in Narga - back to reality for this old boy! :) GOOD stuff doing all the walking! That's how we explore - on our feet! I salute you for that! Beautiful pics - thanx so much for sharing it with us. I'm itching... have to travel... Take care Dman and Cath! Burgert
29th August 2007

Dentists.... &%$#@!
Hey Bro Next time you go to the dentist tell him in your best korean... "Let's not do anything that will hurt the both of us!" Definately praying for you man hope you still buy a couple of cars and go all destruction derby on them before you get the dream laptop ;)
27th August 2007

i forgive u
Hey that I know I forgive u.I really hate the dentist and its not cool giving your hard earned money away to something you really dont want to do. Hope u heal soon. Lv L x
26th August 2007

Praying real hard
Ok - sugar in the toothpaste - so that is one more thing to have sent to me when I go overseas to teach.
13th July 2007

only 10 mins!!! first thing i got reminded of it that they always do it from sir lowry's pass. must be great to actually do it. go for gold...
13th July 2007

fantastic - you are still crazy
wow what a way to fly!!
12th July 2007

It's so unfair
Bru that is so awesome you cannot believe how jealous i am.... I am glad you had a good birthday though but that is just crazy and awesome. How was the run of the cliff? I miss doing crazy stuff like this with you can't wait to travel again. Keep well and say high to cath haha pun intended.
12th July 2007

Sometimes I think it is good that we only know about these things after the event! Glad you had a fabulous time and survived your birthday, Darrell! Lots of love and blessings for yesterday
12th July 2007

I am so jealous!!
11th July 2007

Hoop jy is die regte Darryl wat ons gehelp het...
Goed om ander foto's van Korea en die Village te sien. Dit lyk great daar. Het my mal gesukkel om enige iets anders oor die Village te kry. Daar is so baie informasie dat 'n mens nie eintlik weet wa om te soek nie. Indien als vlot loop dan sien ek en Michelle julle in vroë September. Kon ongelukkig nie als lees nie aangesien ons vakansie opgeneem word deur papierwerk vir Minjung, maar dit lyk nogal lekker. Cheers
6th July 2007

thanks for the entry
that sounds so awesome!! makes me wanna try it now :) thanks for sharing your South Korea experience *new future goal- VISIT KOREA!!* ^_^
20th June 2007

The article title has changed from "Summer's Here" to "Life at English Village" (May 13th 2007) - Ed
19th June 2007

Teaching in EV
That's fantastic! Teaching in Korea has definately not something you'd regret! Darrell wrote a blog "Summer's here" describing a generallly what we do, which I reckon would help you get an idea of what it's like. I like it here :) We work in the Paju English Village, which is about 40min (by car) north east from Seoul, and about 15km from the boarder I hope this helps!
19th June 2007

great blog
I want to come to teach in Sept. Where exactly is your school and how is it?
18th June 2007

Anyone interested?
Paju English Village (where we work) is in desparate need of new teachers. Anyone keen for good pay and an adventure on the other side of the world, let me know ASAP
17th June 2007

Any vacancies in English Village? :-)
Hey D! Wow, I just read through some of your blogs and i'm ready to pack my bags! The 2 of you are so inspiring, thanx for sharing all your adventures. Enjoy the teaching and travels. Blessings, favor and God-tidings. Go well!
17th June 2007

Dude there something VERY dodgy about those carvings.... what kind of festival were you guys at again?
16th June 2007

MMM...a bit of tastey metal..unbelievable!
"n boer maak 'n plan ne"? Well done guys,you never seise to dissapoint me.... You just seem to always be on the right place at the right time...come on,how many international guests get to just land up at an INTERNATIONAL festival by accident? .....mmmm hehehe Enjoy!!!
11th June 2007

AAAH,even I miss the beach now..
Voordat ek nou weer 'n comment maak wil ek net gou weet, hoe neem julle die foto's van julle twee as julle hand aan hand op die strand stap...wie neem die fotos...omtrent in almal van hulle is julle albei? Ek verstaan nie..hehehe En die ergste is ek kan nie meer se eks blond nie...ek het my hare ROOI gekleur!!! hehehehe Sal mre probeer foto's stuur! Lief julle altwee! ...en werk maar biki aan daai tan hoor...Cat everything but the face...SPF30!!! heheh

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