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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Lençóis March 3rd 2010

Hello all, It's Tal again. We left Porto Seguro (after a few days in Trancoso), and arrived at Salvador de Bahia at 0630 only to find out that we have a bus to Lencois in less than 20 min. Great Connection! A "short" drive of 6 hours (after 12 hrs night drive..) and we are at Lencois. Lençóis is a small city in the state of Bahia in Brazil, with only 9000 inhabitants. The town has a well-preserved colonial atmosphere, laid back people and a charming location amidst hills and tropical forest. Lencois is the starting point for treks into Chapada Diamantina, the most famous National Park of Brazil. “Chapada” is a Brazilian word that means a region of steep cliffs, usually at the edge of a plateau. “Diamantina” refers to the diamonds found there in ... read more
Marmoset Mokey
A waterfall in Chapada Diamantina
A Shachar Monkey

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro » Trancoso February 26th 2010

Hello all it is Tal, We left unforgettable - endless events - carnival city of Rio, heading north to the golden beaches of Trancoso. Trancoso is a small charming fishermen village, a 19 hours bus ride to the big city of Porto Seguro there from another 15 min. ferry + a 1.5 hour bus ride to Trancoso... We got the name from a fellow backpacker from Brazil, whom we met 4 months ago in Bolivia. He made a list of “MUST” places in Brazil - and Trancoso was one of them. It is definitely out of the beaten track spot, no “Israeli colonies”, and we were anxious to arrive to the “promised land”. Do not forget, we are still traveling with Lilach's parents and they have never done before a 19-hour trip in a bus, so ... read more
View from Trancoso over the beach
Trancoso beach
Shrimp Skewers on Trancoso beach

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 22nd 2010

Hi Everyone, We have arrived to Rio de Janeiro after a long long 18 hours ride on the bus from Florianopolis . We made (in our last hour in Floripareservation) a reservation for an apartment in Rio, and so we knew where we were going once we arrived - this made our life slightly easier upon "landing" there. The apartment we booked was well situated in the heart of Copacabana - probably the most famous beach & neighborhood in Rio, or should I say in the world! We were exhausted from the ride, so we only did a short walk along the main boulevard of the neighborhood that afternoon. The next morning, we scheduled to wake up early - our first exciting 'Rio event' was about to happen - meeting my parents. They came 3 weeks ... read more
Rio - Copacabana Promenade
Rio - Copacabana Beach
Rio - Art in Sand

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis February 17th 2010

We have left Puerto Iguazu in Argentina, towards the city of Florianopolis, in order to experience one of Brazil's charming Carnivals. The idea was to get there a few days before carnival starts, so we would still find an apartment, relax a bit, learn the area and plan ahead our carnival. 15 hours on a bus, suffering all ranges of atmospheres: from sweating like hell (the driver decided that people have opened the windows so he did not turn on the AC...) to freezing cold (eventually, when it was middle of the night, and everyone closed the windows, the driver decided it is the best time to put the AC on) - brought us to Florianopolis. If we hoped to have any relief from the heat and humidity we left behind us in Iguazu Falls, we ... read more
Working hard on the beach
Nitzan and the "Ladies"
Florianopolis carnival

South America » Argentina February 7th 2010

Hello It is Nitzan and in this blog I am going to tell you about food in Argentina. As we already told you in previous entries, we had great foods in Argentina, such as Alfajores, ice cream, and of course the last and best - BBQ meat (which Argentina is very famous for). BBQ MEAT In Argentina they are addicted to BBQ meat. In every camping we slept in they had Parilla (grill). For example in Mendoza we told you about the people that came to the football match, so in that hostel we had a parilla, so of course the Argentinian guys Did BBQ every day, twice a day except for one meal that they cooked on the pan But it was still meat. Another example, they know very well how to make the meat, ... read more
Chivitos on the BBQ
Havanna the shop of Alfajores
Jauja ice cream

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Iguazú National Park February 7th 2010

Hello all, this time I, Nitzan, am going to write the entry about the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Iguazu is a set of waterfalls that go over 2 countries, Argentina and Brazil. They are the widest waterfalls in the world. They are one of the most famous waterfalls in the world!!!!! And all the people from the world go to see them. Anyway, we arrived to Puerto Iguazu at the afternoon, that is the closest city in the Argentinian side to Iguazu falls. We unpacked our mochilas in an apart hotel that we found after an hour of looking. We arrived to the apart hotel at the evening and we were hungry so we went to the restaurant that was in the apart hotel. After the meal we went back to the room and went to ... read more
Iguazu Falls - Upper Circuit view
Iguazu Falls - Upper Circuit view

South America » Argentina » Corrientes » Mercedes February 3rd 2010

Hello all, It's Lilach again after a fairly long pause. Carnival is over! We are back to nature exploration and Esteros del Ibera is our next destination; So at the end of a fine day in the local hot springs of Gualeguaychu (where we have been for the Argentinian carnival), we take a night bus to the town of Mercedes, where we arrive at 6:30 am. I could not wake up Shachar from his deep-sleep in the bus, so I placed him on the first bench I found in the terminal, and he just kept on sleeping for almost 2 hours... We found out that the only bus to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, the little town at the entrance to the natural reserve of Esteros del Ibera (“I” in Guarani language of the natives, meaning “water”, and ... read more
Gauchos, Grandpa and Grandchild
Howler Monkey
Huge Toad by the Ditch

South America » Argentina » Entre Ríos » Gualeguaychú February 2nd 2010

Hi all - its Tal, Since I liked the writing part, I am going to write also the following entry; this time the entry will depict our journey north from Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires we learnt that in a very near city, called Gualeguaychú, only 200 Km north, a carnival takes place every Saturday in January and February. So we decided to cut our northbound route and stop for a weekend in this unknown town, what turned to be a very special weekend. We reached this hot town late in the afternoon, and went straight to our bungalow exhausted from the heat. In the following morning, we took our bathing suits and went to the close by Gualeguaychú river. River swimming is very common in South America, as we learnt. As South America is an ... read more
Gualeguaychu Carnival
Gualeguaychu Carnival
Cheering with Argentinian flag in Gualeguaychu Carnival

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 30th 2010

Hi it is Omer. I am gonna tell you about Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires is one of the biggest cities in the world because only in Buenos Aires there are 16,000000 people. Day 1: We got with the bus to the terminal of buses in Buenos Aires. We took a taxi to the apartment we ordered. When we got to the apartment we didn't have the keys only the girl that gave us the apartment had the keys, so mom went to a public phone in the street, when mom called the girl she told that it will take her about an hour to arrive, so we waited. When she arrived we went with her to the apartment she told us what was included. We were very lucky that ... read more
Havanna The shop for Alfajores
Breakfast Celebration for Dad's Birthday
Sarkis Restaurant - dinner celebration for Dad's birthday

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Valdes Peninsula January 20th 2010

Hi all, This time the entry is fully written by me, Tal, as a pause for Nitzan, Omer & Lilach, who are seriously trying their best to bridge the almost one-month gap between our last entry and our current location. Today, 6th of February, we are almost 5000 Km up north from Ushuaia, in the city of Puerto Iguazu, gateway to the famous Iguazu Falls. In this entry - take a long breath, I will take you from the cold winds and endless rains of Ushuaia - in the southernmost tip of Argentina, all the way to the scorching heat and humidity of lovely and lively Buenos Aires (only... I will not make it all the way to Iguazu). So Let's start: After 3 rainy yet beautiful days in Ushuaia, we started to head north (we ... read more
Seagull Hovering, Pt. San Julian
Red Legged Cormorant, Pt. San Julian
Cormorants Colony, Pt. San Julian

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