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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Kuna Yala April 13th 2010

Hi all, We have ended our previous entry traveling in & around Panama City. Well, today I will take you with us from Panama City to Cartagena in Colombia, a trip on a sail boat! Yes, we know; A cruise sounds like a very special and romantic journey: Blue ocean, sail boat (yacht, if you'd like), cold beers on deck, partying at moonlight, etc. The truth is far from that, unfortunately, it was not anything like the vision we had in mind - at all - and today we thank (god?) we have literally survived it. Though we were not far from not surviving it. The sail boat - Awab - was waiting for us in Carti which is the main 'town' in the San Blas Islands, the land of the Kuna people. To get to ... read more
Kuna ladies
Ornamented Kuna ladies' legs
The Awab - our sailing boat

Hi All, Omer and I will cooperate in this entry to tell you about the time we have spent in Panama city. Casco Viejo is the old area of Panama city - it has massive colonial style buildings, which many of them were restored in recent years and now host restaurants, bars, hotels, different souvenir shops and many stalls of handicrafts and arts - some are real constructed stalls, some are a simple sheet placed on the sidewalk and on it the articles are shown for sale. Yet, there are still many locals living in the area. We have spent the first afternoon walking in this area, enjoying the light sea breeze, the scenery and watching the different handicrafts that are gathered here from all the different areas of Panama. We have encountered many women of ... read more
"Granizo" maker
Kuna ladies dressed in their tradition customs
Panama Canal - a boat passing in the miraflores locks

Hi all, This is Nitzan, and I am going to write you about Bocas Del Toro. From Boqute we took a bus to a city called David, from there we took another bus to a town called Almirante, and from there we had to take a boat to Isla Colon, so on the bus we asked the driver if there are still boats at 6:00 p.m. when we arrive and he said there are no, Why didn't you say so before? before we arrived Almirante. Anyway we had to get off the bus and look for a hotel, you know it was not that easy as you think, the bus drops you a few meters out of town and you need to look for where to sleep. Luckily there are no hotels/ hostels in town there ... read more
Passoever dinner
Like in the good lives
Marvelouse beach scenery in Bocas Del Drago

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete March 30th 2010

Hi all, This is going to be our first entry about Panama, but before w;e; get there, just a few more words about Costa Rica. Though Costa Rica is a modern country, it has had the poorest bus service we have seen until now in our trip. We already told you that they have not heard about the concept of bus terminal. We can now officially add, that most of the buses are old and in poor shape and NONE of them has air-conditioning, although it is VERY hot in Costa Rica. As we were about to leave San Jose to Panama, we thought this must be a different type of bus - the price was stated in dollars, the ride is expected to be 7 hours and it is after-all an “international ride” - but ... read more
Colored Schoolbus - typical public bus in Panama
Mi Jardin Es Su Jardin
Taking a ride at the back of a pick up

Hi all, This entry is going to be really short! Upon returning to San Jose from our Caribbean adventures - we took the time to rearrange. We did laundry, some shopping and quite a lot of schooling for the kids. OK, TV watching too... The only two things worth mentioning from our 2 days in San Jose are: 1.Butterfly Garden, a Xanadu within San Jose - we spent 3 great hours in this tiny hidden butterfly garden, located right in the center of the city. We have seen many different butterflies, some of which we have already seen before in nature, but at last we could actually take photos of... We got some interesting explanations from one of the local employees about their life cycle, he showed us their eggs, their caterpillars and their cocoons. He ... read more
Butterfly Garden, San Jose
Butterfly Garden, San Jose
We are happy - we just got our hair removed!

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Cahuita March 22nd 2010

Hi it's Omer, Nitzan and our mom, and this time we're gonna tell you about Cahuita National park of Costa Rica. I - Omer go first: From the village of Tortuguero, we took a motor boat to a town called Pavona, from there we took another bus to another town called Cariari, from there we took another bus to a town called Guapiles, and from there ANOTHER BUS to a city called Limon. We got there at about 6:30 p.m. But the problem was that there are no buses to Cahuita at that time, because the last bus to Cahuita leaves at 6:00 p.m. We had no choice, but to sleep there, in Limon, and take the bus in the morning at 9:00 a.m. So we started to look for a hostel, soon we found one ... read more
Cahuita Heavenly Beach
White Faced Capuchin Monkey
A Capuchin Mom & Baby - looking for food

Hello all, More than 6 months have passed by. More than 25,000 km are behind us, traveled by air, ground and water. We are missing so many things and in this short entry we would like to share with all of you, dear friends and family the things we miss most, day by day: Israeli food: Humus and Tehina topped with garlic, parsley and olive oil accompanied with freshly baked Pita bread; Burekas filled with cheese or mashed potatoes; Chocolate Rogalach (Israeli sweet pastry filled with chocolate); Jachnun / Melawach (Yemen pastries cooked for 12 hours over-night in the oven), topped with tomato sauce or honey; Israeli vegetable reach salad; Spanish food: Tapas of all kinds, but especially - chocos, pimientos padrones, bonuelos de bacalau ; sea food - our Friday 'ritual' shrimps with cream sauce ... read more

Hi again, Just like it was 15 years ago, we discover again, that in order to be able to travel in this country we have to wake up very early to catch busses leaving San Jose. So that's what we do again (like we did for Poas) - early wake up - we are heading today to Tortuguero National Park, one of the most famous parks of Costa Rica. This time, aswe know we are going for a few days, we pack one of our big bags with the things we would need in the coming days, and leave 2 big bags in the hostel in San Jose. Now, lighter than ever, we are ready to go. And "to go" means we first need to get to "Terminal Caribenyo" to take the bus to Cariari. After ... read more
Palms Tree Line - Atlantic Side of Tortuguero
Tortuguero Canals - Sailing in Canoes
Jesus Christ Lizard

Hi, Our first Costa Rica entry! Our flights to Costa Rica were very tiring and time consuming - mainly due to the fact we had to spent the majority of the night in Sao Paulo airport (from 10 pm till the check in time at 4 am) - and we can tell you that the waiting chairs in this airport are everything but comfort... Any way, after 3 flights (Salvador to Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo to Lima (Peru) and Lima to San Jose, we survived it to San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. Upon arrival to San Jose we took a bus and then walked a little to get to the hostel (Pension de la Cuesta) we booked in advance (can it be that we are getting better with our planning? No, it is ... read more
Giant Nalga leaves
Poas Volcano - a lake in an old crater

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo March 11th 2010

Hello all, It is my (Lilach) turn to be the family spokesman. Morro De Sao Paulo is located on Tinhare Island, some 20 km or so from the eastern coast of Brazil. But no one pays attention to the name of the island, and everybody refers to the island by the name of this town (though there are 2 other little towns on the island). This is our destination - the location of the happenings which will be described in this entry. When we left Lencois we took a night bus toward Salvador, but got off the bus on the way, in Feira de Santana (~5 hours ride). There, we waited for an hour, to catch another bus to Valenca. Upon arriving to Valenca (again ~5 hours ride) we took a taxi to its port, where ... read more
The yard and pool in Encanto de Morro hostel
The sand streets of Morro de Sao Paulo, Brasil
Swimming in Beach 2 - Morro de Sao Paulo, Brasil

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