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South America » Ecuador » North » Mindo May 29th 2010

Hi, It is Omer and today I am going to tell you about a village called Mindo. Mindo is a cloud forest surrounded by many activities. It is two hours away from Quito, the Capital of Ecuador. Our hostel was called Cabanas Armonia (or in English “Harmony Cabins”) and it had also an orchid garden. There were 2 dogs: one called Balu and the other Osito. When we got to Mindo it was already afternoon so we were very tired after all the bus rides of the day (2 bus rides from Otavalo). So, we went to the hostel, we checked in and went to look for a restaurant to have dinner. The next morning we had breakfast in the hostel, then we went to the town and looked how can we sign up to do ... read more
Canopy finish line
Frog Concert

South America » Ecuador » North » Otavalo May 25th 2010

Hi All, After more than 8 months of travelling with hardly no shopping for souvenirs or just things we liked, we have decided that the Otavalo famous market and its surrounding villages will be the place were we would break the rule of ¨no shopping¨and we will shop and shop and shop...till we drop... Therefore, we have arrived to Otavalo on a Friday evening, just in time before the renowned Saturday indigenous market. And on Saturday morning we got up early to make sure we exploit the day to its fullest. We started the day with visiting the animal market - this was the cultural part of the day, as obviously we had no interest in buying any of the chickens, the guinea pigs or the cows that were on sale there. Yet, it was a ... read more
Pigs for sale - 55$ each...
Otavalo's Animal Market - Cow 'Section'
Stall in Otavalo market

South America » Colombia » San Agustin May 21st 2010

Hello All! From Popayan, we took a 6 hour-bus ride to San Agustin. San Agustin is quite a sleepy village, but it hosts one of the finest archeological museums in South America. It is worth noting, that until around 2003, the whole region has not been properly open to international tourism, due to ש dominant control of local guerrilla units, but thanks to a massive army activity led by the Colombian president inflicting a strong army forces control, the region became safer for tourism. After asking around quite a bit, we decided to explore the area, and we are so happy having decided to do so. After 6 hours or so, we arrived just when the sun was setting over the verdant hills scattered around the village of San Agustin; We were left on the main ... read more
Sculpture in San Agustin Park
Complexed Sculptures in San Agustin Park
Tomb in San Agustin Park

South America » Colombia » Popayan May 16th 2010

Hi all, After a long time being behind the camera, I have missed the writing experience and decided to take a turn and write this entry. So, this one is from me - Tal. From Buenaventura - following the strange vessel ride - we took a bus toward our next destination - Popayan - the White City. Popayan is a well preserved colonial city, founded in the year 1537 and known for its beautiful streets, balconies, restored churches and white-washed historical centre, full with good restaurants, cefeterias and bars. We accomodated ourselves in one of the best hostels so far in South America - Hosteltrail - a clean, well organized and warm hostel, with great internet, kitchen and TV room facilities - and the best for me - free freshly brewed local coffee - all day ... read more
Coconuco Thermal Bath
Shachar is Sleeping in a Bus
Walking Ally in the streets of Popayan

South America » Colombia » Cali » San Cipriano May 13th 2010

Hi all, If you look on Colombia's map, I am not sure you will even find San Cipriano - it definitely did not appear on our travel guide (well, perhaps it is because we are using a 10 years old book that we borrowed from my brother...). We found out about this place in the internet and it looked kind of off the beaten track - so we decided - let's go there! We knew it would require us to connect a few times to get there from Salento, but we had no clue where exactly and when exactly. So from Salento we went by bus to the nearest big town - Armenia (~1 hour). From Armenia we took a bus going to Cali, but we were told we should get of at Buga (~2 hours), ... read more
The Bruchita
The Bruchita
The river in San Cipriano

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento May 12th 2010

Hi, It is Omer. I want to tell you about a town called Salento in the region “Zona Cafetera” or in English the coffee zone. In Salento there are farms of coffee and they also do tours in the farms. Off course they also sell coffee in Salento. When we got to Salento, we looked for a hostel, when we found one (Las Palmas), we accommodated ourselves. Then we asked the owner of the hostel where is the best cheapest local restaurant and he told us there is a very good one called Somy in the main plaza. Don't ask me why, but he came with us all the way to there and also stayed with us when we were eating. Later we discovered it was because his sister owns the place - that's why he ... read more
Me and my new Spinning Top
Swinging in the Salento view point
I am pushing Shachar in a toy car

South America » Colombia » Bogota May 7th 2010

Hello all, It is Nitzan, and I am going to write about Bogota, the capital of Colombia. We took a night bus from Medellin to Bogota, and arrived Bogota at 6:00 a.m. in the morning, and it was freezing cold outside, we of course did not know that it was that cold and we came from a hot place. Anyway, we took a taxi from the terminal to the hostel my dad booked in the internet. When we arrived to the hostel we just took our room and went to sleep in the warm beds. After 2 hours we woke up new and warm. If you don't know that I have my best friend from Israel living here in Bogota, then I am telling it to you now, and her name is Keren, she has 2 ... read more
Keren & I jumpping in the big trampoline
Shachar Riding on a Llama
Szapiro and Sapir families eating deserts in Alpina

South America » Colombia » Medellin April 30th 2010

Hi all, Medellin is the second largest city of Colombia with about 4 million inhabitants, and it is a very modern and well organized city, as we learned later, much more than the Capital - Bogota. It is also known as “The city of eternal spring” - and indeed, we had a fine weather during our staying, dry climate, no sweating and refreshing rains in the afternoons - a big comfort after the last couple of months with tropical climate, that is, heat and unbearable humidity. Upon arrival we have learned there is a good metro system - this is not a subway, it is more 'upway' (as Nitzan called it) a metro that is all above ground level, actually above many of the buildings in the city (like in Chicago??) - and so directly from ... read more
Medallin Metro Cable
Tal is having the best time - Colombian fresh coffee and local sweet
Santa Fe suspension bridge

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta April 23rd 2010

Taganga is a small fisherman village located about 4 hours north of Cartagena, or about 20 minutes north of Santa Marta. Though it is small, it attracts many tourists, as it is the base point for the beautiful National Park Tayrona, which is one of the most famous parks of Colombia. The village surprisingly also offers a lot of diving services the nearby waters, and claims to offer the cheapest rates for diving in South America. Haven't checked it though... We had great luck in finding a very good family cozy hostel (La Casa de Las Dos Ruedas), located right on the beach. We had a big room with 5 beds, AC and a private bath. Ah, and a well equipped kitchen, all for ourselves. It was so cozy and comfortable, quiet and private, that we ... read more
Sunset in Taganga Bay
Nitzan and Sunset in Taganga Bay
Our 3 kids in the purple sea (sunset effect)

South America » Colombia » Cartagena April 15th 2010

Hi All, This is going to be a short entry, unlike me I know, but easier for you to read... Cartagena is a beautiful colonial city in the northern part of Colombia. It offers a great old city narrow streets to stroll through, surrounded by immense wall, a reminder of by-gone days when Pirates hunted the city for its treasures and a great fort was built to defend it. Many of the houses in the old town are restored and are now home for shops selling souvenirs, jewelery or crafts, hotels and restaurants - making it a very nice place to walk around. On top there are many horse and carriages in the narrow colorful streets of the old town offering the tourists a different way of exploring this lovely area. All in all we stayed ... read more
Sunset in Cartagena
Horse Coach ride - exploring Cartagena wall
Food stall

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