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South America January 12th 2010

Hi it is Nitzan, I am going to write you to where we drove after Torres Del Paine. After Torres Del Paine we drove to a city called Punta Arenas but a few kilometers before the city we stopped in a 'Pinguinera' that means a penguin colony. It was our first time seeing penguins in Argentina. The type of penguins are called Magellanic penguins. They are so cute. In fact all of the penguins in the world are so cute. We arrived to the ticket office, bought tickets to enter the colony, and entered the colony. There was an explanation about the penguins. It explaind that the adults are the ones that do not have fur and the young ones, the babies do have fur. The season we saw them was when the babies are starting ... read more
On the way to Tierra Del Fuego- On the boat
Welcome to Tierra Del Fuego
Shachar and I with "the" sign of Ushuaia

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 7th 2010

Hi, Torres Del Paine National Park, is probably the most famous National Park of Chile, although it is very remote and you have to bring your own supplies from the city of Puerto Natales, 120 Km away from the Park... Since we arrived by car from north - and not from Puerto Natales as most muchileros do, we found that there is no place to get information nor to buy food for the staying in the park, which means BAD news - since we could not bring with us fresh food from Argentina... We arrived to the Park directly after passing the borde, due to Chilean strict regulations in the border. Luckily, we did bring with us a lot of dry food (pasta, tuna, biscuits etc.). We did manage also to find a tiny shop (sadly ... read more
Clouds on the Cuernos
The Skunk
Crossing the suspension bridge

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate January 3rd 2010

Hi it is Nitzan. My mom and my brother wrote you about El Chalten and I am going to tell you about El Calafate that is not far away from El Chalten. We arrived to El Calafate at the afternoon. We found a room and then did some food shopping. It was New Year's Eve and we wanted all to eat in a restaurant for new year's eve. When we looked for a restaurant and we discovered that the restaurants are too expensive for our budget or fully booked. Finally after looking in many restaurants, we found the cheapest restaurant that was still expensive. Anyway we had a good meal of meat, we all kissed at midnight and we also saw fireworks. I was excited. The next morning, we woke up early and drove to the ... read more
The view on the sail
The floating glacier and us
a floating glacier and me

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén December 29th 2009

Hi, This time, Omer and me (Lilach) would like to tell you about El Chalten and the Fitz Roy area. But, first we have to get there... Well, not much to say about the way from Los Antiguos - the border town with Chile, where I left you in my last entry, to El Chalten - it was a long boring GRAVEL road that took us 2 days to cover, making a night stop in the most miserable Argentinian town we have seen so far - Bajo Caracoles. We have crowned this town with the honor of having the weardest name we have ever encountered with, as Bajo Caracoles means in English "low snails". We are not familiar with any special breed or type of low snails that are endemic to the area - but we ... read more
Entering El Chalten
Fitz Roy from El Chlaten
All of us on the way to Fitz Roy

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral December 28th 2009

This time I am going to take you with our entry into Chile in Futaleufu all the way south to border-town, Chile Chico, where we crossed back into Argentina. As the title already reveals, major parts of the way we drove on gravel road. It was very bumpy and rough, so I had to wait until we have reached a stable environment, now seating at a table I can write about this journey. We have spent the night just slightly out of Futaleufu, but the weather was not with us that evening, and it rained the whole night and most of the next morning. In the morning, we waited for a short break in the rain, to pack our tent, sleeping bags etc. and continued our way south, entering soon after "highway" 7 - 'Carretera Austral'. ... read more
Hanging Galcier (Ventisquero Colgante)
Bosque Encantado
Omer & a Giant Nalga leaf

South America December 28th 2009

Why with the kids? Was one of the most common questions we were asked prior to and during our trip... “Why with the kids? - the kids will not remember it anyway...” “Why now? - wait until the kids grow and then travel alone...” The only answer to all of these questions is quite simple - we are primarily traveling for ourselves. Because we LOVE to travel! With this perspective in mind, it does not really matter if the kids will remember anything from the trip, or not... Let's not forget, once we have decided to become parents, we face two alternatives - travel with the kids or, on the other hand, not travel at all. Traveling without the kids is not a real option, at least for us. Yes - we can and should take ... read more
Just survived the Potosi silver mines - what an experience
Having lunch - how simple...
My family in beautiful view point near Bariloche, Argentina

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón December 22nd 2009

I have the pleasure of sharing with you the story of our travel from Bariloche in Argentina toward the border with Chile. Originally, we were planning on crossing the border between Argentina and Chile, righ by Bariloche, through Lake "Todos Santos", a way we heard is beautiful, though it is a complecated way, as one needs two ferries to do it. But to our great disapointment we have discovered in Bariloche, that this way, as beautiful as it is, cannot be done with a car, as the ferries over these lakes, only carries people and is not upto carrying cars...And so we had to make our way to the next crossing with Chile, further down south. We left tasty and beautiful Bariloche and drove toward Tronador Mountain and the Black Glacier, both are inside Nahual Huapi ... read more
Black Glacier
Blackened ice pieces floating in front of the black glacier
Walking to a waterfall

Hello to everybody, it is Nitzan and I want to tell you about Bariloche, which I like very much. After touring through the 7 lakes drive, we arrived to Bariloche (San Carlos de Bariloche), we have arrived there in the morning. Bariloche is a very famous city for good at making choclates and meat. We found a cabania - a cabania is like a small house or like an apartment, that has its own kitchen and off course a bathroom. It was a bit outside the city and it had even a playground in the garden. At the evning we all went to a Restaurant that is recomended at all of the books and websites. That restaurant is called El Boliche De Alberto. the owner of that restaurant has 3 rest. of meat and 1 of ... read more
El Boliche De Alberto restaurant
El Boliche De Alberto restaurant
Shachar & I on the chair lift

In my last report, we were in Pucon Chile. The journey following from there, was one of the best journeys we have had until now! We first drove shortly from Pucon to cross the border to Argentina. Though it was already the 3rd time we crossed the border between these 2 countries, we were excited yet afraid as it was the first time we were about to cross with the car we just rented, and we hoped there will be no problems with the paper work - this is not Europe, and so crossing borders with a car requires special permit, power of attorney etc. We indeed had a small problem, regarding the car insurance, but somehow, the clerk in the Argentinian border found what he was looking for in our papers, and we got the ... read more
Traful lake - sunset
Traful lake at morning time
Meliquine lake

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón December 14th 2009

Dear freinds and family, This entry will take you through our travel from Santiago de Chile south to Pucon. The first day, was dedicated mainly to buying camping gear on the way - as I have already told you, and the first night in camping was somewhere along the way, close to a small village called San Gregorio. The next morning we headed Conguillio National Park. At the small town just before the northern entrance to the park, the lady in the tourist information could only tell us that the road into the park is in bad condition due to the rains, and that she does not know if it is open or not. She only commented, that if we make it to the first lagoon in the park, the bad part of the road is ... read more
Conguillio NP - Lava 'dunes'
Volcano activity high warning
The climber!

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